Trent Reznor Speaks on Value of Music: 'It Costs 10 Bucks, or Go F--k Yourself'

Nine Inch Nails frontman shares his opinion on today's state of music industry.

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Nine Inch Nails mastermind shared his opinion on the current state of music industry.

As Consequence of Sound notes, it's a debate that's raged for years now, and will no doubt continue for the foreseeable future, especially as Thom Yorke declares war against Spotify, Pink Floyd against Pandora, and acts such as Jay Z and Lady Gaga invent new ways to distribute their music, leaving Billboard.

Trent Reznor, having released his 2008 album, "The Slip," for free online, has been catching some slack for his decision to release the band's new album, "Hesitation Marks," on a major label, Columbia, to which he previously replied, "I never signed up to say: 'Hey, I'm the spokesperson for that sort of thing.'"

In a new interview with SPIN, Reznor once again addressed major labeldom and, more specifically, what he perceives the value of his music to be:

"Nine Inch Nails feels bigger than it ever has ... Is it because we're on Columbia? Is it scarcity? I don't know, but it doesn't feel bigger in the sense that we've desperately adopted some new clothing style. It feels organic, and it feels good not to be worrying about whether or not we shipped vinyl to the cool record store in Prague.

"I know that what we're doing flies in the face of the Kickstarter Amanda-Palmer-Start-a-Revolution thing, which is fine for her, but I'm not super-comfortable with the idea of Ziggy Stardust shaking his cup for scraps. I'm not saying offering things for free or pay-what-you-can is wrong. I'm saying my personal feeling is that my album's not a dime. It's not a buck. I made it as well as I could, and it costs 10 bucks, or go f--k yourself."

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    He's right for NIN , their show , their deal , buy it or leave it , you don't walk into a store and argue the price of a Pepsi .
    But 1.30 for a Pepsi is ****ing ridiculous
    Atleast the price of Pepsi is worth it
    Getting fat and hurting your body over en-lighting you mind, smart man here.
    Haha really? don't take it so personal dude. Just my opinion. But speakin' of health, Yes, I would rather drink booze, smoke and have fun than buy a record. If I could afford to, I'd do both.
    I support this in every way! I do not listen to NIN, however I buy my music! Because I am an artist too and it is a lot of ****ing work. Buy it or **** yourself - that's a great sentence!
    If you don't have $10 to spend on an album I think you better check your priorities. If I didn't have $10 I certainly would be thinking about something other than the price of music. Like being able to feed and clothe myself.
    Agreed on this. If you can't afford it, don't buy it, find a cheaper album.
    Fuck your logic, I'll download and benefit no other than myself. I'm feeling american today.
    And people can seriously ask why America is ****ed? It's because of this type of attitude.
    He's right, I've heard so many people whine about buying CD's and that "pirating is easier, because then I can't afford to go to their shows or buy their t-shirts". A CD is probably the cheapest piece of merchandise available, excuses are nonsense.
    Yes, but if they pirate tons of CDs, then they feel like they're justified. Apparently, music is "supposed to be free" to them at least. It just a lame excuse to justify not spending $5-15 on a CD. In a perfect society, music should be free. But the world is pretty far from any sense of perfection.
    You might not realise, but making albums costs money. And if you don't have the money you can't make the next record. The musician is at the bottom of the pyramid where his/her own music is concerned like you they still have to pay bills and our taxes. What you have to remember is that the charts is dominated by artists who aren't artists at all they're polished up vapid images. But what's worse is that the 1D, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus fans are ready and willing to go down to the stores and buy their albums. They're getting the support they need and they don't really have to do a lot for it.
    no music shouldn't be "free", it should be less expensive. small minded people (americans) tend to think 5$-15$ is an OK figure to spend on music or whatever, but there are people from poor countries who get charged double or triple the original price in the states. PS: also the exchange rates applied in this "cultural" businesses are retarded. 10$ = 8.5 (+/, but if you go and buy the album at lets say FNAC (it's a huge european "franchise" that sells a lot of stuff, computers, TVs, books, music, merch, games, etc) you'll be charged for 15/20 that's like 20$/35$...
    It's the equivalent of 20 bucks over here :/
    The new Dream Theater album: $26,54 (standard) $29,20 (ltd edition) plus $3,92 postage in Finland. Sure you can probably find it for $10 after a year or two.
    Jacques Nel
    In South Africa Linkin Park Hybrid Theory is selling for R250, which is about $25. Nirvana Nevermind is about R280 which comes to $28. These albums are old as F*ck.
    Besides that you can't find any good albums in South Africa anyway! When was the last time you walked into musica and found a decent album at a decent price that didn't set you back half your petrol money.
    Jacques Nel
    Look and Listen usually has all the albums Musica doesn't stock. Musica just stock Pop crap. But music is heavy expensive here. Not everyone can afford to purchase an album, I'm not saying steal music, just that the prices are very high. And I'm not wasting money on sh!t albums.
    m4ss3 m/
    Wow, I got my Hybrid Theory for 10 last year here in Finland.
    10 euros are 100 quetzales, my local currency. I can have a dinner and a lunch, or I can purchase a cd. How can one that barely makes ends meet purchase "luxuries" such as art?
    Can you use eBay there? What kind of shipping costs do they hit you with? (It's $1 USD plus shipping, for the record)
    And this tells you it's ok to steal it? So a luxury like Whiskey, if you can't afford it, is ok to steal? For great whiskey it is arguably an art form, so let's all go and raid the local liquor store because, I mean, we're entitled to it, right? "Go FQUCK yourself" - Trent Reznor
    Why don't you go 'fquck' yourself? Pirating is making a copy, in no way is it stealing. Even though it is illegal and unethical, it is in no way violent or even theft, like what you're comparing it to
    I think if you're broke you should still get to listen to it, but don't forget these guys when you do have money.
    The worst part is the metal section at look and listen shops in South Africa. R300 or more for one frikking album... Seesh. But again, the shops are trying to make profits. I rather go to cd shops like Micogram, they price the albums fairly.
    Um Jacques where the hell do you shop!? I am South African 2 and if you go to Musica or look n Listen right now, you can pick up Nevermind or Hyprid for under R100. So dont talk kak bru!!
    Jacques Nel
    Well at look and listen JUST LAST MONTH sir I found Nevermind with a R280 price tag. And both of Linkin Park's first 2 albums (HT and Meteora) are still over R200 there. But that's in Port Elizabeth. I can't speak for wherever you're living.
    Simply put you appreciate it more if you have to pay for it. Few years ago I was using limewire (silly I know I was young) out of all the hundreds of songs i downloaded from it I only listen to a few (and that's only when I'm in the mood) After I started buying albums I appreciated the music more and the musicians behind it.
    Agreed. When I used to torrent music, it became so disposable. If something didn't grab me at first or second listen, it went straight to the trash can on the computer. When you buy an album, you invest some faith into the record you purchased, and you're more likely to spend the time it deserves with it in order to find things to appreciate. I find plenty of CD's and albums on my wall to this day that I pull out and listen to... Couldn't tell you what I've got in my iTunes or hard drive though.
    Nah man, appreciation is subjective. I love every song on my PC, but I'll damned if I have to pay twice or thrice the actual price of 'em.