U2: 'We Don't Care If The New Album Takes 10 Years'

Bono has said that the next U2 album will only be released when it's completely ready.

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Bono has said that the next U2 album will only be released when it's completely ready, NME reports.

The frontman revealed that U2 are working on their 13th album, believed to be titled "10 Reasons To Exist". Speaking to The Sun, Bono said: "U2 have been back and they're really in fine fettle."

He added: "They're mad for it at the moment and they really want to make a new record. And they don't care if it takes 10 years they don't care if it never happens again, they just want to get it right. Within the band we've been calling it '10 Reasons To Exist' but I will tell you we might have at least six of them."

Meanwhile, U2's The Edge has announced that his Music Rising charity has launched a Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

The guitarist founded the charity alongside Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz and producer Bob Ezrin, to provide musical equipment and financial support to musicians, schools and community organisations affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

It has now shifted its attention to those who have been worst affected by Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed lives across the tri-state area of the United States of America in October 2012.

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    Neither do we..
    ZOSO <(")
    I can wait but im pretty stoked about a new U2 album... but that was too perfect lol.
    whatever, I've always enjoyed U2. I bought their last album and it was decent, I hope it expanded their fan base at least. however if this is album rumored to have songs written by the One Direction songwriter consider me no longer a fan.
    Seems to be what Guns N' Roses are thinking as well.
    And Tool. And Metallica.
    actually metallica has revealed to come with an album late 2013, early 2014
    Tool's album was meant to come out in December. Just cause they've given us a date, doesn't mean they'll stick to it...Although I reckon Metallica will.
    Do you really want another GNR album?
    Considering that Chinese Democracy was a great piece, yeah, but I won't hold my breath for it. (Which is pretty smart if you'd want to live)
    if you put the axl being a douche thing and not being guns n roses, CD was a decent album.
    It seems that the longer an album takes to finish the worse it usually ends up being.
    Not true, Cybion took an incredibly long time to make and when it was finally finished it turned out to be amazing. Of course, the difference is that while Cybion was made by a group of unestablished musicians with a vision (Kalisia) albums like Chinese Democracy and possible this new U2 album are made by incredible wealthy musicians who seem to think that 'Well, these songs aren't particularly good, but if we continue adding overdubs and using new production techniques maybe we can salvage them'.
    I wouldn't say the Edge is mediocre, he may not solo much, but he has a great sense of guitar texturing & composition as well as timing which is an art in and of itself. I'd rather listen to the Edge masturbate with 4 delay pedals and 3 notes than listen to sweep picking jerks all day.
    Metal fanboy logic: Fast + very technical = Automatically good No offense against metal, but this type of horrible logic seems to be frequently dominating here on UG...
    Have you seen the movie: It Might Get Loud? He basicly says he uses so many effects that he plays the simplest things and a U2 song rolls out. he's definitly not that good of a guitar player.
    It proves that the ability to play an instrument doesn't give you good song-writing abilities or visa versa. I don't even like U2 that much. (They have a few good songs, but not good enough to make me want to look for them IMO) Hell, look at AC/DC...Easy enough stuff, but anyone who says stuff like Highway to Hell isn't a good song deserves to be punched in the face.
    Amazing how fashionable bashing of popular bands is, U2 being common victims. While I feel that, after Zooropa, they went in a direction I didn't particularly like, I'd advise bashers (especially the aspiring rebellious rockstar types) to listen to pre-Achtung Baby U2 and tell me there weren't some absolute gems there, especially considering the oft thrown around 'overrated' tag.
    Yes, isn't giving an anonymous opinion on the internet about a band who also happens to be popular just the height of fashion? Horrible logic, but then again I wouldn't expect anything different when someone plays the popularity card.
    One of the best bands of all time. Probably most of you aren't into them, but seriously an incredible group. U2 knows their last album wasn't a total hit, and hearing this makes me realize they will do whatever they can to make sure the next one is going to be incredible. I just hope its a 2013 release though haha
    Didn't U2 just have a massive and hugely successful tour within the last 2 years that left everyone impressed? How can anyone say that they're irrelevant? Excellent songwriters IMO, even if I don't listen to them.
    Jesus, so much hate for U2 here. They are not that bad and I think Bono does have a great voice despite his ego although I really can't stand The Edge sometimes, so much echo
    I like U2 a hell of a lot, and respect The Edge. I was at the final show of U2's 360 tour and it was amazing, and probably the greatest stage ever made for a concert. BUT I GUESS I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO LIKES THEM.
    It's so sad. Just because an artist has sold millions on top of millions of records doesn't mean you have to trash them to "challenge" the mainstream listener. Insecure bunch are we? U2 is the best concert I have ever seen, and Bono can definitely sing. Who cares if the Edge is a mediocre at best guitarist - U2 kicks ass. UG should have known not to post anything about any band that plays in the pentatonic. God help us all.
    I don't think you get to call other people insecure when their opinion of a band you likes makes you generalize everyone and lump them into one group. I have absolutely no idea where this mentality comes from, but you can be 'against' something while still being 'for' lots of other things. If anyone is insecure, it's someone who sees "U2 sucks" as anything more than someone's opinion.
    The only correlation between a band's popularity and a band's quality is that once a band gets to be so popular, their fanbase gets ultra defensive and wants to base any and all criticism on someone else's personality defect. Relax, people. Some people are going to like U2, some people are going to hate U2. Once you take that hate and make it a personal issue, you're just another ***** who thinks their taste makes them superior. There's lots of room on the internet for contrary opinions, so don't cry when someone disrupts your circle jerk.
    A lot of haters saying they're overrated, yet a lot of these haters can't even get their band to play a simple 3 chord progression and sound "tight". There's a reason why Thin Lizzy chose U2 to open for them back in the day. It's probably the only high school band that's still rockin' today with its original members and performing in front of 7 million fans worldwide (checkout U2360). They're one of the few bands that legendary artists go to see play live...not over-rated!
    "A lot of haters saying they're overrated, yet a lot of these haters can't even get their band to play a simple 3 chord progression and sound "tight"." What does this have to do with anything? Anything at all? People know what they like, and are as entitled to give their opinion as you are. Unless you bow before U2 simply for being more successful than you, or you would let a dentist botch a filling just because he want to dental school and you didn't, kindly shut up. When "haters" show up at your door and shit on your Achtung Baby LP, then you can moan. You're literally the same as them, except so far most people have called it a day at giving their opinion on U2.
    Not sure who gets more hate around here, our beloved Mustaine or Bono
    that video is stupid< what the edge did worked amazingly< thuoght that guy was funny but i fukin dont like him nowh
    U2 is one of the most overrated pop bands of all time. Also, Bono is the wolds largest turd measuring 18 kuricks.
    LOL. I love U2, but I have to agree solely because of the South Park reference...
    U2 isn't pop.
    In certain perspectives true, since a 2-3 albums consisting of horrible poptunes does not equal a popband when the majority of their albums are stadium rock. Calling them a popband is technically incorrect, but in the end it all comes down to the personal view upon the band - and if you will excuse me now, I will listen to The joshua tree and pretend that "Discoteque" never happened...