Trent Reznor Posts Video 'The Loop Closes'

The new single from his How To Destroy Angels side-project coincides with fascinating new info on his streaming service with Dr. Dre.

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Trent Reznor's How To Destroy Angels has posted a new video and revealed new info on their full debut album.

The album "Welcome Oblivion" will launch on March 5, according to Antiquiet. The official tracklist, below, confirms the leaked details from a band member on their listening history in November.

You can see the new video for "The Loop Closes" in the player below.

On the same day, Reznor was confirmed as Chief Creative Officer for for the forthcoming streaming service codenamed Daisy, according to DIY.

Project Daisy is starting to sound very interesting: unlike Spotify which leaves you to find music for yourself with a search box, Daisy will have some clever new tech to find music it knows you'll love. It'll even use humans to make connections between artists and genres even better, which is a first.

Hear "The Loop Closes" by How To Destroy Angels here:

"Welcome Oblivion" tracklist:

01. Keep It Together 02. The Wake-Up 03. Too Late, All Gone 04. We Fade Away 05. Recursive Self-Improvement 06. Hallowed Ground 07. And The Sky Began To Scream 08. Ice Age 09. On the Wing 10. How Long? 11. The Loop Closes 12. Strings and Attractors

What do you think of the new song? Let us know in the comments.

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    I'm looking forward to the album. The EP they put out a few years back was great.
    I'm interested to see what how Daisy turns out. A lot of music streaming services just don't quite hit the mark but I'm sure with Reznor behind it it'll definitely be worth a look.
    I'm psyched for this album. Trent Reznor is one of my biggest musical influences and he's made some of the best music of all time. And as much as I did like the first two EP's, hopefully this album shows what the band is fully capable of.
    I feel like swinging my arms in circles and running around my house when I hear this song. Can't wait
    Not quiet sure if I care to hear this album, the HTDA EP just didn't catch my fancy at all. I would love to see Trent do a solo project or go back to working on NIN. No one has yet to bring industrial music to the forefront of entertainment like he did, much less make it sound as inticing as he could. If you have suggestions of bands to produce an arguement I'm open to listen to them, but I think NIN will always be king of the industrial styling.
    "I would love to see Trent do a solo project or go back to working on NIN" ...Trent IS nine inch nails. he used to be in other bands playing songs he didnt write untill he made his own project, called nine inch nails. aka, solo project. what would you consider a solo project? him just using "Trent Reznor" instead of "Nine Inch Nails" on the cover? yeah NIN has a specific sound, but any real fan of the music will tell you it ain't just ONE sound, he experimented constantly also, he IS working on we speak The Fragile reissue is still due out anytime now and he's even came out and said straight up new NIN is on the horizon
    You're half right... Trent IS NIN. However, he has stated in the past that, while NIN is dark, he is not JUST a dark person. It just happens to be the particular side of him that he focuses on for that music project. I myself being a musician understand how certain emotions can be exclusively for certain sounds or projects... so it IS different if Trent is devoting his resources towards HTDA or NIN cause he's thinking differently.
    was kind of underwhelmed by An Omen, which is unfortunate because I really enjoyed the self-titled EP. This one felt a bit... meandering, I donno. I hope the actual full length album delivers, though.
    I only got halfway through it. That was terrible. I think calling this a song was quite a stretch in itself.
    how cool is this?!? i cannot wait i also can't wait to see this band on tour. Trent making new music with a different outfit and performing live again, makes me very happy the world did not end in december. for so many years Trent has never let me down...ever. and this is no exception
    There are probably lots of other things I didn't catch, but anyone else think 'Downward Spiral' at 2: 09?
    I was disappointed there was no Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Bruce Willis in the video.