Twisted Sister to Continue Without Dee Snider?

"They have my blessing!"

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Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider pointed out that the band's current farewell tour is definitely farewell for him, but doesn't know about the rest of the gang.

Reacting to guitarist Jay Jay French's recent comments about "not ruling out" a comeback somewhere along the line, Dee said on Twitter: "Technically the band can continue on with a different singer/frontman. But I promise you it won't be me!"

He added: "Don't know about the band... but I am [finished]. Maybe they have plans to continue on without me. They have my blessing!"

Asked in January by Washington Times if this is really the end of the band, Snider said: "Most definitely. I never intended to be doing this, Twisted Sister, at this point in my life. If you watch the [Parents Music Resource Center] Senate testimony [in the 1980s], at one point I said, 'I plan on being well retired by 35.' The 'well-retired' part didn't work out. To be here at 60 and going out for the farewell shows seems a little bit overdue. [Laughs]

"It's not that I don't love the guys. It's not that I'm not proud of my past. I just want to leave with a certain degree of dignity. Leave people with a smile on their face. As opposed to them leaving, shaking their heads, saying, 'I remember when they were really good.'

"I had been saying to the band, 'Guys, we've got to call it a day. At some point, there has to be an end. Now we have been reunited more years than we were together the first time.' A reunion is not supposed to go on forever, contrary to what KISS does.

"When [drummer] AJ [Pero] passed away, the rest of the guys sort of said, 'You know what, we get it. It seems a logical time to finish things up.' Our 40th year is coming up, so we decided it would be cool to do some shows to say goodbye."

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    Are you listening Angus?
    Fuck, some fans you people are. Angus still sounds great. Whereas Brain was losing his voice and yet you people were begging for him to come back. I love Brian but people are being fuckin ridiculous about this.
    "They have my blessing." Class act, Dee. It's cool see that someone is willing to have an amicable break with their band, and still support them.
    Just watched a documentary on Twisted Sister on netflix. it was a very interesting watch, didn't realize how hard they had to work to get signed. While i am not a huge fan of them i did like their music and Dee's comments seem very thought out and make sense.
    Good documentary; I wasn't aware as to how huge they were in the NY bar scene.
    It's not like they've been putting anything worthwhile in decades now... I love stay hungry and their other 80's stuff, but that's it. they left their legacy already. better do as Dee Snider said and leave in a high note. no break ups, no feuds, no death after death of any more original member... I'm fine wirh this.
    He's got a point. Some bands just don't know when enough is enough. Oh and I'm 1th post..!!!1!1!!
    Hahaha. I did that intentionally. Hence the '1' in place of an exclamation mark. Also my comma key is not working so I must use a full-top instead of a comma between 'hence' and 'intentionally'. Do I need to explain myself a secondth time? :p
    saw them 2 weeks ago. they were better than maiden n sabbath
    That's blasphemy!
    no that is the truth. i`m not saying Sabbath and Maiden were bad, they were great as fuck, but Twisted Sister had more energy, looked like as if they had a lot of fun! Maybe i should have said: i enjoyed watching Twisted Sister more than maiden... i like Black Sabbath more than Twisted Sister but their performance was better in my fucking opinion fuck yeah
    The most insignificant band of all time. please retire soon.
    Spoken like someone who wasn't around in the 80's. You do understand that they were trying to censor albums in the 80's right? It got as far as Senate Hearings on what you should be ALLOWED to listen to. These politicians and their wives thought they were going to have these hearings, make fun of the idiot Rock and Rollers who came to testify and pass a law that allows only adults to purchase music that has "questionable lyrics". Then in walks Dee Snider, Frank Zappa, and of all people fucking John Denver, who calmly cooly and professionally made the case against censorship and for Rock and Roll. So instead of albums being locked behind the counter, you got a stupid warning label instead. I am no big fan of TS, hell the one time I saw them they got their doors blown off by the opening band Y&T, but Dee Snider went to bat for all of us. We owe him our respect for that.
    Dee Snider is one of the greatest rock singers and frontmen, but for some reason he settled playing with musicians who are nowhere near his class. He deserved a lot better and i honestly feel bad for him.
    Glad Dee Snider is cool with it. we fans had witness a few battle about certain members doesn't want to hang it up.