U2 Guitarist Vs. Press

The Edge, the lead guitarist of U2, is fighting an Irish newspaper in court over its report into a relative's serious illness that forced the band to delay its world tour.

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The Edge, the lead guitarist of U2, is fighting an Irish newspaper in court over its report into a relative's serious illness that forced the Irish rock band to delay the start of its next world tour, reports AP.

A High Court judge in Dublin agreed Monday to a two-week delay to the hearing of rival lawsuits between The Edge and the Sunday World newspaper. The Dublin-based tabloid identified the relative and condition the person was suffering in a front-page story Jan. 8, but withdrew the report from later editions when The Edge's lawyers immediately obtained a temporary injunction.

This barred the Sunday World from repeating its story and warned other Irish newspapers not to pick it up, claiming it amounted to an unwarranted invasion of privacy. The Edge wants the injunction to be strengthened into a permanent injunction against publication.

The Sunday World wants the injunction overturned. Its lawyers are arguing that the details of the relative's illness are newsworthy because they are cited the reason why U2 has delayed the U.S. start of its new "Vertigo 2005" tour. Originally slated for March 1 in Miami, Florida, it now is supposed to start March 28 in San Diego, California.

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    stratomaster 17
    The Edge is my favorite guitarist but he always wears that frickin beanie , i mean he got married wearin it! and poparazzi should die for getting into other peoples lives.
    Bass Playa Boss
    U2 doesn't really appeal to many young people these days, so I think the band is on its way out after a long time. Anyway U2 really didn't have a sucussful outcome if we look back, they really had no hits or even hit CD. So the question lyes in "How did U2 get so popular?"
    im with nirvana666, great classic rock band, but there new stuff is just "radio music", nothing too special.
    i like u2 but i don't think their new stuff is very creative....reporters should get off the edge's back man! that guy's awesome!
    stratomaster 17
    and to add to that c'mon we need southern u.s. tour dates , i wuz gonna go to one of the florida shows
    1st!!! yeah i know u don't care but i am...U2 is greatness
    Did you even read the article...
    not starting in Florida..... there are no southern states in the tour at all....t'is a real shame.
    his real name isnt the edge... its like david evans or something along that lines... his real name is pretty normal... cant wait to see U2 in philly on may 14th... i'm very pumped for that!
    Is his name really The Edge? and I don't see why he cares so much its just a tabloid... Who reads those things anyway? I doubt anyone that is gonna care about the illness much, besides feeling sorry for his realitive. That is unless the illness is an alien baby growing out of their neck or something.
    Martin Blank
    They'll likely do another leg of U.S. dates in the fall. It'll probably be more extensive. I hope so anyway.
    they're still playing??.. they should go into a retirement place..but they're cool though..rock on U2!
    rumor is, and it seems to be true, that his seven year old daughter, Sian, is very ill with Leukemia. I hope to god she gets better. I almost lost one of my very close friends a couple of years ago to Leukemia.