Two Previously Unheard Adele Tracks Leak Online

artist: Adele date: 09/02/2014 category: music news

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Two Previously Unheard Adele Tracks Leak Online
Two previously unheard Adele tracks have leaked online. Check them out below (via Gigwise).

One is called "You'll Never See Me Again" and the other is called "Never Gonna Leave You." Either way, Digital Spy reports that the tracks (which leaked over the weekend) were originally recorded back in 2010 during sessions with Fraser T. Smith for absolutely massive second album, "21."

They're both pretty standard Adele.

After news began to spread that Adele had "confirmed" that a new album and tour were on the way in 2015, the chairman of her record label's parent company then insisted that there is "no truth in this."

Earlier in the year, the singer seemed to tease the fact that a new album was coming soon with a tweet on the eve of her 26th birthday.

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