Tupac Hologram Creator Goes Bankrupt

After much hype, the company behind the Tupac hologram at this year's Coachella Festival has gone bankrupt. Will we see any more musical stars rise from the dead?

Ultimate Guitar

The group who made the controversial Tupac hologram for this year's Coachella Festival has gone bankrupt.

Digital Domain Group, which has been running for almost 20 years, had also worked on special effects for movies including "Pirates Of The Caribbean", "Transformers" and "Titanic".

In its court filings, the company said it had simply "run out of cash," according to Music Week.

Its Tupac hologram caused a frenzy when the deceased rap star appeared alongside Snoop Dog (now called Snoop Lion) on stage at Coachella. It prompted both excitement and concern among fans of other deceased artists, and raised an important question: who owns your rights when you're dead?

The news comes shortly after the company had confirmed a series of Elvis Presley likenesses for not only live shows but entertainment on other platforms, though wouldn't offer further details.

Digital Domain Group could still live on, as a private firm has already offered $15 million for its core production business.

In April we ran a list of the top 10 most wanted hologram musicians, topped by Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio.

Who would you like to come back from the dead and perform on stage again? Let us know in the comments.

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    Maybe he can make holographic money now.
    The whole Tupac thing was neat, but...no more holograms. Musicians and artists will always live on in their work and though the people they've inspired, so we don't need things like that.
    I just wish they never dreamed up the concept. Let deceased artists stay deceased. It just seems vulgar to parade the likeness around a stage for an audience.
    I love the fact that in an article about a bankrupt SFX company, UG have still taken the care to mention Snoop Dogg's name change.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Probably for the best.
    Don't be a dick. It's fair enough if you don't like the idea of every dead musician becoming an arena concert act, but that was never going to happen. If they've been running for 20 years doing special effects it kind of sucks, especially for all the people who'll be put out of jobs.
    Yeah dude you're right, that does suck for all of the people being laid off.
    Although that does suck, what gives them the right to create likenesses of dead people. You can get the estates permission but that doesn't mean squat when those making the money off it don't care much about the image in the first place.
    I think you're getting a bit butthurt. The use of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury for the Olympics closing ceremony was classy and poignant. Just because you're using someone's likeness doesn't mean you're stomping all over it. People seem to be fine with films made about deceased artists (like the Hendrix one coming out).
    This whole thing is reduiculous and the idea and concept should be destroyed along with its creators. They went bankrupt because it is a pointless waste of money.
    I wouldn't go see a hologram concert but you're wrong
    It's called an opinion. Get used to them. I agree some can be done tastefully, but lets face it, Kurt cobains image lies in Courtney loves hands... What do you think she would agree to. Im not talking about what has been done but what could be done.
    Im entirely behind this technology, don't get me wrong. But it has better practical limitations than to make live action music videos of dead people. Hell this is actually a major advancement in terms of technology if they apply it to real time video conferencing, though for that they would need to also create a 3d visual scanner and have the advancements in transfer rates to send them in real time. I am saddened by the loss of this pioneering company but I feel they were taking it in the wrong direction.
    Well you're opinion is wrong! I think Courtney would handle it with care, perhaps she would do something cool like have him playing guitar with only one hand while drinking a pepsi in the other. Then at the end of the show he'll scream in the microphone "DRINK PEPSI" then when he smashes the instruments the broken pieces happen to form the pepsi logo...something awesome like that will happen, afterall she has to feed her kid.
    They didn't use Tupac's image at the Olympics, did they? No, they instead put him alongside someone else. What if they put Freddie Mercury's image beside a living performer? Would you feel the same way? I'm not a Tupac fan, but I wouldn't want to see a hologram of Dime performing with Zakk Wylde. Just saying that I get what this guy's saying.
    It's a bit different for a guitarist though. A frontman would always be sick to see as a one-off thing. I would be pretty stoked if I was at some festival and a Michael Jackson hologram appeared and sang a song with someone. People immediately think that the technology means every famous dead musician is going to start doing tours. The Tupac hologram just seemed like a surprise treat for the fans really.
    There should be a holographic Digital Domain Group made in memory of them.
    Aw, seriously, I didn't approve the hologram idea either, but people here are happy that someone is now ****ed up. You guys are sick. Besides, they also did "Pirates Of The Caribbean", which is pretty cool IMO (yeah, without Jack Sparrow it would suck, but who cares?).
    I agree, but it's the internet. If there was a button on the keyboard that caused someone to get an un-warrranted labotomy, rest assured it would be the most used button in history.
    I don't see the appeal of a holographic performer on stage tbh. But the concept is rather cool and hopefully they can develop it further to be used in other areas other than music. Also, its sad to see people happy about this. People have potentially lost theirs jobs in a environment where jobs are hard to come by these days and I'm pretty sure they aren't at fault for holographic images of artists, instead they are hired to do so because they can. So dont hate these guys for doing a job, hate the blood suckers who will try and get more money by pimping the deceased out to the public.
    this sucks cause i dont like the hologram thing, but its not their only claim to fame.
    Their last job should be making a hologram of jesus and claiming the messiah is back.
    Wait wait wait, he's going by Snoop Lion, now? I didn't think I could lose any more respect for him. I'm going to go listen to Wu-Tang Clan now to purge those awful snoop thoughts from my head.
    They should do a hologram of Eddie at Iron Maiden shows. I mean, what's the point of making a hologram of a real person? why not make a badass demon or dragon or something?
    "In April we ran a list of the top 10 most wanted hologram musicians, topped by Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio. Who would you like to come back from the dead and perform on stage again? Let us know in the comments." Why? We told you already!
    Am I the only one thinking that special effects for blockbusters like Pirates of the Carribean, Transformers and Titanic should earn a lot of money? And now with all the media coverage these holograms has gotten? Must be some seriously bad investing.
    Josh Reubenking
    Wow, really? .....whatever. Next. Should've thought about that before you made a hologram. I mean, really? Duh. No suprise here.
    As sad as it is that a company this experienced has gone bust and that many people will have lost there jobs I can't help but be slightly relieved that they won't be making more holograms.
    Princess Leia must be bummed. She was able to contact Obi Wan thru R2D2's hologram projector. Thus, she was saved from the death star. But she was in the custody of her father, technically. Weird.
    Why do people hate on holograms so much? Imagine being able to mosh to 80s Metallica with 10,000 other metalheads, I pay for that!
    Anyone else find this story a bit ironic?
    ^ Yup. Let the DJ's have holograms do the work while they sit back and press play. As for actual bands that can play live, no! I'd only pay to see holograms of Chuck Schuldiner & Randy Roads, everyone else can RIP. Even then I wouldn't enjoy it as much knowing it isn't them. Though some oldie holograms wouldn't be a bad idea, some Frank Sinatra wouldn't be too bad. Would be a good way to keep senior citizens occupied, hahah. Let's just face it. Holographic Porn > Holographic Live Performance
    Then you might as well just blast 80's era Metallica out of loud speakers in an arena full of fans who paid tickets to be there. Its the same ****ing thing. Its not the real thing.
    I know i might cop some flak for this, but to be honest i don't think i'd mind the concept of a hologram show. I can definitely understand why you wouldn't too and maybe im sitting on the fence a little, but when you think about it people go and see shows such as 'Laser Floyd'. Possibly, maybe, not sure but something such as 'Johnny Cash and the Tennessee 2' could be pulled off with taste provided it was not an arena spectacular. I think it could be nice to SOME extent but hey! Chances are we'll be seeing this technology in strip joints any time soon once a pornography firm gets their hands on it.
    As long as they dont change what would have been expected of the artist during their time.... No pain to keep the game the same. On another note, I would love to see Led Zeppelin play all together! ..guess I have to wait til they die. lol