Trent Reznor on Band Image: 'I Think It Frames the Music'

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 06/26/2013 category: music news
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Trent Reznor on Band Image: 'I Think It Frames the Music'
Nine Inch Nail mainman Trent Reznor recently discussed the importance of creative music presentation, focusing on several aspects of the overall band image, primarily live performance and the entire concert experience. During a chat with KROQ radio, Reznor said he finds it interesting to deal with such details, also reaching the topic of the band's upcoming studio record "Hesitation Marks." "I've always enjoyed the idea of presenting the band in an interesting way and paying attention to the production and the stage design because I think it frames the music," the singer said (via Noisecreep). "And if you're paying to come see a show I think you should be taken into a different place and it should be an experience that's not just for your ears, but it envelops you." As far as "The Slip" follow-up is considered, the frontman described the record as more of an electronic effort, pointing out that he took the direction he though was best at the moment. "I think with this record, I didn't go into it with an agenda of 'it's going to be this or that,'" Reznor said. "I sat down and from a very pure place went with what feels right and songs started coming out. Generally I would say the album is more electronic in nature. It's more exciting to me than loud banging drums. 'The Slip,' the last record, was very much made to sound like it was in a garage with loud banging drums and what not." During a separate interview on the "Kevin & Bean Show," Reznor reached the subject of online streaming services which he thinks are taking advantage of musicians. "I think that if a new platform emerged that could be the next big channel of the way people consume music - and at the same time it carves out some rights for the actual people that are making the music, and provides them with some tools and a way to curate their own material in a way that presents it hey way they'd like it to be presented - that feels like something worth fighting for," the singer said (via As an eighth release in the NIN opus, "Hesitation Marks" is set for a September 3 release via Columbia Records. The group's previous effort, "The Slip," dropped back in 2008, debuting at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart with 98,000 copies sold in the US within the first week.
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