Two Dead and 23 People Injured in SXSW Festival Car Accident

Tragedy strikes at Texas music and arts festival.

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Tragedy has struck South By South West after a car drove straight into a crowd at the festival in Austin Texas last night (Wednesday 13 March, 2014).

Police report that two of the crowd are dead and more than 15 have been injured - with five of those in a 'critical' condition.

Just after 12.40am (CT), SPIN reported that a car had hit the crowd at the intersections of Red River Street and East 10th Street - near the famous and popular Mohawk music venue. This area had been closed off to all vehicular traffic, to allow for footfall of the tens of thousands of music fans from around the world flocking to SXSW.

It is assumed that those injured were attendees of the festival.

Austin Police then took to Twitter to post:

23 individuals have been transported. Of those 5 are in critical condition, 2 deceased. #SXSW

- Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 13, 2014

Police report that they now have the driver of the car in custody but ask for witnesses to contact Austin Police department on (512) 974-5186.

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    Hope they nail his balls to a cinder block and throw it out of a plane.
    Unreal. Just saw the whole story on the news.. glad they have the ******* in custody, hope he gets what he deserves.
    I saw two were dead, then saw that Kanye and Jay-Z performed together there and hoped that the stories were connected. Rats.
    Very mature.
    Since when did someone need to be mature to recognize when artists are talentless aholes? In fact, it's just the opposite...normally, mature ones understand that they don't relate to garbage like what they are rapping about. So the immature ones are the ones listening to his trash.
    When it comes to the douchebag-Hipster's and "Gangsters" of Austin, don't we all want to do this?! lol but in all seriousness, this is very unfortunate. I hope that guy gets put behind bars for a long time. I'm actually going to be at SXSW this Saturday - I hope nothing crazy like this happens
    Rants at douchebag-hipsters and Austin's "Gansters" - Goes to SXSW. Doesn't that make you a douchebag hipster?