U2 Voted Greatest Ever Irish Musicians

A St Patrick's Day poll has voted U2 as the best Irish musicians of all time. But who else made the cut, and who topped the 'worst ever' list?

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U2 have been voted the great Irish musicians of all time in a new poll.

Gigwise conducted the poll to celebrate St Patrick's Day, in which Van Morrison and Snow Patrol took the second and third spots.

It also ranked the worst Irish musicians of all time. Boyzone and Westlife, two boybands who were popular in the UK and Ireland through the 1990s and early 2000s, were considered the worst. Thin Lizzy was voted the 4th worst, followed by The Cranberries.

We recently reported on U2 bassist Adam Clayton suing the Bank of Ireland and an accountancy firm, claiming damages after his former assistant allegedly "misappropriated" 4.8 million ($6.3 million) of funds. In fact, the assistant is believed to be charged with 184 counts after complaints from Clayton.

Meanwhile, U2 continue to prepare an album to follow 2009's "No Line On The Horizon".

Here's the full list:

Best Irish musicians of all time:

1. U2 2. Van Morrison 3. Snow Patrol 4. Two Door Cinema Club 5. Nadine Coyle

Worst Irish musicians of all time:

1. Boyzone 2. Westlife 3. Shane MacGowan 4. Thin Lizzy 5. The Cranberries

Do you agree with the list? Would U2 win your vote? Let us know in the comments.

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    Thin Lizzy fourth worst? Normally I don't take notice of opinion polls because they are just opinions, but seriously?! They are unquestionably great!
    How is Thin Lizzy voted the fourth worst, but Snow Patrol is voted the third best? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    Good freaking Lord.... Thin Lizzy is MILES better than U2. Phil Lynott was one of the greatest vocalists ever, not to mention a phenomenal bassist. And do I really have to mention 2 of the greatest guitarists ever, John Sykes and Gary Moore. Most importantly, they don't whine & bitch about politics every 3 seconds like Bono (aka Number Two)
    Thin Lizzy should be on the best list along with Rory Gallagher & Gary Moore (seeing as we're including N Ireland)
    i don't get pissed off easily, but Thin Lizzy and worst in the SAME sentence is disgusting. When i went to Dublin, I made sure I visited the Philo statue and placed my green pick on it. Why? Because they have influenced thousands upon thousands of musicians. Just ask Judas Priest, Motorhead, Mastodon, Opeth, and Metallica to name a few. Oh yeah, **** Bono and his hippy drippy humanitarian ways. He's such a poser. Phil lived his music, and I think that says enough.
    Fucking hell, Thin Lizzy should be the BEST not the 4th WORST. No way are average indie-****ish bands like two door ****ing cinema club and snow patrol better than one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Dickheads.
    I'm from Northern Ireland and I genuinely feel ill at the thought that Nadine Coyle, Snow Patrol and Two Door Cinema Club are considered 3 of the best Irish musicians ever. Where are the likes of The Undertones, Rory Gallagher, Stiff Little Fingers, The Divine Comedy and My Bloody Valentine?
    vivalaheerey wrote: I'm Irish, and I pretty much hate most Irish bands and music. We really should just stick to drinking and rugby....
    and potatoes dont forget that
    everyones entitled to their opinion, however the people that voted in this poll are WRONG!!!!! (!!!!!)
    Worst Irish musicians of all time: 4. Thin Lizzy
    Ring Ring... Hallo der de Edge it's de Bono Here! Hallo Der de Bono. And how are you dis foine day? Just Grand de Edge... Oi've been Writing a Character Reference for Gary Glitter so he can be a teacher and oi found out we are the best band ever to com out of these here emerald isle's Well dat's just grand der de Bono... I will ring and tell De Adam and De odder one. They will be made op about it all.. That'll be fantastic De Edge and tell de Adam that if he needs his 4.8 milion back in a hurry oi have some spare change oi can lend im Hoi de doi de day
    Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy would like to have a word with you, Ireland
    Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, Pogues, The Dubliners. The fact that Thin Lizzy are "apparently" the 4th worse disturbs me and the other 3 dont even get a mention!!
    This is hogwash. Thin Lizzy is way better than all that shit. And Cranberries are okay.
    Thin Lizzy/Gary Moore/Rory Gallagher.....even The Pogues The official list is somewhat flawed. No wonder they went bankrupt, silly sausages
    Since when were Thin Lizzy considered as a bad band??? Who the hell decided that?
    I'm Irish, and I pretty much hate most Irish bands and music. We really should just stick to drinking and rugby....
    Thin Lizzy 4th worst Irish act? I'm so mad right now seriously, this has to be a pisstake.
    Thin Lizzy is the only music to come out of Ireland even worth listening to..
    Wait... so U2 is on the "best" list and Thin Lizzy (one of THE most influential hard rock bands ever, especially on modern metal) and The Cranberris are on the "worst" list? Yeah, I give up on Ireland.
    i refuse to listen to anything that lists shane mcgowan as 3rd worst irish musician of all time
    blackenedktulu wrote: God is an Astronaut? ANYONE???
    Love them... Just one of the hundreds on Irish bands that wipe the floor U2.
    MR.LZZYHALE wrote: isnt flogging molly irish
    technically only the singer is actually from ireland.
    Where are The Pogues, The Dubliners, Flogging Molly, and why is Thin Lizzy on the worst list. This list is Bullsh*t!
    This has got to be somebody somewhere trolling... Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud whose album tanked everywhere, Two Door Cinema Club and U2, who haven't been good for God knows how long, are better than Thin ****ing Lizzy. Not even that, but Thin Lizzy are in the top 5 WORST? This is just... wow.
    "Tele" Steve
    I can't believe Shane MacGowan was voted one of the worst. That makes this ranking illegitimate right there. He's one of those singers who can't really sing well but it doesn't matter because the lyrics and music are so good. And Dave King of Flogging Molly is Irish so that should've counted.
    U2 are absolute shit along with all the other bands in the best section. Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher should be in the best section
    I know everyone's already said this but... Thin Lizzy the 4th worst? what the actual ****
    how dare they insult thin lizzy like that?! theyre one of the greatest musicians of all time!!!!
    Ok first of all thin lizzy not being in the top 5 is a joke but to name them in the worst 5 is just a complete cheap nasty insult.My favourite irish performers are Therapy?.
    Jshea123321 wrote: Wheres the Proclaimers? List invalid. that one song is good enough to crack this list.
    The Proclaimers are Scottish. U2 above Van Morrison... Thin Lizzy at the bottom... no mention of Rory Gallagher or the Chieftains... it's a popularity poll and nothing else. Gary Glitter was popular once.