Trent Reznor Blasts Soundwave: 'The Bill Sucked, I'd Rather Not Be on It'

NIN mainman not interested in sharing the bill with Alice in Chains, Megadeth and others.

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Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor ripped next year's Soundwave festival bill, saying that the event's list of performers, which includes the likes of Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, Alice in Chains and Megadeth simply isn't the company he'd want to see his band in. When Reznor declined an invitation to 2014 edition, promoter AJ Maddah tweeted the following statement: "Sadly Trent wants to be mainstream now and reach Justin Timberlake's audience." The frontman was now asked about his stance on Soundwave 2014 and Maddah's comments, confirming that he "caught some wind of that."

"He seems like a pretty cool guy," Reznor told "I'm trying to make the best music I can, hoping that it is expansive and challenging. How that got misconstrued into I'm trying to be - what was it, Justin Timberlake?" Trent explained further, "OK ... A better way of saying it is, 'I think your bill sucked and I'd rather not be on that bill.' That's a much more truthful way of saying it." The singer then additionally focused on the festival, as well as the band's upcoming Australian tour with Queens of the Stone Age, noting that QOTSA is definitely the right kind of companion for NIN. "And, just to address the Soundwave thing ... what I think about is, as a fan, would I want to go see Nine Inch Nails on that bill? I wouldn't go see Nine Inch Nails on that bill. But I'd be excited to see 'em with Queens," he concluded. The rest of the Soundwave 2014 lineup includes Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, Testament, Korn, Biffy Clyro and others. The tour itself will take the two acts across eight Australian cities during March 2014. Check out the full itinerary below. QOTSA/NIN 2014 Tour Dates: 03/06 - Sydney - Entertainment Centre 03/08 - Newcastle - Entertainment Centre 03/11 - Perth - Arena 03/13 - Adelaide - AEC Arena 03/14 - Melbourne - Rod Laver Arena 03/17 - Brisbane - Entertainment Centre 03/19 - Auckland - Vector Arena 03/22 - Christchurch - CBS Canterbury Arena

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    He's brilliant at making music but lately he seems kind of annoyed that his band isn't as popular these days, and turning down festival appearances isn't helping him. Maybe it's because Biffy Clyro is there?
    I love everything he ever made but he's becoming quite obnoxious lately.
    Kiiiind of, but then again I do understand his point of view. Festivals can be all over the place at times in terms of line-ups and I do think he sincerely thought his band wouldn't fit. The thing with NIN is that they have the luxury of being able to pick and choose what they do whereas most bands have to slog out wherever they are allowed to play. I dunno maybe he heard Biffy was on the roster and didn't want to throw that one up in the air again...
    I think he can't accept that he's not as relevant now as he was in the 90's with newer generations, that's why he doesn't want to play with these bands. QOTSA are popular and that's what he's trying to do with the last album, break through the mainstream again.
    Agreed. Im by no means excusing the attitude problem he seems to be developing which I do think your right, is more than likely connected to his dropping popularity.
    He shouldn't have issues like that, he made terrific music to worldwide critical acclaim, gone through a lot of shit and came on top, he has a family now, he could just as well kick back, relax and make some more awesome movie work instead of desperately trying to be hip again.
    Actually he seems to be more relevant today than he has been for 20 years. His popularity has seen a huge resurgence lately, won an academy award, headlined Lolla etc. But the guy has ALWAYS had an attitude problem. This is not new. Watch the video of NIN in the 80s on MTV in some bad talk show--any time the guitarist even wandered toward the camera he got pissed and literally shoved him hard away from the limelight.
    "that's what he's trying to do with the last album, break through the mainstream again." Did we listen to the same album? There are almost no hooks of any kind on Hesitation Marks.
    As someone who has been going to Soundwave since it first began back in 2007, I do agree with him about the shitty lineup. This will be the first one I miss, and I know a lot of other regulars feel the same way. The thing is, the promoter AJ Maddah is a dick of the highest order and starts shit with plenty of artists when something doesn't go his way. So, yeah, it is a bit of an obnoxious thing to say by Trent - but when put in context, I just find it hilarious. I can only imagine what else Maddah said to Trent behind the scenes; the dickhead just doesn't know when to shut his damn mouth. Ah well. Looking forward to seeing the NIN/Queens tour anyway.
    Whats wrong with STP, Megadeth and Alice in Chains? Green Day I kind of get, cause they have been doing the same shit year after year after year, and it gets repetitive, but the rest seems like a cool bunch of bands I wouldnt mind seeing/playing with. Trent can be a dick sometimes...
    They don't have the same audience as NIN. It probably has nothing to do with any of the stuff you said. It would just be kind of weird to be tongue-F'ing the mic as he does with Megadave backstage you know? But yeah Trent has always been a dick.
    I like some of those bands. I like some NIN tunes. I don't understand the butt hurt.
    8 Australian cities, and two of them are across thousands of kilometers of ocean in new Zealand
    Those are the dates for NIN/QOTSA, Soundwave only goes to 5 cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)
    TR does have a point though... If NIN did play soundwave it would have been like a 60 - 70 min set before greenday. That is definitely not what NIN fans would want. I'm excited for the NIN/QOTSA gig... giving soundwave a miss. That AJ maddah is an absolute cretin anyway.
    I can kind of see why - a line up like that can be seen as a nostalgia show and he probably doesn't want to be lumped into that.
    He has a point, his whole fan-base probably wouldn't be interested in that Soundwave line-up. They'll save $80 by seeing the NIN/ QOTSA show instead. Music is a business after all, and he has every right to choose what gigs he plays to get the most fans to a show. I find the carry-on ridiculous though. They're both meant to be professionals in the industry, but on one side you have Maddah burning bridges (how is he meant to get a good bill when he insults head-liners for choosing not to play) and then Reznor retaliates with the same kind of insult. What is this? High school? Honestly, I'm still stoked about Soundwave; AIC are still a top-notch band, there's Alterbridge, Baroness, Living Colour, Tesseract and STP. A7X would be interesting to see because their guitarists can play, and wouldn't mind checking out Down. The lineup has some solid acts, but I admit there have been better years. Reznor's comment is a bit of a low blow to some of the talented bands out there though.
    Ahh god, Auckland and Christchurch are not Austrailain Cities! NZ is a Country too ya know
    The difference, is, would you rather see three bands (the NIN/QotSA tour) for a large amount of money, or have a whole festival for small amount more? As for me...still gotta go with the NIN/QotSA tour.
    I'd have to agree with him. Green Day is super whack. STP & AIC are kinda like shadows of their former selves. Megadeth is BEAST as usual though! ...I think he's right though. WHY IN HELL DOES GREEN DAY ALWAYS HEADLINE FESTS THEY SUCK!
    Dave sounded terrible when I saw them, and this is coming from a fan. I thought the last 2 AIC albums were pretty solid
    Soundwave sucks anyway, who cares?
    Sucks? They managed to pull Metallica, Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Paramore all on the same bill this year. Now I don't care much for the last 2 bands, but that's pretty f**king impressive.
    I kind of get where he's coming from, but somehow I always imagined that he'd like Alice In Chains
    I know Trent was pissed at Billy Clyro in a recent UG article...or is this part of the same story? Trent cleaned up recently too. Even a few years ago is recent when you're talking kicking H. It messes up your attitude for life. It's difficult to stay grateful when you clean up. Us addicts tend to forget how horrible active addiction can be!
    I see the top of the article; the bands featured and I'm like..."huh, not the worst. Pretty standard." As I'm figuring out why he didn't want to headline, I see the bottom of the list...the ok bands up top don't make up for everything else. Trent made a good call.
    There may be another issue here as well that's more legal & financial. When a band signs onto a big festival like this one, they have to agree not to play any solo gigs with X number of miles near any of the festival's tour stops within X number of days of that stop. It's like a non-compete clause for a band. Since virtually every band has to make ends meet through tour revenue now, Tent may have been just looking at things that way, but doesn't want to come out a say "It's all about the $"
    No, that line-up pretty much does suck. It ranges from "hasn't made a good album since the 80s" to "the bottom of the grunge barrel."
    Never Really got into NIN this guy is obnoxious as hell if your this "artist" you shouldnt be picky whos in the bill of the festival.. maybe you should start your own Festival now this Pretentious bastard will and it will be NIN and Qeens on the bill no other bands
    matteo cubano
    call me crazy but that's a ****in awesome bill and i would love to see NIN in there. (except for chester bennington of course)