Trent Reznor Takes Twitter Vow Of Silence

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has taken a vow of silence on Twitter.

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Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has taken a vow of silence on Twitter.

The singer had been using the mirco blog site to banter with fans, give his opinions and infamously declare that Chris Cornell's last album was so bad it made him feel "uncomfortable".

However Reznor has now decided he will not be using his account anymore, except to make announcements, and he will not be replying to anyone.

According to, the singer blamed spammers and haters for his self-imposed silence.

"I will be tuning out of the social networking sites because at the end of the day it's now doing more harm than good in the bigger picture and the experiment seems to have yielded a result. Idiots rule," he wrote.

He also blamed hardcore fans who were targeting him, adding: "Looks like the Metal Sludge contingency has discovered Twitter! Finally! For those of you that don't know what this is, please let me explain. Metal Sludge is the home of the absolutely worst people I've ever come across. It's populated mainly by unattractive plump females who publicly fantasize about having sex with guys in bands. Kind of like a role-playing game where people nobody will fuck make up stories about their incredible sexual encounters with people they wish they could fuck.

"It would be kind of funny in a sad and pathetic way except the fun doesn't stop there - hate and good old-fashioned outright blatant racism are also encouraged to spice things up and remind you how truly ugly these scourges are. Truly ugly on the inside (the outside is obvious)."

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    All Reznor ever does is bitch and moan and complain. And everytime he does there is an article about it. I hate this guy.
    Am I the only person who found this hilarious? That's just awesome hahahahahaa. Never been on twitter, don't want to. Did something similar once, only with myspace durring the slum that was 2008 out of politics - I just didn't sign in. A whole ****ing year. Didn't care for it. But yeah... that's just awesome. Not so much the haters and all that's related, mostly the rest. Good stuff.
    The_Stain wrote: I'm not a NIN fan but I really respect and admire Trent Reznor's honesty in a time where celebrity culture is nothing but fake.
    indeed, he says whatever the hell he wants, because whos gonna stop him?
    Yeah this is a pointless article topic, but he makes some very relevant, although obvious, statements about internet culture in general.
    Again, figures that people will listen to can't keep mature face, and decide they'll let haters and losers win, rather than simply ignore them and continue on with life as usual. I guess he figured it'd be easier and overall better to continue on with business as usual instead.
    I'm not a NIN fan but I really respect and admire Trent Reznor's honesty in a time where celebrity culture is nothing but fake.
    ThunderPX wrote: Yeah, I wish an article was written every time I complained about something.
    haha. I hate Trent Reznor so very very much.
    Well he's pissed off with people saying bad things, I could have told him how awesome he is on Twitter but it wouldn't let me send him messages. That's why I think it sucks...
    uderstandable tho, he has better things to spend his time on: wrapping up the live version of NIN and getting married. If you see all the stupid shit that he gets on twitter from idiots, you'd know exactly why lol.
    Uh yeah, how do you call this valid news? Seriously? This doesn't even sound like Trent. It's not eloquent, and whats more, this ultimate-guitar article is second hand from another site, who gets there information second from another site. I doubt Trent ever even made this statement, and this all just a publicity stunt for metal sludge (remember, all publicity is good publicity?)