Twitter Unveils New Music Service

Rumors of a Twitter Music app first appeared last week, and it's already gone live - but is it any good?

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Twitter has officially launched its new Twitter Music app as a website and iOS app.

The app is available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It will be available in other regions at a later date.

Songs are sourced from the streaming services Spotify and Rdio, but not Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube or Vevo as leaked by an independent developer this week, but they could be set for inclusion at a later date.

As expected, the Twitter Music app offers several music feeds: a "Suggested" page to highlight new music tips, a "Popular" page to chart the most streamed songs on the whole platform, an "Emerging" page to promote fast-rising new artists and a #nowplaying page to tap into what other Twitter users are listening to at any moment.

There is also a "Me" stream which plays tracks by musicians that you already follow on Twitter.

Songs appear on a simple grid layout which plays a sample of each song, but will only play full tracks when you sign in to Spotify or Rdio. There is an option to purchase songs on iTunes or to tweet about the song with a "Now Playing" tag.

Head over to or search "Twitter Music" on your iPhone to test the app for yourself, if you have a Twitter account.

What are your first impressions? Will Twitter Music help you discover new artists, and how would you improve it? Let us know in the comments.

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    Honey Badger
    Don't care.
    Second Rate
    People use Twitter? I thought that was just a website where celebrities go to post ramblings that make little to no sense.
    "There is also a "Me" stream which plays tracks by musicians that you already follow on Twitter." That's pretty cool I guess, otherwise I really don't see the point..
    There's like one song from each band... I did a test and searched Blind Guardian, Metallica, and Bullet for my Valentine. One song from each. How dumb.
    I'm honestly not quite sure how to feel about this.
    It's like staring on nude girls on magazine, instead of just watch them bewbs bounce in your dvr/internet. Too much limit. Just go to youtube, people.
    thanks for sharing that with us... now excuse me but theres a wall with paint drying i'm also interested in
    everyone's trying and failing with the whole music app thing. facebook had a go, google had a go, yahoo had a go years back, none of them worked out. spotify was popular until it started capping plays. twitter will have its 15 minutes and then fade out like the rest of them.
    I dunno about spotify failing. I use it like every day and I know tons of other people that do. It's my favorite way to listen to music digitally
    google music is failing? are you kidding me?
    it definitely isn't on the same level as itunes, which also offers a cloud service like google music. this twitter music thing seems to be trying to capitalize on a part of the market already dominated by and it comes accross as realy gimmicky. the majority of twitter users are those who are spoon fed radio people. just look at the trensd lists on any given day. they dont care for finding new artists that nobody knows, they're all about wanting chart toppers and trendies
    I just hate Twitter so much. I don't know, I might make an account to check it out if I have some time to waste.
    fine, people can share their music on twitter... probably it's only going to be some shittie one direction, nicki minaj or ****ing bieber mess
    Won't take off. Small bands will never get a mention due to the mass mobs of bieberites and onedirectionists. If you want to discover new music, check out bandcamp, reverbnation, lastfm or soundcloud. They're all slightly different in how music is presented, but the good thing with these sites is you don't get polluted by mass produced garbage.
    It doesn't sound all that innovative. I mean, bands already do a decent job promoting their music on Twitter, this isn't really necessary.
    iTunes should have had day 1 support. I purchase all my music there for the most part, cus most albums from bands I listen to I can't find in HMV (This is Canada I am talking about). Side note: Spotify **** you for not adding Canada to the list yet....yet they have all these random small countries in Europe plus the US
    Random small countries need music too. I'll trade places with you so I can stay in Canada and you can live in Scotland, that way you get Spotify and I can watch hockey properly.
    Hahaha, Touche I was being my typical selfish self, but I just find it silly when they've got a couple countries with under 2million people when Spotify should be available in big (relatively) big countries first!! Not to mention I just find it to be a huge middle finger to us when the US has it and we don't. Prolly has something to do with the way our country does distribution rights for music or something. We always are more strict than the US especially when it comes to making sure Canadian artists get lots of play :/
    I frequently use Twitter, but I'm not sure if I want to get this yet, until all the announced features come into play. I'd rather get a full app that takes a bit more memory, than a halfway finished one that could screw with my account.
    People who think Twitter only caters to fans of "one direction, nicki minaj or ****ing bieber mess" have obviously never used Twitter. Twitter is incredibly diverse. I follow anyone from Lamb of God's Mark Morton to my favourite porn star. Those who perpetuate the idea that Twitter is just for mainstream culture are just plain wrong. I for one am looking forward to having one more small way to discover music from people who I already like hearing from.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Yeah yeah yeah, but you guys didn't cover Alex Lifeson's amazing rock n roll hall of fame speech from last night in the news today...