Trivium Explain David Draiman's Caps Lock Style: 'It Sounds Like He's Insane'

"He created a signature for an online thing, wish I thought of that," says frontman Matt Heafy.

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Trivium's Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu recently discussed an interesting subject of David Draiman's signature caps lock online writing style, explaining how it all began.

"He has created a signature for an online thing," Heafy told Team Rock radio. "I wish I thought of that."

Beaulieu then addressed the matter further. "He told us one day that it started back in the early days of the Disturbed fan club with the message boards. He would do the all-cap thing so people knew it was him writing and that just became his signature that he always does from then on."

"It's sounds like he's absolutely insane and that he's shouting every word even when it's like 'Hello,'" the host jokingly said.

The two also talked about Draiman's role as a producer on upcoming Trivium record "Vengeance Falls."

"Right when we heard Device we knew instantly - this guy's a producer, he knows what to do with our band," Heafy explained. "He knows how to constructively work music and what to do with vocals and songs and grooves and all these different things. So we were hooked at that moment."

"Vengeance Falls" is scheduled for release on October 15 through Roadrunner Records. The album was recently announced with "Strife" single, you can check out the tune below.

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    I'm a huge fan of Trivium and i like Distubed, but i really don't like this David with Trivium thing very much:/
    If the album turns out to be really good (crossing fingers it does)from a production standpoint, it could really help his career out besides the success he's found in Disturbed (ie Adam D).
    I really doubt this album being good... When I heard Strife live (from youtube...) I was like, damn this is awesome. When I heard the studio version, I was real disappointed. I really don't like Draiman's producing.
    I'm pretty sure this album will be good, but maybe not as good as their other albums. And thanks to everyone for my first gold medal! it's a good birthday gift
    In Waves and now what appears to be this album (based off my iTunes download of In Waves versus the single Strife) has too much like treble and not enough backend or bass to it. That's how I feel about it. Production could be better but at least Trivium makes great songs
    Does that internet job involve a webcam, a dildo so large it has a kickstand and a 5 gallon bucket of industrial strength lube ?
    "It's sounds like he's absolutely insane" Maybe because he's... disturbed... (Alright, now you can kill me)
    Shogun is so good, I had to buy the CD even if I already have a copy in my iPod. I'm hoping to do this again with this new album.
    I buy good music on CD's. I remove bad music from my iPod. So basically, my iPod and my CD shelf looks the same.
    He types exactly how he sings (OOOOH AH AH AH AH). Anyway, he's played a big part in ****ing ruining Trivium, these new songs are all cock, no balls. Not entirely to blame though 'cos they should know better. Everyone has their time though, I suppose Trivium's was 2008, and I'm fairly certain it's all downhill from here!
    While I agree that 2008s Shogun was their best, I think it's short-sighted to judge the new album based on 2 songs (which are clearly the more radio friendly songs on the album). That being said though, I think Draiman was a bad call for a producer. Trivium should get a producer who helps them achieve "their sound," not one who imposes his own sound on them.
    That's exactly what I think....but worded better haha. I'll still check out everything they do, but I just can't shake the feeling they're on a fast track to plainsville. I enjoyed In Waves at the time, but I can barely remember half the tunes now.
    haha opposite for me, i listened to in waves so much i got sick of it, and i still find myself listening to songs from the crusade/shogun
    Trivium are a whole other band in each record, and we can't help but end up liking the style/album after it's released, Full stop.
    I like it. It rocks, but it does sound familiar. I have to say that I am not familiar with their previous material so I have nothing to compare it with. This is decent sounding, radio friendlyish hard rock that an old man like me can enjoy while driving home from work...and these days that's more than most
    This song sounds a bit too "by the numbers" that chorus is decent enough but it also sounds very much like something ive heard a million times before. The vocal melody is pretty nice though.