Travis Barker Suing After Plane Crash

artist: +44 date: 11/24/2008 category: music news
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Travis Barker Suing After Plane Crash
Drummer Travis Barker of Plus 44 and formerly Blink-182 is suing for damages received during a plane crash on September 19, 2008 which left four dead and two critically injured (Barker and and DJ Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM). Barker is suing the owners of the plane, Global Exec Aviation, as well as Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Bombardier Inc (the maintenance company), and the charter firms that brokered the flight, Clay Lacy Aviation Inc. and Inter Travel and Services Inc. He is joined by Thelma Martin Still, who is the mother of Barker's bodyguard, Charles Monroe Still Jr. They claim that the plane was defective and that the pilots were poorly trained and should have tried taking off rather than proceeding down the runway. Travis is suing for damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of earnings, and medical and legal expenses while Thelma is suing for grief and sorrow, funeral expenses and loss of earnings. Travis is expected to make a full recovery after the crash left him badly burned all across his body. He's reported that he's already back in the studio and that getting back behind the drums was "like riding a bike". Report by David Lowe-Bianco.
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