Trent Reznor Returns To A Major Label

artist: Trent Reznor date: 09/25/2012 category: music news
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Trent Reznor Returns To A Major Label
Trent Reznor might have made headlines for his innovative independent album release methods, but now he's signed to the major label Columbia for his next release. A 6-track release for his project How To Destroy Angels with his wife Mariqueen Maandig and film score collaborator Atticus Ross (for movies like "The Social Network" and "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") will be released on November 13, with a full-length album to follow next Spring. But rather than sign a full 360 deal (where the label exploits every conceivable piece of output from an act), Reznor points out that the deal is instead a partnership, which is probably more flexible than a normal record deal and probably works in his favour. "Regarding our decision to sign with Columbia, we've really spent a long time thinking about things and it makes sense for a lot of reasons, including a chance to work with our old friend Mark Williams," Reznor wrote on his Facebook. "There's a much more granular and rambling answer I could give (and likely will in an interview someplace) but it really comes down to us experimenting and trying new things to see what best serves our needs. Complete independent releasing has its great points but also comes with shortcomings." It's an interesting move after he, along with Radiohead, set a new precedent for independent album releases, including giving his music away for free on torrent sites. What do you think? Has he sold out, or is he winning by snatching up a record deal which probably works in his favour? Let us know in the comments.
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