Trent Reznor To Launch Streaming Service With Dr. Dre

He also promises brand new Nine Inch Nails tracks on a forthcoming Greatest Hits compilation, alongside announcing his forthcoming "intelligent" streaming service in collaboration with Dr. Dre.

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Trent Reznor has revealed his secret music streaming project in collaboration with Beats by Dre.

He also confirmed that there will be two brand new Nine Inch Nails songs on a forthcoming "Greatest Hits" release.

The project with Dr. Dre will be a streaming service called Daisy which intelligently helps listeners discover great music among its huge catalogue. It will launch in early 2013.

"[Spotify has] 16 million licensed pieces of music... but you're not stumbling into anything," said Reznor. "What's missing is a system that adds a layer of intelligent curation.

"As great as it is to have all this information bombarding you, there's a real value in trusted filters. It's like having your own guy when you go into the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn't necessarily have encountered."

Reznor makes a fair point, but presumably he missed Spotify's big announcement last week where it was revamped to aid discovery in the ways Reznor mentions.

Meanwhile, he's been busy promoting a new EP from his side-project How To Destroy Angels, contributing to the new Queens Of The Stone Age album and writing a score for "Call Of Duty: Black Ops II".

Are you surprised to see Reznor collaborate with Dr. Dre? Will you be trying Daisy when it launches in a few months? Let us know in the comments.

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    i get the feeling when trent reznor says something will be intelligent, he damn well means it
    Both are very smart guys and know the business well, this should be good. Also it is nice nobody bashing Dre in the comments so far.
    very nice to see no one bashing Dre. he is one hell of a buisness man on top of his intelligence and producing skills. i also personally love his actual music too.
    I think the point was that there is a slight tendency for people here to react negatively toward anything having to do with hip-hop/rap.
    I have plenty of faith that this will be a great service. When TR works on something, he either makes it great or doesn't bother releasing it. Also, hell yes for new NIN!
    Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't really use any streaming services myself...but how is this different from Pandora?
    It's got a Trent Reznor and a Dr. Dre Machine behind it. Idk but, sounds legit.
    I've got zero interest in an NIN 'Best of'. Doesn't seem right. New songs = good. Really, are there 'casual' NIN fans who would only want the 'hits'? I suppose it could work as an intro for a new generation. It would be interesting if he re-edited the tracks to flow together like his albums, maybe piece it together like a collage-concept album, throw some little instrumental tracks in between songs to link them. He kinda reinvented what film soundtracks could be with Natural Born Killers, would be cool to see him do the same with the 'Greatest Hits' concept.
    Well it's not too far fetched to see Dre and Reznor working together, after all, Dre did help with some of the tracks on The Fragile in terms of production.
    No shit? Learn somethin new everyday I guess. My respect for him has gone up a bit.
    the motha fudgin D-R-E. Dr. Dre's got his hands in all the biz there is to be had. Ain't nuthin but a G thang.
    Wow. No spelling or grammer errors UG!
    Here is the difference, this is just a dude leaving a comment, where as the article is on a professional website that happens to be one of the most visited music websites on the net. Lets do some occasional proof reading gais
    The idea is certainly not new at all, has been working like that for a while. Maybe the implementation will be better than the competition, Reznor's business skills have always been sharp
    There's already Spotify, why are they trying to make a new streaming service?
    Competition keeps them competing for your business, which can only behold for the customer. Monopolies encourage corruption and unfair treatment because you have no other options.
    Competition keeps them competing for your business, which can only be good for the customer. Monopolies encourage corruption and unfair treatment because you have no other options.
    i think i can trust trent to do a good job on this, really looking forward to the new nin tracks too!
    I can guarantee that Reznor and Dre are not hunched over a computer going over hours of code to create a new streaming service.
    Sounds legit. Reznor almost always knows what he's doing. Definitely will check this out; Spotify never really struck me for whatever reason.
    Excited to see the end result. Personally, I'd love to see a Dre/Reznor collaboration album too!