Trent Reznor's Secret 'Beats By Dre' Project

Reznor won't reveal the details of his project with Dr. Dre, but says it's fascinating and fans will never guess what it is. Can you?

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Trent Reznor has been working on a secret project with Dr. Dre and his Beats headphones.

The details are sketchy, but Reznor said he was keen to challenge himself with the project.

"Some of you may have read that I have begun working with Beats By Dre. For the past year I have indeed been involved with Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, and the rest of the team on a number of very interesting projects that will start to emerge next year," he wrote on his Facebook page.

"I have been wanting to experiment and focus my energy and creativity in some different directions, and Beats has afforded me that very opportunity. The process has been challenging and fascinating and as much as I'd like to tell you about the things we've dreamed up... I just can't."

To dampen rumors of some kind of 'Beats by Reznor' headphone product, he added "I can tell you it's probably not what you're expecting!"

So what could it be? Perhaps he's putting his sound design skills to use with some kind of music that is enhanced for the Beats products. Maybe he's working on some new psychoacoustic trickery which only works at high audio fidelity, which is a much better sell that Neil Young's cruddy Pono system.

While it might seem an unlikely collaboration, Antiquiet highlight that Reznor and Dre have in fact worked together in the past with Dre mixing "Even Deeper" on Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile" album.

What do you think the secret project could be? Share your guess in the comments.

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    'Rihanna's Secret 'Beats By Chris Brown' Project
    Headphones with mp3 built in that doesn't cost a ****in grand
    why buy decent headphones and listen to mp3's?
    Why by dre beats?
    Because they're a good product. Granted not worth the price tag, but they're still good quality products.
    I have to sell the things on a daily basis; they're an over-rated, overpriced fashion accessory that have gained popularity through product placement and name association. You want quality from the highstreet? Try Bose, Sennheiser or even Monster's own products over this crap. Registered JUST to get that out there.
    Is it odd that I have not been impressed by the Beats headphone's sound quality? I got a pair of Bose instead and just can't take them seriously.
    They're more of a fashion item then an actual proper pair of head phones.
    ^ Exactly. Also, that is a massive nail in the coffin if Bose are much less over-priced than Beats. That's one of the other big fashion over function companies.
    More overpriced 'bling'. These are the most common headphones in my music college, because its not untill like, the 4th week of lectures that they get the ball dropped on them ie, Beats are sonicly shit.
    Beats are EQ'd all to hell, so I hope Trent is telling them to be flat EQ'd.
    Headphones and speakers for commercial use aren't supposed to be flat but beats kick the arse out of it.they're probably pretty good for grimey hip hop etc but man soooo overpriced. I seen a guy attempting to master a track with them recently made me ****in puke.
    I read somewhere that they are designed for his music.
    So a completely subjective design that doesn't work for most other genres. Why are they so popular? They probably don't even sound the best for his music anyway from a critical point of view.
    They are fashionable. That's the only reason why they are popular.
    Beats audio is usually in the software, they run a low-end boost and a compressor on the audio. Makes things sound like shit, in my opinion.
    I'd LOVE to hear a true collaboration between Reznor and Dre (as in a full length album). They're both brilliant and true innovators.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Yeah, Beats are definitely over rated. My laptop has beats audio, and its not very good. I suppose better than your average laptop speakers though. (Didn't buy it for that, just happened to be a feature on the best deal I could find.)
    Perhaps some affordable studio-grade monitors or sound equipment? One can hope.
    Get a pair of sennheiser HD 280's for monitoring. Affordable and really good.
    wow so much Trent news after him being away for ages , so happy though, I love NIN and HTDA, cant wait to see what him and Dr. Dre have gotten up to
    First he goes back to a major label and now this? He must be back on drugs...
    I'd rather it be something you'd find here instead of a pair of headphones Most people seem to buy beats because they're trendy, they're like children that have to have the newest pair of shoes when they first come out, something to show off to their peers. I tried them in store before, I'll stick with my Sennheisers. Don't drop the ball on Detox, Dre.
    I'm hoping it's not headphones.
    I dont know, it may make me sound bad but if it were headphones with a design by TR that may be like me eyeing a misfits jacket, id want it but the way i am is broke t(-_-t)
    beats that aren't made out of cheap plastic that will snap in half if you look at it the wrong way?
    Never tried beats, but everybody has them, so they must be horrible.
    I detect sarcasm... but seriously, they're more a fashion accessory. You can do a lot better for less than half the price. Not many people care about the quality of the product itself nowdays anyway.
    Anything beats audio that I've heard sounded terrible. My laptop's sound drivers have been disabled and I use the stock windows sound because a 'dynamic equaliser' sounds ridiculously fatiguing, unbalanced and lacked transparency. The headphones are ridiculously unbalanced, fatiguing to listen to and are expensive (headphonic used to have them for the same price as 2 Audiotechnica A900s, considered the best headphone that doesn't require a dedicated amp.) I guess Reznor might know what sounds good at least, but I'd rather artists work with good headphone manufacturers, rather than what is essentially a fashion label. I've had headphones less than 20% of the price of Beats outperform them.
    He should have teamed up with Audio Technica. Beats suck. Lets just hope it is actually something good that can save the Beats name.
    Yeah, they have one of the most consistently good product line-ups. Their full size headphones look ridiculous in public, but their minis are more subtle and sound good.
    I had a pair of beats and was deeply disappointed. However some Dark Trent Reznor headphones would be bloody lovely! I actually use Triton gaming headset as my headphones at the moment, and they kick ass!
    Fuck 'Beats by...' 1 headphones from the Pound Shop lasted me nearly a year.....then just cost another 1 for a new set. Back of the net!
    Mine aren't that cheap, but still pretty cheap. I agree, you don't need anything expensive when you're just listening to MP3 files.
    That's true. Mp3 files don't have the quality to sound much better on different headphones anyway.
    Just as long as there's a vinyl re-issue of The Fragile coming out next year too, I'm happy