Twisted Sister Slam Paul Ryan For Using 'We're Not Gonna Take It'

Twisted Sister frontman has slammed Paul Ryan for using the band's 1984 hit "We're Not Gonna Take It" as intro music at a rally yesterday in Pennsylvania.

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According to Blabbermouth, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has slammed Paul Ryan, who was tapped last week to run for vice president on the Republican ticket alongside presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, for using the band's 1984 hit "We're Not Gonna Take It" as intro music at a rally yesterday in Pennsylvania.

"I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan's use of my band Twisted Sister's song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' in any capacity," Snider said. "There is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with except the use of the P90X."

P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, is a commercial home exercise regimen, known for being intense. It is designed to take 90 days, and consists of a training program which uses cross-training (weight training, martial arts, yoga and old-school calisthenics) and periodization, combined with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan.

"We're Not Gonna Take It" and "Stay Hungry" were the biggest hit single and album, respectively, in Twisted Sister's career. Snider said "We're Not Gonna Take It" is now part of America's cultural fabric.

"It's become like a folk song. It's a traditional song now. It has a simple message that's applicable to everything from sports teams to politics. I even once heard about the song being used by people protesting the development of commercial property," he said.

The song's lyrics say in part "Oh you're so condescending/Your gall is never ending/We don't want nothin'/Not a thing from you."

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    Why is EVERY post just trying to get the gold medal? Ugh.
    I'm upvoting your comment to spite you, in hopes that you get it. Anyways, as he said, that song has been used in almost every possible cultural setting. It's not like someone is going to hear the song in a year and say "oh man, that's the song from Romney's rally!"
    because then people make hilarious comments. I actually crack up with a few comments on most posts.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Agent 00Awesome slams his keyboard when he sees another slams article.
    LOL. I liked that little off-topic paragraph that vividly informed us of the P90X.
    This article needs more slam! "According to Slammermouth, Twisted Slammer frontman Dee Slamer has slammed Slam Ryan"...
    I really hope Obama uses a Megadeth song in his campaign. Be ready for UG to report it!
    The English vocabulary is in fact quite rich. Instead of slams you could use: bashes, attacks, castigates, lash into, pan, scathe, scourge, vilifies. Even go with something like: "Protests the use of *said song* in blablabla.. NO MORE SLAMMING!
    I'm slamming my thesaurus shut with frustration. There are hundreds of synonyms you could use!
    I'm with Snider here, If you want to use a band's song for political means, you should have to get permission from that band as far as I'm concerned. No one should have to have their art associated with something they hate. Obviously thats an impossible thing to control, but I think major political figures have the means at their disposal to extend that courtesy.
    Wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Ronald Reagan used "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springsteen.
    I think the funniest thing about Paul Ryan is that he said he's a huge fan of RATM. Their ideals couldn't be more different from his.
    For all of you "slamming" Dee: People are idiots and people that attend political rallies are bigger idiots. It gives the appearance that the band is supporting the canidate. Ryan is using the song to state that "were not going to take it from the Obama administration anymore". In the mind of idiots they believe this is what the band is saying.
    I totally agree with Dee here. Not a Twisted Sister fan whatsoever, but I've always thought Dee was a cool, agreeable dude. P.S. F*** Paul Ryan
    Not hard to understand, I'd react in the same way. Republicans might want to limit themselves to use only Megadeth and Ted Nugent in future rallies.
    Would make sense, after all the politicians themselves seem to understand approx. as much about the politics as the bands you named... "Damn coyotes always pissing on my coach.. " I'm happy that Mr. Snider slams the republicans for using so good song to get help for so stupid things.
    Just searched the news with the word "slam" and UG currently have 99 articles with the word in it. UG, go slam someone so you can get the 100th article and then you can start collecting news about "emphatically denouncing"
    How about we all take a shot for every article that contains the word "slam" ?