U2, Bon Jovi Had Top Tours Of 2011

artist: U2 date: 12/22/2011 category: general music news

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U2, Bon Jovi Had Top Tours Of 2011
Because it was already revealed as the highest-grossing tour of all time, it's no shock that U2's 360 Tour was 2011's top trek. Spin reports that Bono and the boys landed at #1 topping runners-up Bon Jovi by more than $100 million. U2 played to approximately 2.8 million people in the U.S. and Africa during the year, raking in $293 million. In comparison, Bon Jovi performed before 1.8 million folks and took home $192 million. Other acts in the Top 5 include Take That's reunion tour, Roger Waters' Wall tour and Taylor Swift's trek. Check out the full list below: 01. U2, $293 million 02. Bon Jovi, $192 million 03. Take That, $185 million 04. Roger Waters, $150 million 05. Taylor Swift, $97 million 06. Kenny Chesney, $84.5 million 07. Usher, $75 million 08. Lady Gaga, $72 million 09. Andr Rieu, $67 million 10. Sade, $53 million 11. Michael Bubl, $50 million 12. Eagles, $50 million 13. Katy Perry, $49 million 14. Lil Wayne, $46 million 15. Justin Bieber, $44 million 16. Glee Live! In Concert!, $40 million 17. NKOTBSB, $40 million 18. Journey, $40 million 19. Britney Spears, $37 million 20. Iron Maiden, $33 million 21. Kylie Minogue, $32.5 million 22. Neil Diamond, $31 million 23. Enrique Iglesias, $30 million 24. Jason Aldean, $28 million 25. Toby Keith, $27 million Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek, Gibson.com.
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