Trivium: 'David Draiman's Against Auto-Tune, We Had to Practice What We're Preaching'

artist: Trivium date: 10/15/2013 category: music news
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Trivium: 'David Draiman's Against Auto-Tune, We Had to Practice What We're Preaching'
Florida metallers Trivium recently discussed working with Disturbed's David Draiman on their latest studio effort "Vengeance Falls." As the band pointed out in the latest documentary clip, Draiman's production approach emphasized live delivery, rather that massive studio effects and sound tweaking. Sound engineer Jeremy Parker stressed that David is very much against the use of auto-tune, saying, "Some people use auto-tune as sort of a crutch - we get a vocal take and we're like 'That's good enough, we can tune that. But David's just against it. He's really into people performing what they're going to do on a record as well as being able to do it live." Frontman Matt Heafy chipped in, "Since there was none of that going on, we actually had to be able to pull off everything and we had to practice what we were preaching. And it's gonna help a lot when we take these songs on the road - we know that we can actually perform them." The band also pointed out that Draiman kept them in a state where they weren't too familiar with new songs, hence the final delivery wasn't forced or sterile. "Vengeance Falls" dropped today (October 15) through Roadrunner Records as the band's sixth studio effort. Featuring 10 new songs, the album was initially announced with "Strife" single back in August. Check out the full "Vengeance Falls" documentary clip and "Strife" video below.

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