Trivium: 'Metal Isn't Something Casual, It's What You Eat, Sleep and Breed'

"Metal's always been beyond a music genre," says frontman Matt Heafy.

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Trivium frontman Matt Heafy got to share his stance on metal music during a recent Gibson chat, stressing its significance in both his life and the lives of people surrounding Trivium. "Metal for me has always been beyond a genre of music," he kicked off. "I think that metal isn't something that's meant to be just turned on and off when you're driving or when you're exercising. Yeah, that's what it is to some people, but for me and for the people that I feel like our band surrounds itself with - namely our supporters, our fans, or close friends - metal's a lifestyle." Heafy continued, "It's not something casual, it is what you are - it's what you eat, sleep and breed. And that's what we are as a band - it's our favorite genre, it's what we make, it's what we play. The music that we make is the music that we want to hear as metal fans." During the rest of the chat, Matt stressed that fans need to take their support to the next level and be more vocal about the genre. "I don't feel like the support is always given," he said. "I think there are people that are just into one thing and anything that doesn't fit into that one subcategory isn't good enough. But the overall thing is - anything that truly is metal at the heart needs to be supported, that's how the bands can survive," the frontman concluded. The latest Trivium studio effort, "Vengeance Falls," dropped on October 9 through Roadrunner Records, debuting at No. 15 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    I never understood this mentality, why does it have to be? Rock and and various metal genres are by far my favourite but yet I don't feel the need to shove it down everyone elses throats.
    I agree. I went to a festival where a band was selling shirts that said "FUCK POP" on them. This is why metal has a shitty reputation; we seem like a bunch of close-minded idiots.
    maybe if you introduced a bit more genetic variance into your breed it wouldn't be so boring and stale.
    I also agree. I hate when people argue about what is and isn't "metal" and disown "non-metal" genres. It should be about if the music is good, not if the music is metal.
    Who gives a shit, if you don't care for them don't listen to them. Trivium aren't a bad band by any means.
    "I think there are people that are just into one thing and anything that doesn't fit into that one subcategory isn't good enough" = Isn't he already doing this by putting metal on a pedestal?
    I think he is referring to how people bicker about the subgenres in metal, like on every single comment thread on every single metal youtube video.
    Yeah I figured that, I'm just making the same argument as him on a broader scale. I love metal but "metalheads" are, by definition, doing exactly the same thing. Read back his quote and tell me I'm wrong!
    Totally agree. I get really confused when people don't care about music (it doesn't have to be metal, though it's usually my favorite) at all. It just permeates my life and I get jittery if I don't get my fix. I can't sleep without metal playing. Nothing in life is bad enough that I won't feel better if I'm listening to good music. Also I have to say I like Vengeance Falls. They did exactly what I hoped they'd do after going in a different direction with In Waves, and that is really hone that new sound into something better. It's still pretty accessible, but it doesn't try too hard and come off cheesy (so the opposite of The Crusade... which I love anyway). Wake (The End is Nigh) is one of the raddest baddest songs I've heard lately.
    Says the frontman of one of the most generic and casual Metal bands of the last decade.
    Do you actually find them generic or are you just being a twat and jumping on the band wagon? Because I reckon Trivium are one of the few bands bringing variety, soul and some life back into the metal genre
    I find them to be a perfect example of the commercial bastardization of Metal, of course I find them generic. If this were the 80s, I have no problem betting that they'd be on MTV next to Poison and Warrant. If you honestly think this Trivium is bringing "variety, soul and some life" to the Metal genre, I have to question just how many Metal bands you actually know, because it can't be very many.
    well I've been listening to metal 5 years and listen to all kinds of bands ranging from Slam, to Death Metal, to Thrash, to Metalcore, to Glam metal to classic metal, so I know a fair few bands and Trivium in my opinion are one of greatest modern metal bands. If you want a perfect example of commercial bastardization of Metal than go listen to Avenged Sevenfold.
    Do yourself a favor; stop calling bands that have zero hardcore influence "Metalcore". And Trivium aren't really too far from AX7, really.
    I don't see how that is generic in anyway.
    I see sleeve tattoos, gauged ears, and trendies. I hear what is either Metalcore, or Metalcore-tinged Metal. They even have the ever-so Metalcore-esque Pop vocals in between the ever-so Metalcore-esque screamed vocals. The only way this could be more generic is if it were still the late 2000s when Metalcore was still fashionable and trendy.
    I remember when they first came out with metalcore in the 2000s and sad to say they still sound the same.
    The 3 of you guys need to stop talking about things you don't know a damn thing about...It's embarrassing.
    @Morph: Do you remember when people referred to bands as "Metalcore" and actually were referring "Metallic Hardcore" bands?
    And remember when "Emo" was short-hand for Emotional/Emotive Hardcore, and Screamo bands were actually Punk? It's simply too tedious to go through the strokes of saying modern Metalcore is a complete bastardization of what it was in the 90s, and how Metalcore went gone to crap when bands like The Devil Wears Prada came about. Most people who talk about Metalcore even think it's a Metal genre. One starts to sound like a broken record if he constantly has to explain the difference between extreme Punk genres/offshoots of Hardcore and actual Metal genres. It's simply easier to ignore the fact that most of these modern "Metalcore" bands aren't Metalcore, and just concentrate on how these crap bands don't make good music and are a bane to both Metal and Punk.
    The Devil Wears Prada sure aren't the worst out there, can't abide Asking Alexandria and worse yet they think they're the most badass band out there but they're just wannabe superstars
    I absolutely agree. Metalcore bands are just wannabe metal bands. An idiot I once knew listens to metalcore and thinks he listen to metal.
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    Have you listened to the new album? There is no way you can say they are bringing life back to metal with that album. The instrumental aspects of the album were generic and unmemorable and the vocals were terrible. The vocal melodies sounded like they were off of a release by some radio- rock/metal band.
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    they aren't terrible but they are one of the most overrated and media made "metal" bands out there. they, alongside a7x, are the popstars of metal(and again i don't think they are bad) because they only are where they are because magazines and media keep pushing them