Trivium Bassist Talks Streaming: 'We're at the Beginning of New Music Industry Now'

"It's going to be amazing," Paolo Gregoletto adds.

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Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto once again touched on the matter of music streaming, describing it as the industry's definite future.

Chatting with the Metal Review, Paolo noted that we are at the "beginning of the new music industry right now," with streaming services leading the way.

"I love Vinyl, but it's never going to replace streaming media," the bassist kicked off. "That's the future! I mean it's here right now. It's going to get better I think. It seems like a lot of different services are popping up, so there will be one major one probably and I think it's a great deal for people that want to listen to any kind of music at any moment.

"Once all the restrictions have fallen away of how many songs you can take off your account and put on your phone it is going to be amazing. I mean we're kind of in the beginning of the new music industry right now," Gregoletto concluded.

Focusing on the band's writing process, Paolo noted that Trivium is constantly adapting and keeping up with the hectic touring schedule, but always giving 100 percent. "Unless you're Tool and you can take ten years off to make an album, it is not realistic for a band like us, so we keep that in mind," he said, adding, "If you try something new, but you’re in it 100 percent, at the end of the day some people will love it and some people won't, but if you put your all into it, at least you will be proud of it and say, 'Yeah we really stepped up did something cool and different.'"

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    "I love Vinyl, but it's never going to replace streaming media" No shit, I'm pretty sure the opposite already happened a decade ago.
    I think Vinyl might eventually replace CDs though, most people I know would rather have vinyl and a download code rather than a CD because it's more likely to be used, plus you can just burn your own CDs.
    Yeah that's true for most musicians or real "music heads". But the general music-buying market these days doesn't really give a crap, or probably doesn't even notice the difference in audio quality. Or maybe I'm just being a prick...
    Nope, sadly you're right really. Although I do still buy CDs instead of MP3s or Vinyl... I guess that's part of my generation though, I've always had CDs and find vinyl comparatively expensive. Most of my friends are similar in that they'll rather have something physical.
    It really depends on where you look, what condition the vinyl is in etc. I have an independent record store near me that sells vinyl for a reasonable price unless it's a first pressing of Led Zeppelin or Masters of Reality or something else like that, however a store like HMV or Urban Outfitters marks up the price on easily to find vinyl to the point where it's just stupid. I managed to buy the first four Cure albums, second hand in good condition for £20 once.