Trent Reznor Wins Academy Award For 'Social Network'

artist: Trent Reznor date: 02/28/2011 category: music news
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Trent Reznor Wins Academy Award For 'Social Network'
Trent Reznor won an Academy Award for Best Original Score on Sunday night for his work on the film "The Social Network." The Oscar-winning score has received 9 major awards thus far, including a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for 6 others. Reznor personally describes the score's sound as being "electronic in basis, but mostly organic sounding. Lots of experiments and emphasis on sound fraying around the edges while focusing on the proper emotional tone for the various scenes." Also receiving the award was co-composer and former Nine Inch Nails producer/musician Atticus Ross. Ross is currently working with Reznor in Trent's new band How to Destroy Angels, as well as continuing to write film scores. Upon receiving the award, Reznor said: "When we finished work on The Social Network,' we were very proud of our work and happy to just be involved in this film, and to be standing up here in this company is humbling and flattering beyond words." He went on to thank the film's director David Fincher for the opportunity to work on the film, and his wife for supporting him. Reznor and Ross are currently working together on the score to the upcoming film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
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