Twisted Sister Guitarist: Rock Is Dead

artist: Twisted Sister date: 05/19/2011 category: music news
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Twisted Sister Guitarist: Rock Is Dead
While Twisted Sister defiantly claimed that "You Can't Stop Rock And Roll" back in their 1980s heyday, guitarist Jay Jay French seems to think that this is no longer the case. Speaking in an interview with Greek website Rock Overdose (translation provided by RockAAA), French offers a pretty grim prognosis for rock music: "In the United States it's dead. There are almost no rock bands anymore on the charts if you look. Foo Fighters maybe once in a while but the fact is the heavy rock scene is completely dead from a commercial stance as the charts are all dance music... the symbol of Keith Richards or Axl Rose or Led Zeppelin or of excess and all that on the rock side is almost invisible at this point. So yes the Rolling Stones, ACDC or Judas Priest can still go on tour and Twisted Sister can go on tour and be more popular than we've ever been but young people who listen to new music? It's not that popular just now and I think that's just the cycle we are going through." What's more, fans expecting new material from the band are set to be disappointed. According to the guitarist, the group has no plans to record material in the near future because there isn't the demand for it: "We don't really see a reason why to record. When a new one comes out you maybe play one song from it because nobody cares so it's pointless. I'd rather play what everybody wants to hear than play something they are not familiar with... That just happens to be the way the situation is these days. It doesn't pay and nobody buys the material anyway so it doesn't make any sense to do it. Most bands are never honest enough to say it and want to say they are still making new material but nobody really cares." Twisted Sister are set for a series of international festival appearances this summer. Based on Jay Jay's comments, it would seem that a greatest hits set is on the cards for those shows.
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