UG Exclusive: GN'R Deny Ordering to Destroy 'WHERE'S IZZY' Sign: 'Izzy's Family!'

"GN'R would never make this request!"

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In an exclusive statement released to UG, Guns N' Roses vehemently denied ordering the venue security to seize and destroy a sign saying "WHERE'S IZZY" from a woman in attendance at the band's recent show in Nashville. TN.

The band's representative tells us: "GN'R would never make this request! Izzy is family!"

So it would seem that it was the venue security and stage staff who overreacted and ripped up that sign.

And yes, this is a lot of recent GN'R updates, but the darn things keep popping up; hopefully it'll tone down a bit and you folks won't get yer titties in too much of a twist.

Anyhow, as reported, the woman with a sign goes by the name of Caroline Campos, and she said about the whole situation: "Last night I had this 'Where's Izzy' sign. If you know about Guns N' Roses and you've seen the 'Don't Cry' music video, you get it. If not, it's a reference to Izzy Stradlin who left the band and is not currently touring with the other four original members.

"So when the original drummer Steven Adler came out to play his set, I held up my sign with cheers from most of the people in my section. Axl looked at my sign and started laughing and said 'That's a good question!' He seemed to appreciate the sign.

"I put the sign away during actual performances so I wouldn't block the people behind me, only held it up between songs when the lights came on.

"About 10 to 15 minutes later, while GnFnR was playing 'November Rain,' our section got swarmed by security AND stage crew (with headsets on). They went row by row asking 'Who has the sign?? Who has the 'Where's Izzy sign'?' Most everyone in my section acted like they had no idea. Eventually, they made it to the row behind me and saw the sign tucked under my chair.

"A guy in jeans and a black shirt tapped my shoulder and said 'Is that your sign? You need to give it to me.' I said 'Why? Who are you?' He showed a badge and said, 'I'm with the band and they've asked for the sign to be removed.'

"I said, 'We aren't allowed to have signs?? But I read that...' and he cut me off and said, 'You can't have THAT sign. Give it to me.' I gave it to him and he walked away folding and ripping it up.

"Axl Rose hasn't changed a bit!"

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    I knew Axl wasn't THAT much of a douchebag. If he hated it he would make it known the first time.
    And Izzy was the first original member to go back and play with Axl's GNR, several times. He was even in the DVD they shot in London. It's pretty obvious Axl doesn't have anything against Izzy to the point of asking for a sign to be seized.
    Reading how Axl responded to the sign, it seems the woman kept holding the sign up because she wasn't getting the "Axl Rose response" (A.K.A. him jumping in the public and punching a person and starting a riot after leaving the show). And then saying that Axl Rose hasn't changed a bit, seems like she is craving for attention. That being said I think Axl has changed for the better. He's put behind his quarrel with Slash, even performed with Steven Adler, and was so kind to do the AC/DC shows. He seems much more sympathetic than in the old days.
    Sometimes I believe this whole thing was planned. Axl being a douche, Slash and Duff leaving, waiting 20 years to create expectation, then reuniting, then Steven is back... Next thing they will start recording a new CD and Izzy will collaborate, and who knows, maybe tour with them. Everybody will lose their shit and that... THAT my friends would be the best marketing campaign in the history of rock n' roll. Or... everything we'd seen is just the plain true... Could be any of those.
    Aeolian Harmony
    Those are quite a few assumptions to make about her holding the sign up when a simpler one might be a better explanation: it's a little funny.
    Of course they are assumptions, I'm not going to deny that. But when she got a response from Axl, which was a kind and decent response in my opinion, why did she keep holding it up after that? Seems a bit provocative to me.
    About 10 to 15 minutes later So, she held it up between what, two more songs? So provocative!
    Shitty deal that security felt it was necessary to take away her sign. Considering Axl's recent extraordinary change of heart though, I can't imagine any small grudge he might have had with Izzy still stands. Hell Izzy was the only classic-era member Axl didn't hate at some point in the past. Although I have to say, I'd get a kick out of watching 2016 Axl try and jump in the crowd to angrily retrieve a sign.
    Stop the show! Hey, take sign! Take that! I'll get it myself, goddammit! Well, thanks to the lame ass security...I'm going home!
    Maybe next time, do some research before posting articles and wasting everyones time.
    Lmao take a look at the previous post about this, amazing how quickly people have their judgement ready. "Oh axl is such a dickhead". And now it seems nobody in GnR even ordered it.
    And now it's "this lady is a bitch". What can you say, people love to be judgmental.
    people shouldn't be allowed to have any kind of sign, flag, stick, or any shit that blocks other peoples view. period
    hey IRWIN NAVARRO....did your mom put the whiskey in the baby bottle or did she just just mix it in with the food when she actually remembered to feed you? calling women you dont know bitches, throwing the f bomb in every comment isnt classy.. so im just going to assume you were never taught manners growing up? HAVE SOME CLASS, AND WASH THAT NASTY MOUTH OF YOURS OUT WITH SOAP...since apparently no one was able to do that for you when your brain was developing...
    Alright guys let me put my 2 cents in on this. Now I didn't witness the security guys grab and rip up her sign, but I will describe a series of events that I witnessed at pretty much the time this was going on. At the exact time that she described as Steven was playing I personally watched Axl get thru with a verse run over to the drum riser in front of Slash's amps. He killed his Mic looked at his tent on the right side (audiences right) of the stage behind where Slash spends most of his time shreddin and started talkin into the mic while he was lookin at his entourage in front of his tent. Initially I thought he has noticed something going on thinking maybe he saw a fight and he was notifying his people to get security. Then just a couple minutes later a long haired pony tailed kid with a Guns shirt and earpiece came running over to our side of the stage. We were on the right side (once again our right) of the stage in front of Slash's furthest Wah Pedal. He jumped up on the barricade lookin out over the audience then jumped down and ran back to the center platform. He then comes running back over again looks back over the crowd then starts to turn back to the center stage when the security guard in front of us ask him whats going on. I hear the kid tell the security guy say someones got a sign. The security guy throws up his hands and says he hasn't seen any. They both look back over the crowd and the kid runs back to the center stage. The kid runs back a third time jumps back up on the barricade and then yells in his mic that their lookin at the wrong side of the stage and its on the right side of the stage he takes off runnin to the center stage again where he rounds the corner and I lose sight of him. (Common sense kicks in as to Axl and the band the right side is the audiences left side.) We never saw the security kid the rest of the night. Either way im callin BS on Axl not having the sign removed. The band put on a hell of a show and it was the best ive ever seen. Ill raise my hand to god in front of Axl on what I witnessed saw and heard. Im sure he has his reasons but if he is any kind of man he shouldn't have denied it. So that's what I witnessed and you could probably pull up footage of it on youtube and see him speak into his mic towards his tent at that time.
    I don't doubt you, but he'd already acknowledged the sign before even starting the first song with Steven. If she kept flashing it throughout the 2 songs with him, I can understand that response. Was it during Out ta Get Me or My Michelle?
    If memory serves me correct then it was the solo during Out ta get me. I don't have a problem with the sign being tore up on the orders from someone in the band (GnR Camp.) My problem is with Axl and the GnR Camp denying they had any part of it. Its fully within the camp's rights to do what they please, but don't deny what happened. The could have confirmed it and spun the story and made it seem like it was best for the concert goers behind her but no instead Axl orders a sign taken of a founding member then denies that anyone involved had anything to do with it. All to save face at the end of the day. He did the same shit with Slash Merch and signs at the concerts a decade ago.
    Irwin Navarro
    What this bitch did was rude to the band. When she paid tickets to see the show, she knew that the incarnation of GNR that she would be seeing is Axl/Slash/Richard/Duff/Frank. The whole "where's Izzy" sign is uncalled for, even if it's a reference to the Dont Cry music video.
    It's just a nostalgia thing / joke, nothing more. Just stop seeing evil everywhere. How is it supposed to be rude to the band ? Any GNR fan knows that Izzy is on good terms with everyone, Axl, Slash and Duff, they all played with Izzy in one way or another in the last 2 decades.
    Irwin Navarro
    it doesn't fucking matter whether Izzy is in good terms with them or not. What that lady did is simply uncalled for, regardless what her intentions were. I'm not going to go to a Metallica show and hold up a "where's Newsted" sign and expect them to be cool with it because it's "just a joke"/because Newsted is cool with them. What that lady did is simply not classy and very unethical, but that's just me
    unethical Unethical??? Holding up a "Where's Izzy?" sign, that obviously is based on the history of the band? Holy crap. How do you manage to get through your day?
    Irwin Navarro
    You know what, I'm not even gonna argue. Y'all believe what you want to believe. Bottomline, there's a reason why her Izzy sign was taken away from her.
    Except Metallica never created a "Where's Newstead?" joke THEMSELVES. That's like saying it's disrespectful to make a Spaghetti Incident joke even though they named a fucking ALBUM after it. You have got to be kidding...
    SO you mean, UG is provoking "exclusive statements to UG" by making up bullshit like "Axl ordered to destroy it". Great job, UG!