Travis Barker Lends Support to Ill Fan

24-year-old cancer patient Joseph Parker received best regards tweeted by Blink-182 drummer.

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A young cancer patient with little time left has chosen to share the last leg of his journey on Twitter - and he can count on Blink-182's Travis Barker to make the trip.

A 24-year-old-man calling himself Joseph Parker submitted a thread to Reddit (via Billboard) titled "I have Stage IV pancreatic cancer. I'm in a hospice and am going to die. Ask me anything!"

One user asked on the thread, "If one miracle could happen before you passed, what would you want?". Parker, clearly a Blink-182 fan, responded: "To have Tom DeLonge or Mark Hoppus or Travis Barker speak to me, whether through twitter or whatever it may be."

Barker learned of Parker's plight from his followers and reached out with a Tweet offering "love and prayers" and offered his services to help in any way possible.

@pancreaticstg4 Sending you love and prayers. If i can do anything for you please let me know

Travis Barker (@travisbarker) May 26, 2013

Though Parker hasn't shared his picture and his status can't be verified, sources at Twitter Inc support the authenticity of his exchanges.

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    About time to see a such a good guy get good press. All I ever see is bad and he's a cool dude. Good for this kid too.
    is he real? because on reddit his name is anon7715 and says his actual name is joseph parker. there's a company by the name joseph j. parker in NY and the last four digits of their phone number is 7715.
    holy shit....he sent a tweet other artists not up their own arse do this on a daily basis tweeting their fans SINCE WHEN HAS TALKING TO YOUR FANS BEEN A FUCKING MIRACLE?! HE SHOULD BE DOING THIS
    It meant a lot to the guy, all he wanted in the two weeks before he died was to have his hero say something to him. It was a simple wish, and there are heaps and heaps of people who would just ignore something like this, and pass it off as just another fan wanting recognition. It doesn't matter that it didn't take any effort on Travis Barker's part, it meant more to the guy in hospital than anything else in the world.