U2 Recording New Album with Chris Martin?

The Coldplay singer has been spotted with them at a New York studio, but tries to deny it in a hilariously short video interview.

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U2 have been spotted in a New York recording studio with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, sparking rumors that he will appear on the band's new album.

As NME reports, a reporter for the fan site atu2.com turned up at the Electric Lady studios in New York on Friday May 21. While waiting outside, he saw Chris Martin enter the studio, with U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. following soon after to join the rest of U2 who were already inside.

The lucky reporter later filmed Martin leaving the studio, but the singer denied being there with U2, which you can see below. Later that day, Martin was spotted again with U2 at a private party where the band played an acoustic set - you can see him sitting back on the couch in the image below.

Watch the hilariously short interview with Chris Martin outside the New York studio here:

YouTube preview picture

And here's Chris Martin in the background of a private U2 performance later that night:

U2 in House :) twitter.com/JRart/status/3

JR (@JRart) June 1, 2013

What do you think of a potential U2 and Chris Martin collaboration? Let us know what you think it might sound like in the comments.

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    My comment got removed because i said this would be boring.. I guess we're not allowed to have opinions here?
    Agreed. While I am pretty indifferent about Coldplay but love U2, having a well-stated opinion doesn't deserve a comment being deleted. This will probably get deleted as well, but UG needs to turn the comment monitoring down a few notches. It's been overly critical lately.
    Since U2 has said that they're working on their new album, my guess is that Chris Martin is going to be a guest musician on it.
    U2 is such a terribly overrated band. And as South Park has said, Bono is the biggest piece of s**t.
    Love U2. Not a fan of Chris Martin. I especially don't like the idea of the frontman of a band that wants to be U2 so bad collaborating with U2. But I'm always excited to see what The Edge has to bring.
    U2 can do what the **** they want :L i lost interest after the joshua tree , shame, they used to be great
    @ tariqalhajri whatever the hell that is you should shut the **** up and learn to appreciate GOOD MUSIC BECAUSE THATS ALL CHRIS WRITES
    I've always thought that Coldplay was like a poor man's U2. This is a big step down for Bono and crew.
    I personally love Coldplay and U2. I think that Chris would make an outstanding featured artist for JUST one song. No more. But Chris WAS pretty rude there lol