Trivium: 'David Draiman's Against Auto-Tune, We Had to Practice What We're Preaching'

"There's no fake stuff on the album," drummer Nick Augusto says about "Vengeance Falls."

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Florida metallers Trivium recently discussed working with Disturbed's David Draiman on their latest studio effort "Vengeance Falls." As the band pointed out in the latest documentary clip, Draiman's production approach emphasized live delivery, rather that massive studio effects and sound tweaking. Sound engineer Jeremy Parker stressed that David is very much against the use of auto-tune, saying, "Some people use auto-tune as sort of a crutch - we get a vocal take and we're like 'That's good enough, we can tune that. But David's just against it. He's really into people performing what they're going to do on a record as well as being able to do it live." Frontman Matt Heafy chipped in, "Since there was none of that going on, we actually had to be able to pull off everything and we had to practice what we were preaching. And it's gonna help a lot when we take these songs on the road - we know that we can actually perform them." The band also pointed out that Draiman kept them in a state where they weren't too familiar with new songs, hence the final delivery wasn't forced or sterile. "Vengeance Falls" dropped today (October 15) through Roadrunner Records as the band's sixth studio effort. Featuring 10 new songs, the album was initially announced with "Strife" single back in August. Check out the full "Vengeance Falls" documentary clip and "Strife" video below.

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    The new album has grown on me alot. I've made peace with the more "Disturbed-esque" parts on it. That being said, I still think its my least favorite album they've made. Its not bad, but I'll probably be back to spinning Shogun in a month or two.
    I'm picking it up after work. The way it works with me is I usually dislike it at first (like In Waves) and then the more I hear it the more it grows on me. I'm hoping Vengeance Falls goes the same way as I've been feeling kind of "meh" with the songs they released earlier.
    I was very skeptical to start. The first singles gave me the impression that they had "dumbed" down their music. I've since listened to album a couple times and now really dig it. Even the tracks I didn't care for at first have grown on me. They are a simpler formula, but they are solid tunes and have some really strong moments. David Draiman did a solid job. He's not the greatest performer but he did a good job as a producer.
    Personally, Draiman was actually a good choice for production. No, it's not Shogun, but it is a great part of Trivium's evolution, in my opinion.
    Didn't like this album at first, but it sure has hell grown on me! It's packed full of great riffs, solos and harmonies, but the lyrics get a little stale halfway through.
    I guess they gave up screaming entirely and fully invested in their formulaic song structure like Disturbed did. At least the solos are still impressive.
    As if dropping the screaming was a bad thing.
    Mr Winters
    The album could use some more screaming. Or at least more aggressive vocals. Would make a boring album at least a bit more entertaining and interesting.
    I agree, the heavy or angry parts don't feel the same as shogun or ascendancy. It doesn't seem like Matt is full of rage like in the previous albums. Maybe it was how it was recorded. Other than that and the Draimen-y vocal parts I think it is a solid album.
    There's nothing wrong with autotune. some hate it. I think if you use it artistically then it's fine. Some people tend to autotune EVERYTHING, which is very robotic and annoying. when I record, I only use it to get that effect, or if it's a weird situation, but rarely (yes, rarely, i know: meaning sometimes) It is a "crutch" but so is having multiple takes. the point is, That's good that they didn't use any auto-tune, however, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
    Do people really even use autotune for pitch-correcting that much? I think it's mostly used as an effect. But why shouldn't you take advantage of new technology? I mean, then you don't need to record dozens of takes because of one slightly pitchy note. Re-recording stuff/recording in parts is kind of cheating too. You wouldn't sound that perfect live.
    I agree with Draiman that bands should be able to deliver live what they record, but having had a listen through of the new album he seems to have had much more of an influence on vocals than just banning auto-tune. There are times when it feels like Draiman has told Matt what to sing and how to sing it. There are some very Disturbed-like vocals in there, not that there is anything wrong with Disturbed, but it's not for Trivium. Overall, good album, but I enjoyed In Waves a lot more.
    They're talking about not using auto-tune as if its the first time they've done this, and it's normal to use it?? I knew this band were a bunch of posers.
    When its used to lightly improve some notes i admit i dont mind it that much, but when people layer it on and then cant sound good live, i really despise them. Apparently im a rather good singer, but even if im doing a youtube cover for a song and i mess up one note or my overall voice sounds off, i will do take after take to get it right than use anything to make me sound better, the exceptions being reverb and maybe an EQ to take out the sharpness on some notes
    Why the heck would they use autotune ? Matt sings better then ever these times, record and live.