Trent Reznor Phones Terminally Ill Fan During Nine Inch Nails Show

Reznor dedicates "In This Twilight" to dying photographer.

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Trent Reznor recently took time during a Nine Inch Nails show in Las Vegas to video-chat with a terminally ill fan, Rolling Stone reports. Andrew Youssef, a Los Angeles based photographer, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011, and had been chronicling his battle with the disease in a weekly column for OC Weekly. Youssef's column, which frequently mentioned Nine Inch Nails' music, was read by Reznor, who reached out to the writer, offering him gig tickets and taking him out to lunch. Youssef was supposed to attend the Las Vegas show, but had been too ill to make the journey, which prompted Reznor to FaceTime him before the band played "In This Twilight." The song was one that Youssef had mentioned on his blog: "Throughout my diagnosis, the meaning of a lot of the songs I like has changed drastically. This particular song resonates with me during the lyrics 'As the time is running out / Let me take away your doubt / We can find a better place / In this twilight.'" You can watch a video of the performance here:

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    Reznor can sometimes come off as a bit of a dick, but I think he's a real stand up guy, and this article proves that.
    He always came off as someone very meticulous about everything he does, probably why he gets dickish when things don't go perfectly. But that same quality has brought a lot of amazing art from him.
    Damn, teared up a bit. Thats how I feel about Reznor: The guy isn't only a brilliant musician, he's a GREAT poet, his lyrics never seize to amaze me...of course their are some songs on EVERY album that don't speak to me as well as others BUT to the ones that do, man, they're ingrained into me.
    man does this guy put on a live show! I was kind of on the fence about NIN, but Tension 2013 is probably one of my top 3 gigs (and I've seen the likes of Metallica and Opeth, so that's no easy feat)