Trent Reznor Blasts Soundwave: 'The Bill Sucked, I'd Rather Not Be on It'

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 10/22/2013 category: music news
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Trent Reznor Blasts Soundwave: 'The Bill Sucked, I'd Rather Not Be on It'
Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor ripped next year's Soundwave festival bill, saying that the event's list of performers, which includes the likes of Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, Alice in Chains and Megadeth simply isn't the company he'd want to see his band in. When Reznor declined an invitation to 2014 edition, promoter AJ Maddah tweeted the following statement: "Sadly Trent wants to be mainstream now and reach Justin Timberlake's audience." The frontman was now asked about his stance on Soundwave 2014 and Maddah's comments, confirming that he "caught some wind of that."

"He seems like a pretty cool guy," Reznor told "I'm trying to make the best music I can, hoping that it is expansive and challenging. How that got misconstrued into I'm trying to be - what was it, Justin Timberlake?" Trent explained further, "OK ... A better way of saying it is, 'I think your bill sucked and I'd rather not be on that bill.' That's a much more truthful way of saying it." The singer then additionally focused on the festival, as well as the band's upcoming Australian tour with Queens of the Stone Age, noting that QOTSA is definitely the right kind of companion for NIN. "And, just to address the Soundwave thing ... what I think about is, as a fan, would I want to go see Nine Inch Nails on that bill? I wouldn't go see Nine Inch Nails on that bill. But I'd be excited to see 'em with Queens," he concluded. The rest of the Soundwave 2014 lineup includes Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, Testament, Korn, Biffy Clyro and others. The tour itself will take the two acts across eight Australian cities during March 2014. Check out the full itinerary below. QOTSA/NIN 2014 Tour Dates: 03/06 - Sydney - Entertainment Centre 03/08 - Newcastle - Entertainment Centre 03/11 - Perth - Arena 03/13 - Adelaide - AEC Arena 03/14 - Melbourne - Rod Laver Arena 03/17 - Brisbane - Entertainment Centre 03/19 - Auckland - Vector Arena 03/22 - Christchurch - CBS Canterbury Arena
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