Trivium Bassist Explains Why There Will Never Be Another Metallica

"For anyone to reach that bar is impossible," Paolo Gregoletto says.

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The arrival of the new generation of metal titans easily ranks as the single most anticipated event among the guitar-driven crowd, but according to Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto, this isn't a realistic expectation.

Chatting with Stereoboard, Paolo was asked to comment on Trivium commonly getting dubbed "The Next Metallica." Addressing the touchy matter, Gregoletto replied: "It's hard to pick bands out and say 'They're going to be the next Iron Maiden! They're going to be the next Metallica!.'

"I've thought about it and I've realized that every band is heading on a certain path, and I think the bands that will be left will be the ones who concentrate solely on writing the most honest music and who take it to that next level live," the bassist added.

"I think there are bands out there and I include Trivium with those. We want to push ourselves on our records, and we want to push ourselves live. The rest of it is just up to people connecting with it.

"People can't expect another Iron Maiden or Metallica because those bands built upon what came before them and created their own unique thing," Paolo concluded. "Metallica are a once in a lifetime band, and for anyone to reach that bar is impossible. Everyone just does their own thing, and it'll be those bands that'll succeed."

Do you think "The Next Metallica" or "The Next Maiden" are bound to show up any time soon?

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    It's true. There's almost nothing that's moderately original AND highly successful anymore. There will never be another metal band that seemingly tears down barriers like Metallica went on to do AND be icons to the general music industry. The bands that are all breaking new barriers now are too underground and are doomed not get the notoriety they deserve. The bands that are making it huge and being boring as hell (FFDP anyone?) are considered massive sellouts to metal fans and most of their piers. Metal has ****ed itself.
    I wouldn't say metal has ****ed itself, necessarily. I believe this is an issue with most forms of media. Music, TV, movies, even video games have all received criticism over a lack of originality. Personally, I think this comes down to the widespread accessibility of the internet. Everyone is hyper-exposed to everything. With the click of a button you can find anything. We have streaming apps that will recommend you music, YouTube will tell you what videos you might like, etc. This varies a great deal from the 80's in that people had to spread things through word of mouth or printed materials. TV was a limited outlet and the internet wasn't even conceivable in the form we know it today. tl;dr - hyper-exposure from the internet
    I'd say metal in a mainstream sense. There's plenty of originality on the more obscure corners of the genre, just like with hip hop; you just gotta dig for the real good stuff. Then again, is profoundly wrong to believe that some musicians are over most musicians. Art is not a competition, it doesn't has to push forward, art is art.
    I wish more people would see Music as you do. Too many people see music as a competition of fans or followers. Also, If bands continue to write "true" and expressive music, they'll find success without making a competition out of it.
    I would say most here do, bar some youngens and such but when I was young I too was that way.
    are considered massive sellouts to metal fans and most of their piers. Perhaps this attitude is part of the probem.
    im sorry, do you listen to the latest ffdp?
    No. But the whole concept of people being mad about bands "selling out" is ridiculous. Remember, Metallica are considered massive "sellouts" by many metal fans too. So using them as an example, then saying that modern metal bands just sell out, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you have the opportunity to "sell out" and make tons of money with your music, more power to you! I wish I could do the same.
    Metallica had the "sell out" flak thrown at them since they wrote Fade To Black, I think the concept is ludicrous under most contexts and applications of the term, it's just a lazy way of saying "I don't like what this band is doing" most of the time.
    A good example, 5FDP being one of my fave bands, until the new albums came out. It seems like artists nowadays just aren't taking enough time to actually COMPOSE songs, instead they are putting riffs together and recording it.
    I wouldn't necessarily say they're selling out, yet, so much as chilling out. And being a little aggressive with what should pass as a proper album. A couple years off from releasing may see Death Punch return to a more raw vibe.
    Metallica made their fame when metal was high up in the pop music category. Same thing with the Beatles. For every era of music, there are musicians who get bigger than any other. Once that era passes, another band in that genre making it to that level is unlikely. There are plenty of composers who write classical music better than Mozart and Beethoven, but they will never reach that level of fame because that era is over. The next megastar will depend on the next category of music to come into the spotlight.
    A peer is someone who is your equal. A pier is something you'll find at the beach/lake.
    What's funny is that there's an article that states the complete opposite about The Beatles that spewed out of Harry Styles buttmouth.
    bdof's comment is the comment I came here to make haha. We've gotten to the point in metal where any new innovations will be inaccessible to people on a large scale. Iron Maiden and Metallica were so huge because they were innovators, and nobody had ever heard that before. People don't want that anymore, they're satisfied with hearing the same thing over and over again.
    man,i hate this "next [insert band/artist]" thing.Each great band is unique,for good or bad.
    At the other point of view to this article. Paolo maybe just trying to say : I'm a bassist, so I better wish that Trivium won't be next MetallicA.
    I've often told my friends that Trivium, to me, honestly sounds like the next Metallica. They have such amazing music, with instrumentals that blow me away (the same way Metallica's riffs/solos used to blow me away), that it's hard for me to not make that comparison. Obviously it's a matter of opinion, but I stand strong by it. Sure, Trivium might have some death metal influence in some of their music, and it's definitely not your traditional heavy metal, but they sure ****ing deliver metal up my ass. To end my opinion piece, Trivium is one of the main reasons why I am not completely disappointed not being born in 1970.
    I don't recall anyone really referring to Trivium as 'the next Metallica' as much as 'Metallica wannabes' but Paolo has some words of wisdom here about there never being another Metallica and Maiden which I wish bands like Avenged Sevenfold would pay attention to. Then again, why would anyone want to live in the shadow of a band instead of trying to be their own one?
    a drummer
    I remember a young Matt Heafy once stating this: "Our goal has been the same since day one. To be the next Metallica"
    The keyword is young . This dude was like 17 when it started getting big.
    a drummer
    which is why i said it. They've matured so much since they said that in Guitar World from '06
    17 year olds say things like that. It's kind of hard to hold someone to something they said when they were 17.
    Pretty sure he meant it speaking about the fame and the renown, but not like taking anyone's place.
    There's too much musical bellendry out there generating too many sales. We need to divert some of the attention they're getting back to honest rock/metal bands.
    doesn't have to be rock and metal but just honest made music, the real stuff. Not that I don't love rock and metal.
    Yeah, true. Any music regardless of genre should be given a chance as long as it has actual substance to it. XD
    What the hell is "bellendry"? Tried looking it up on Merriam-Webster and it says "word not found". I'm all for using big words for self edification and to inculcate others but I try to use words that exist in dictionaries...
    Metallica was completely untouchable throughout the 80s. I like to draw an analogy of their success to the Star Wars franchise. Their thrash era would be like the first 3 Star Wars movies and the 90's/2000's would be the prequels. The prequels made a shit ton of money for sure. But there's SOOO many people that realize how crappy they were. The real magic is the early stuff. back when they were young, hungry and creative kids, full of life....and alcohol.
    Nailed it. It also means it's ok to enjoy the new stuff in context but still hate jar jar/that snare sound.
    I somehow agree with toasty333. The thing is before Maiden or Tallica, there where POP, Rock, blues, Jazz.. On each genre, many groups where famous because they came with an evolution to their predecessors. We all know that Tallica was inspired by Maiden but on stamina. But then came all possible blending of metal: -rap metal -Gore -doom -Neo classical -grunge (if we put it in the same "basket") -Power metal -Nu metal and the list goes on and on. What would be the next evolution on that already evolution that already occurred? My 2 cents (my wish) is a band that goes back to the 70-80s metal (not glam) but with the technicality of today (sound, engineering, dropped tunes, extremely technical but still with the heart of the 70-80s metal bands).
    I don't expect a new Maiden or Metallica. Both bands created something different with their music. Bands that want to be "just like Metallica" are never going to be as famous AS Metallica. However, if a band comes along and plays something completely new and original, and people like it, they can be as big, or bigger than Metallica or Maiden. You can't re-invent the wheel.
    "Do you think "The Next Metallica" or "The Next Maiden" are bound to show up any time soon?" As Paolo Gregoletto just said, there will NEVER be another Metallica or Iron Maiden, you can add to that list: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Slayer and Death. It's impossible.
    to be fair though. Airbourne is just as badass as AC/DC is in my opinion. although not as big, but that's due to the state of the music industry that day