U2's Best Work Yet to Come, Bono Says

Band also likely to headline future edition of Coachella festival.

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Sharing an optimistic stance about the future, U2 frontman Bono pointed out that the band's finest work might be yet to come.

Chatting with the Irish Mirror, the singer gave an interesting explanation, saying, "Looking as a rock 'n' roll band, there's no-one - no band - who has done their best work who has been around for 30 years. So we're going to see, but that's not true for film makers, that's not true of a novelist, that's not true of a poet. So why should that be true of a rock 'n' roll band?

"And I'm humbled that in our little post-punk combo from the north side of Dublin, to think that maybe our best work might be to come even if the odds are against us," Bono concluded.

In related news, U2 are reportedly a shoo-in for a headlining slot at one of Coachella festival's future editions. According to the Desert Sun, Bono recently admitted attending the event last year and being very much interested in a headliner spot. Coincidentally, Coachella founder Paul Tollett commented last week: "Ain't no crime in asking [Bono] about Coachella."

U2 are set to release their new album sometime during 2014 through Island Records as a follow-up to 2009's "No Line on the Horizon."

Back to the start - can you think of any bands to support or shoot down Bono's claims? And do you think U2 are yet to deliver their best? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    MK Ultra
    really? like every band that makes a new album doesn't say something like "our best work" "something no one has ever done before" "unlike anything you'll ever hear" "this album will cure all diseases" "expect a large sum of money to be deposited into your bank account after listening to this album" "we've unlocked the secrets of the universe and the meaning of life when we made this album" even if you truly believe that it's the best thing since sliced bread, you should underplay it so when people go to listen to it expecting mediocrity, their heads explode and you look like a modest artist instead of a douchey pop star who expects everyone to love everything you do.
    don't forget my favorite: "it's our most heaviest but also our most melodic". Like wtf does that mean?!
    Good luck with that. I will personally eat my own hat if they can do better than Joshua Tree.
    Real fans of U2 don't waste any time arguing why they are legendary. They continue to amaze me and I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with something even better this year.
    Not a band per se I guess...the song "Appreciate" on the NEW McCartney was current, weird, melodic, interesting and overall an amazing track...as well as a lot of that cd....sometimes people miss greatness only to review it years later and go WOW...
    Best work ? They actually have good songs then ? The most boring rock band in history!
    Agreed. Never understood U2, they're the George Clooney of music, makes everything boring. Good news for the people who likes 'em I guess.
    "Hey, I know this band revolutionized their genre and everything, but I don't like them, so they must suck."
    They took live performance to a whole new level, everyone copies them now, if they can afford it. And U2 have more good songs than the whole metal genre .... clones
    Hopefully their new album will be good The Joshua Tree was an insanely good album
    They did something so different compared to the other bands (at the time) with the Edge adopting heavy delay and Bono using crystal clear soaring vocals. They were unreal live when I saw them here in Ottawa in 06? I believe. Good on them, hoping for the best.
    I think he's right. Can't think of any bands that are doing their best stuff after 20 years, never mind 30. Don't know why that should be. Surely they should become better at it with practise. Maybe bands start to overthink things, or don't need to think outside the box like they did when they had only 1 amp and 1 guitar to make all the sounds.
    I understand why some people like them, but seriously, they are just not my cup of tea; I find them boring and pretentious.
    U2 are one of the very few bands I just can't see the appeal of. Boring as all hell.
    That statement is categorically, objectively, and demonstably incorrect. I really wish artists were held accountable for statements like this. Like, when the band says "This new album is like a mix of and ", if a professional music theorist can show that it indeed is not, the artist in question should be fined like, 5 million dollars or something. Words should not be free.