UG Readers React To Green Day 'Tre!'

The final entry to Green Day's album trilogy is a relatively weak effort according to UG readers, but only because the other entries were such a hit.

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UG readers have posted mixed reactions to the latest album in Green Day's new album trilogy, "Tre!".

It received an overall rating of only 6/10 in our official review.

Several readers were put off by the video for "The Forgotten" because it featured footage from the "Twilight" films. "Not that I'm anti-Twilight, but c'mon... Green Day and Twilight? Nah," said sharathkumar13.

Some said it wasn't a bad album, but remains the weakest effort in the trilogy. "Tre was probably my least favourite, but to be honest they did make a point that it wouldn't be as upbeat as the other two," said helltothee. "Some songs on here are good... but I probably won't listen to this over and over."

Perhaps JorickF put it best: "These albums aren't made to impress critics or to attract new fans. They're made for the people who like Green Day already, giving them a lot of [new] material. Listen to what you like, ignore the rest."

Green Day recently posted the entire "Tre!" album for streaming. Meanwhile, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has put his $1.9 million beach property up for sale as he deals with addiction in rehab.

See the video for the Green Day song "The Forgotten" here:

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What did you think of the closing chapter of their "Uno! Dos! Tre!" album trilogy? Let us know in the comments.

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    They very well could have pick 4 or 5 songs from each album and made one great album.
    i think that was the point of all this..... everyone would put different songs.....
    hmmmm..... two dislikes... im still wondering what i did wrong..... oh yeah, assuming that everyone have their own opinion... i forgot im on the internet
    Strummerboy Leo
    why is this a news story at all, let alone a top news story? It's literally just quotes from the comment section of a previous article.
    It's interesting how divided the opinion on this trilogy is, among people that I've talked to, at least. Pretty equal amounts claiming each one as their favorite, there doesn't seem to be a standout.
    Personally Uno was my favorite, with Tre being my second favorite, and I liked Dos the least, they were all great, don't get me wrong. But that's just my opinion.
    I pretty much agree with you. I'm still not sure if I like Uno or Tre more, but Dos is definitely the weakest of the bunch for me. I appreciate the sound on it, but I feel like the songwriting is lacking, more so than on the other two.
    I agree with Dos being the weakest, even though Stray Heart is my favorite song of the entire trilogy
    on the contrary, my list is yours reversed. Dos was much stronger than the rest, and "Lazy Bones" is my favorite song out of the entire trilogy, second being "Makeout Party". Uno was disappointing for me. "Oh Love" just kills me a little inside.
    Agreed. Uno had a few decent ("Nuclear Family", "Kill the DJ", "Let Yourself Go") songs, but some really bad ones ("Troublemaker", "Rusty James" ["Scattered" was great the first time, though....] , "Oh Love"). Dos I think was nearly-all pretty good, save "Wild One". I loved "Makeout Party", "Baby Eyes", and "Wow! That's Loud" Tre is certainly my least favorite. Honestly, I did not care for nearly all of the songs. However, "8th Avenue Serenade" could be my favorite from the trilogy..."Sex, Drugs & Violence" was good too, and "99 Revolutions" was okay. The rest really did not click with me at all. I think what bugs me most about each of these albums is that there are so many songs that sound way too similar to older Green Day songs. Specifically, "Rusty James" from Uno - "Scattered" is one of my favorites, but.... tl;dr - For me: Dos > Uno >>> Tre
    I still think that it would have been a better idea to listen to all three albums, pick out the best 12-15 songs, and release an incredible album. There are a LOT of great songs on these three albums, it's just not really worth wading through 15 songs of filler to get to 15 good songs.
    Song is a bit boring, but not bad. Greenday fans are just whining Btw, Kristen Stewart isn't to bad to look at in a videoclip
    I haven't heard all the songs, but I absolutely loved X-Kid. It's like a classic Green Day. Nobody better give me shit for what I've just said. I have my own opinion!
    The whole trilogy seems weak to me. Not really a Green Day fan admittedly but it still seems a lack luster effort on their part.
    Any time a double album (or in this case triple album) is released, everyone always thinks it would have been better as one album. It'll be a few years before we can really determine how good or bad these albums are.
    My opinion is already in your review of the album UG... If I had to review your reviewers, they would get a lower score then they gave the trilogy.
    "Here's what UG readers thought of the album. Now we want to know what the UG readers think about Tue album." WTF? I liked Dos the best even though everyone here liked it the least. I really wasn't very impressed by the trilogy. I like Green Day but there were a lot of songs that seemed.....just kind of odd. It's liked they tried to go back to there punk-ier sound but forgot how so we just ended up with a lot of punk/recent-green-day hybrids. I still liked a handful of songs but imo a lot of them were forgettable. And with that I have made my opening statement null. Dammit.
    i've never been a Green Day fan.. 'cause i love megadeth, arch enemy, angra ands stuff like that, but when i heard about this trilogy I said.. that sounds really epic, i'll take a listen... and as a musician let me tell you that I really really enjoy the trilogy, i bought the first two already and pre-order Tr!... and i love them.. really love them.. why? i don't know but i love the sound, the mix, the songs, everything.. it's just really great!
    There isn't a huge radio hit on these albums but each one was really solid. If I had to put them in order I'd say, Dos, Uno, Tre.
    I mean, it had the least effort put into it but somehow it's still the best album! Mainly cause of Dirty Rotten Bastards and Missing You, ad Brutal love and others
    Dos was the only album of the three that I could stand to listen to and even then, there were things I couldn't stand about it. I don't really know what I didn't like about it, but I just couldn't get into this trilogy.
    As a Green Day fan, I was disappointed with all three albums. None of them seemed to have the spark of previous albums like American Idiot, Insomniac and Nimrod. I personally feel they made too much. They should have perfected the best songs from all the albums and made one album. They bit off more than they could chew in my opinion.
    Zzzzzz why release 3 albums, and not just 1 big album "LIKE THEY USED TO WAAAA *listens to dookie*" etc, a few bands I know of seem to do "Volume I,II,III.." you get the idea with 1-2 good songs, probably encourages more downloading than spending 25
    Fuck nows what happened to green day. They used to be good. "These albums aren't made to impress critics or to attract new fans. They're made for the people who like Green Day already, giving them a lot of [new] material. Listen to what you like, ignore the rest." Agreed
    You can't help but feel this is why double albums usually have some filler and that if somethings were removed you would have an overall stronger album. This trio is flawed, but I won't go out and say that they are bad albums, but 2012 has been a pretty disappointing year in music. Unless there's been some brilliant album released that I can't remember.
    Extremely hit or miss... they def went with a focus on quantity for this one which makes sense considering the band usually bangs out short, fast songs like a walk in the park... but this has to be the weakest effort they've produced (I didn't like 21st century breakdown, but it had some interesting moments and a few good tracks). What I liked about Green Day in the past is that their "filler" songs were pretty good. Some of my favorite songs of theres are tracks like "Chump" or "Haushinka." I hate to do the cliche of "they were good in the 90s and not anymore!" but this latest effort isn't my cup of tea. FWIW, I liked American Idiot...
    its a nice catchy song who cares if its from a movie people dont like im not a fan of twilight but its about the music not the movie
    I was at the show where Billy falls into the crowd around 3:45...epic show! as for the albums, I think they're all great. the middle of the three lacks some "green day" feel, but I'm not too sure. I think it's great that the band pulled this off
    I mean, I just don't get all the hate for the trilogy, it seems like exactly what Green Day wanted it to be. They are a collection of great power pop tunes. It feels like everybody is holding them to their punk standards of dookie.
    anvil is god
    Album eats cock
    Wow. Anvil is god? Anvil f**king sucks. You really wanna dis Green Day? I'll get all up in you bitch! JK But seriously. Don't dis Green Day or I'll kick your f**king ass. Good day. I said good day!
    anvil is god
    I regret my username, but I also genuinely hate this album. Go listen to Swans or something.
    Anvil is a hugely influential band. I love Green Day but is there really any reason to hate on Anvil??
    I like Green Day and Tre is an alright album in my opinion, but come on, give anvil is god the freedom to state his opinion without hate.
    Somewhat shocked anyone expected anything good from the Green Day camp...
    I guess Dookie and American Idiot was shit, too. I guess it wasn't good that they sold 65,000,000 albums and counting. I guess they haven't won Grammies and multiple awards. I guess they aren't the, quote, 'Kings of Punk'. I guess they aren't the only Punk band to sell millions of records. But you know what the cool thing is? They don't give a shit what you think? Anyone for that matter.
    What would make it even more punk, is if you didn't let CoolMcAwesome's post rattle you. Grammy notification and selling millions of albums doesn't necessarily mean anything.If anything it means they transcended into mainstream success. How punk is that to you?
    Dookie was good, true. Hell even Insomniac and Nimrod were ok. After that they stopped making music worth listening to. Green Day isn't punk, and if you think they are, then you clearly misunderstand what punk is. They are clearly a pop-rock band now (strong emphasis on POP). A pop-rock band that spews out boring songs. Selling a lot of albums doesn't make you a good band/performer - William Hung is clear evidence of this. The Grammies are popularity contest, not a talent contest, cause if it were, they would never win. I didn't expect the band to give a **** about me, just like I don't expect good music from them anymore (that hope died over 15 years ago)
    Did anyone else die a little inside when they heard "Nightlife" on Dos?
    Greg A.
    You know what...I'm sick and tired of every single one of you who does nothing but bitch and whine about what Green Day does, or does not do nowadays. They have nothing to prove anymore. Therefore, they answer to no one, let alone to you. And the funniest thing of all, is that most of you are NOT even musicians. They ain't where they at by chance, I can tell you that. I'd like to see YOU do it better! A true artist can do nothing but, evolve! And that's exactly what they did with this trilogy. Mission accomplished! If you could just quit being biased, stop thinking about what they did in the past and take it for what it actually is, you would simply realize that it's quite an artistic and bold move on their behalf - not to mention creative! Nothing more, nothing less...something most modern rock bands (if not all) don't even have the guts to do anymore. That being said, they deserve a lot of respect and a big round of applause! Great gift to all their fans by the way...
    Most of us aren't musicians? Why the hell are we on a guitar website that posts tabs, gear reviews, etc?
    Greg A.
    Okay...So outta all that, that's what caught your attention? Jesus! For your information, I meant REAL musicians! In the sense that most of these guys are either beginners or amateurs, not professionals nor good at what they do for that manner. That's why I emphasized "NOT"...
    I don't get why that means people can't post their opinion. For the record regarding my own criticism - I'm in a band, I'm a paid musician, I play live about once every one to two weeks, I like Green Day, I just don't really like this trilogy.
    plenty of professional musicians use this site as well. I know for a fact Paul Phillips does. So before spewing shit about how none of us are real musicians, maybe you should do some research. There are plenty of gigging musicians in the world who aren't "successful" on Green Day's level that I would consider to be professional musicians. For example, Phil X. On that note, Evolution isn't always a good thing and just because you can do something, doesn't always mean that you should. Geoff Tate is a perfect example of that, having drove Queensryche into the ground and his latest solo effort was terrible. When I put out an album, I would want it to be something I'm proud of and something that I think people would want to hear. Putting something out just because your bank account is a little lower than you'd like it to be isn't what I would call evolution. There is no excuse for putting out something lackluster. It comes down to reaction of the customer. An album will be received or it wont. They've experimented and evolved before and it worked for them. This trilogy, however, however was really half assed at best, in my opinion. It makes no difference to me if you agree or not. Personally, I'd like to see you take your own advice. Why don't YOU do it better? After all, I'm sure you're probably not one of those "real musicians".
    Greg A.
    OK. Here we go again...First of all, you better go get your eyes checked mister! I never said NONE, I said MOST. Secondly, by mentioning "I'd like to see YOU do it better", I was not giving advice! My advice was to be more open-minded and stop being prejudiced. And by the way...I never said that I could anyway! But from the likes of it, I certainly could do it better than you, anytime my friend! Because judging from your reaction, you certainly aren't one of 'them'. Oh, and if you like, I could easily prove it to you...
    Wow, so they're making an article about a review that they posted. Slow news day aye.
    How the **** is this even news? Will UG be posting reader reactions to every new album now?
    Sorry, but I'm too busy laughing at the terrible Twilight CGI to really have a thought either way about the song, which... Actually doesn't make a good first impression. But yeah, if this is any indication of the Tre/s! album, then... Glad I've managed to miss All of it so far.
    It was definitely the worst of the three, but none of them were particularly good on their own: they all seemed rather unbalanced. However, when you look at all three as one unit it seems to balance out and the songs compliment each other al lot more than they do on the individual albums.
    I thought they were average to mediocre records. There wasn't really that sort of Green Day "classic"; I mean even less popular albums had that one awesome hit. These don't even have that
    uno was the best in my opinion, but i also think these three albums were a disappointment to me, i expected so much better....
    The Spoon
    I laughed pretty hard at an article containing quotes almost entirely from comments in another article.
    Green day kicks ass. All of the albums have kicked ass. That is all.
    Its too bad they lost their punk edge after Insomniac. Most of you people probably weren't even born then. I used to run one of the most popular green day fan sites in the 90's so I'm not just BSin' you. Great band until they started writing radio music etc. After that point they lost a lot of fans and attracted a whole different crowd. Just a comment, I dont mean anything negative, just not into this experimental stuff.
    Whoa now, nimrod. I think had a bit of great punk. "Take Back" was I think the grimiest song they've done. "The Grouch" and "Platypus (I Hate You)" were great, too. But I see what you're saying; I have some friends that feel similarly.
    I can't believe the gold medal comment has been removed. It was hilarious!
    It should be "Tres" not "Tre", unless they deliberately changed from one and two in Spanish to three in Italian.
    The drummer, who is on the cover, is Tre Cool! That's where they got their album's name!