U2 Release U22 Double Live CD Fan Club Exclusive

For any fan of U2, the new double disc live album entitled U22 from the record breaking U2360 tour is an incredible treat.

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For any fan of U2, the new double disc live album entitled U22 from the record breaking U2 360 tour is an incredible treat.

The exclusive U2 Fan Club release features 22 tracks that were voted on by fans, all recorded live during the 2 year, 110 show tour. The best part about this is that the tracks chosen are not just the typical classic hits, but fan favorites like "Moment of Surrender" and "Zooropa."

Another great detail of the release is the packaging. The 2 disc set comes in an LP-sized book of incredible photos from the tour, which as you probably know featured a unique looking "Claw" stage set-up for 360 viewing. The book also comes with liner notes written by bassist Adam Clayton.

As an exclusive for U2.com subscribers and a track list chosen by the fans, U22 really gives a sense of community within the Fan Club. A subscription will also get you access to 12 downloads from the discs, an exclusive bonus track "Unknown Caller," and lots more.

Fans interested in learning more about the subscription and getting a copy of this awesome package can head to U2.com.

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    noahi - you and Henry Rollins are idiots. Their rhythm section is not "one of the worst in the history of music". Dumb statement number one. The Edge is not a terrible guitarist. Dumb statement number 2. Go back to reading other peoples punchlines
    A few weeks old. But great live CD which includes songs like One Tree Hill, Ultraviolet, The Unforgettable Fire, Bad, Stay, The Fly and Even Better Than The Real Thing. Most of the regulars are different versions from the originals. Zooropa is one of the highlights.
    I want U2 ...to put out a CD DVD... With them performing the Joshua Tree in its entirety.. Afterall... It is the one album that put them out there and brought them world acclaim.
    U2 sucks. Always have and always will. I fully agree with Henry Rollins in his protest against them. They have one of the worst rhythm sections in the history of music. The Edge is a terrible guitarist who can't even play the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" correctly on an acoustic! This was on one of the deleted scenes to the film It Might Get Loud. Such a disgrace to Guitar God, Jimmy Page! I wonder how he felt when he and Jack White were jamming together and The Edge was screwing up the melodies and harmonies altogether!