Trivium: 'Streaming Will Save the Recording Industry'

artist: Trivium date: 03/11/2014 category: music news
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Trivium: 'Streaming Will Save the Recording Industry'
Orlando metallers Trivium recently shared their detailed stance about the current state of music industry, singling out streaming services as one of the business' crucial saviors.

Asked by Rolling Stone South Africa about the impact of social media and streaming, frontman Matt Heafy replied, "It's changed a lot, it's a lot easier to find great bands, even for myself. I'm obviously a fan of black metal, I pretty much collect black metal shirts and vinyl.

"What happened with the music industry is - a lot of kids started believing, 'Oh, my favorite bands don't make money off CD sales.' And when a million to 10 million people think that, they don't buy a CD, that's why a band doesn't make money, because no one is buying CDs anymore, so it makes bands have to tour more," the frontman explained.

"And when every band is on tour at the exact same time, it all kind of cannibalizes itself. So there's this weird circle that we're always trying to adjust to. But streaming stuff is fantastic, I think Spotify is amazing," Matt added, just to pass the mic to bassist Paolo Gregoletto.

"Streaming will be the thing that really saves the recording side of the industry," Paolo noted, adding that "it's not just about recording CDs" and that the emphasis should be put on all possible fronts and different band-related endeavors.

"It's either [that] people love your music and they're gonna find it any way they want and they're gonna come see you and buy your merch and support you or they're not. It's not a black and white issue anymore," the bassist added.

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