Trivium: 'We've Always Been a Controversial Band'

artist: Trivium date: 10/07/2013 category: music news
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Trivium: 'We've Always Been a Controversial Band'
Trivium mainman Matt Heafy recently described his band as a controversial one, also giving a portion of metal fans a slight bashing for their elitist attitude. During a chat with Metal Injection, Matt reached the matter of controversy while discussing the band's decision to hire Disturbed's David Draiman as the producer of their upcoming new album "Vengeance Falls." "If he's a controversial choice - we've always been a controversial band ourselves, so we feel hand to hand together," Heafy said, also noting that Trivium figured Draiman as a perfect match when they heard some of his production work with Device. The frontman then switched to the subject of ever-present elitism among the metal fans, naming it as one of the top reasons for the genre's decay. "It's that whole attitude that is killing music," Matt commented. "That's why turnouts for all these tours in the States are bad right now. Every single tour now has bad turnouts, every single tour has bad pre-sales because of this weird elitism." He continued, "Music's supposed to be an escape for people. It's supposed to be where people can turn to when they're sick of everyday life - for some people, for me that's what it was, that's why I flocked to metal, 'cause it was an escape from normalcy, an escape from something I didn't wanna be around. And that way I can be enveloped in something great and something where there are other people I can share that interest with."

"But nowadays, it's weird - whenever people talk about our band they kind of bring up the negative stuff. It's like - why isn't it about positivity? Why isn't it about the fact that we all get to bond through this amazing style of music and find all these new bands through other great bands?

"And if it was more supportive I think more bands would be able to exist," Heafy explained. "People aren't supporting music, they're not going to the shows, they're not really buying the records, everyone's ripping on everything all the time - not everyone, but a small, very vocal minority." "Vengeance Falls" is scheduled for an October 15 release through Roadrunner Records as the band's sixth studio effort. Back in August, the album was announced with lead single "Strife."

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