Twisted Sister's Secret Past

artist: Twisted Sister date: 02/14/2013 category: general music news

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Twisted Sister's Secret Past
If you think they started in the 80s, you might be surprised to hear about their hidden failures and personal crisis through the 70s. An upcoming documentary will reveal that Twisted Sister are older than many rock fans might think. Guitarist Jay Jay French says the band are about to hit their 40th anniversary this year - even though many presume the band started in the early 80s. "While most of the world thinks Twisted Sister started in 1984, there are those who know a different story," said French on the Twisted Sister website. "Diehard fans in the UK through it began a couple of years earlier when Secret Records signed us. There exists a fanbase who knew us with me, Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda and, for a short time, bassist Ken Neill with an assortment of changing drummers. "Before that, Twisted Sister played hundreds of shows in. This version contained me and four people most of you don't know: vocalist Michael Valentine, guitarist Billy Diamond, bassist Kenny Neill and drummer Mell Starr." He says everyone except Neill was "either fired or left under very bad circumstances," and the lineup effectively split up in 1974. "The first breakup led to a personal crisis at the age of 22," he says. "That forever changed my life and taught me how to cope in the face of total failure, both professionally and emotionally. The lessons learned form the basis of the future Twisted Sister." French thinks the first lineup would never have made it. "None of the members, except Kenny, had what it takes. The lack of focus, professionalism and raw talent became obvious and the proof is that of all the original five members, I alone remain standing." The documentary, filmed by producer Andy Horn, will be out this year.
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