Trent Reznor Announces New Nine Inch Nails Lineup

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 05/20/2013 category: music news
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Trent Reznor Announces New Nine Inch Nails Lineup
Following the surprise departure of Eric Avery from Nine Inch Nails last week, Trent Reznor announced that long time collaborator Robin Finck rejoins the band. As NME reports, Reznor released the following statement on the band's Facebook page: "I am proud to announce that the tour lineup now includes the incredible Robin Finck. The addition of Robin to the mix of players I've assembled makes this band incredibly powerful and versatile. We are deep in the rehearsal process and it feels exciting and great to be back at this. Lots of information, surprises and sweat headed your way. Stay tuned!" Eric Avery recently announced his departure ahead of Nine Inch Nails upcoming tour on Facebook, citing exhaustion and other projects as his reasons: "It's with very mixed emotions I tell you all that I'm pulling out of NIN. I know. Its been a tough call and I don't know if it's the right one. But I really want to focus on my musical life here in LA, on film work in particular." He continued: "As the tour dates kept growing ... I just got overwhelmed. I just got home from a year of heavy travel with Garbage, the idea of leaving town for another year and a half, and with all the intensity that Nails demands. "Fortunately my friend Trent [Reznor] understands all this and appreciated my pulling the plug now instead of deep into 2013 and 14. Go get 'em gentlemen." As for Trent Reznor, he recently worked on two Queens of the Stone Age tracks from their upcoming sixth studio effort "... Like Clockwork." Reznor did keyboard parts and vocals for "Kalopsia," which can be found here, and "Fairweather Friends," which was also contributed by Elton John and ex-QOTSA Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri.
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