Tremonti Announce World Tour

Wolf Van Halen will remain in their lineup for the new tour which kicks off in March, Meanwhile, their new single "Wish You Well" was also revealed - hear it here.

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Tremonti have announced their 2013 world tour alongside a new single "Wish You Well", which you can hear in the player below.

The tour kicks off in Germany in early February, and treks through Europe before heading back to the US and finishing the tour a month later. Scroll down to see the full tour dates.

Van Halen bassist Wolf Van Halen is still in the touring lineup according to VHND, though hell likely return to the Van Halen lineup when it grinds back into action this year.

The single is the latest from their 2012 album "All I Was", which was produced with Michael "Elvis" Baskette, otherwise known for his work on albums by Chevelle, Ratt and Trivium.

Hear the new Tremonti single "Wish You Well" here:

YouTube preview picture

Tremonti tour dates:

02/02 - Copenhagen, DEN - Amager Bio 02/03 - Hamburg, GER - Gruenspan 02/04 - Berlin, GER - Lido 02/06 - Frankfurt, GER - Zoom 02/07 - Munich, GER - Backstage Halle 02/09 - Milan, IT - Magazzini Generali 02/10 - Zurich, SWI - Komplex 02/12 - Tilburg, HOL - 013 02/14 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfrun Hall 02/16 - Edinburgh, UK - Liquid Room 02/17 - Manchester, UK - Ritz 02/18 - London, UK - Electric Ballroom 02/21 - Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot 02/22 - Libertyville, IL - Austin's Saloon 02/23 - Minneapolis, MN - Mill City Nights 02/25 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep 02/27 - Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory 02/28 Seattle, WA - El Corazon 03/03 - Scottsdale, AZ Pub Rock Live 03/05 - West Hollywood, CA - Roxy Theatre

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    Mark Tremonti is going to join a long list of legendary musicians when it's all said and done. And he'll be better than a lot of them On another note, the only slight complaint I have about the solo record is I can't understand what he's singing a lot of the time, but clarity will come with more practice. On Alter Bridge: I know how much everybody loves Myles, but I would love to see him and Mark eventually split vocal duties, almost 50-50, if at all possible. It'd be yet another unique trait for an already unique band. I mean, hell, it's not like the best songs on most albums with which Mark is involved don't include his voice. Just look at A Thousand Faces on Creed's last album. Best song by far, and Mark had an extremely important vocal part. His voice as a compliment to a lead vocalist's almost always makes the song better. He's too talented vocally to sweep under the rug anymore.
    I really really want to hear more of Mark's vocals on the new AB album. He's definitely got the pipes for it and it would change up the songs a bit and add more to them. Can't wait!
    I approve of this! I also want to hear them do "Words darker than their wings" live now that he has sung so much lead on his own!
    You definitely got that right! He is a talent that seems to be underrated in so many categories. His musicianship is amazing in all aspects. I would love to hear more vocals like this on the new AB album.
    YEAH! I say they should split it up too now. Kinda like how in recent years Mike Shinoda sings lots on LP's new stuff. Would make AB even more creative and unique. I actually find I understand Mark just fine on this album, really only a few times I was unsure.
    So tight live. And all really nice people. Massive fan of AB and Tremonti's band are great. Look forward to seeing them
    Imagine Tremonti opening for a show with Alter Bridge and Slash co-headlining? I'd pay any amount for decent seats to that show
    Heading to the show in Edinburgh! Really excited - thought the record was great and been a big fan of his songwriting for a while.
    really dig the beginning of the solo. the whole solo is cool but the beginning is especially tasty.
    Mark Tremonti. Only grazing the surface of what he's done inspired me to buy my first guitar. Now I just might get a passport.
    Holy generic, Batman!
    I agree... Tremonti has consistently been one of the most boring musicians of the past 20 years.
    Wut? For being in bands that have been considered as "very mainstream" to some people. Ya know, Creed sharing radio time alongside Nickelback etc, he is one of the most unique songwriters of this era for mainstream rock. Most music that makes airplay doesn't have soul and theory and technique all thrown into one thing and not just four boring chords all the time
    Seeing them for the 2nd time in Manchester in February! Can't wait!
    TTP Penguin
    See you there! They were immense last time they were in Manchester, really nice guys too, seemed really humble doing the signings afterwards.
    Well, I have to be honest, I like Tremonti a lot! But I don't think he is underrated at all! He gets a lot of creds for his solo work and Alter Bridge. Although I am a huge fan of the music, I do think there are much 'better' guitarists out there. His songs are pretty simple (some you might even call Nickelback-ish, don't hate...) and far from complex, but he makes up at his solo-ing and somehow it seems to give him much more credits with people than (for example) Nickelback or Creed (< I mean wtf, it's the same guy). Somehow that's weird, but whatever, I like his music.
    Probably my favourite album of 2012, no holes, no bad songs. Absolutely incredible from the opening song till the end.
    What makes me sad, is this is a "World tour" yet, every time, US's friendly neighbour to the north gets shafted