Turns Out Lil' Wayne's Guitar Solo Was Bad Because His Tech Screwed Up, This Is What It Should Sound Like

The rapper was misunderstood by the public all these years.

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Turns Out Lil' Wayne's Guitar Solo Was Bad Because His Tech Screwed Up, This Is What It Should Sound Like

Steve "Samurai Guitarist" Onotera shed some light on Lil' Wayne's infamous guitar solo, insisting the rapper is not to blame for the way it all turned out.

The one who did mess up, however, was Mr. Wayne's guitar tech.

The musician explained: "Obviously, it was the guitar tech, possibly a stagehand. Whoever gave Lil' Wayne that guitar gave him the wrong one. Let me play you the solo along with an enhanced audio track on a proper guitar."

You can check out the proper Lil' Wayne guitar solo below.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Hrrrrm. Might be a mood-thing. But i finally think the Lil Wayne guitar joke has run its course. For me at least. Just can't squeeze any more laughs out of it. I'm dead inside now. Thank you, meme-culture.
    It was never funny. Isn't the point of this site to help people learn and get better at guitar? and not , like, make the top headline news story literally a joke making fun of someone who's not very good at guitar..?
    I don't intend to speak for them but, this is also a news site, it has a forum...Tabs and guitar lessons are just a part of it; And even if it was just lessons, it wouldn't mean they would have to be dead people inside, all robotic.
    "What can this strange device be...? When I touch it, it gives forth a sound. Its got wires that vibrate and give music... What can this thing be that I've found?"
    Except all Wayne did was hammer ons.....no sliding no strumming, just hammer ons a dumbass smile towards a crowd that loved it because they don't know what a guitar does.
    lets take cultural property of them, and be cynical about it...and to think nsbm fans are the same.
    Oh, thanks for the enlightenment. This has been boggling my mind ever since I heard the masterpiece so many years ago.
    Unless the guitar it was meant to be played on was in a different tuning there's literally no excuse for this abomination and never has been.
    And all that auto tune he uses I'm sure is his guitar techs fault too.
    I think it's funny he has to watch his hands and then when he looks away he fucks up. I'm the complete opposite.
    Implying that anything he played was anything but a fuck up, regardless of where he was looking...
    if i recall correctly from the little that i know of him, he is to blame for his ridiculous character, not because of his guitar solo; he is the equivalent of racists in metal, an obnoxious, pathetic (attempting to be) prick.
    slow news day lol? lets have a lil wayne joke about a story from YEARS ago as the headlining piece on the home page....ugh this site
    When you repeatedly say the phrase "Taylor Swift's Djent Album" enough times, words of that phrase completely lose meaning after a certain while.
    This is like saying the new Metallica album could've been a trance album, if they guys played synths instead of their regular instruments.
    So...is it impossible for a Pop/Rap artist (who isn't known for playing guitar) to fuck up, anymore?