UK Government to Legalize CD and DVD Ripping Starting June 1

Copying of content you don't legally own still declared as illegal, of course.

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As a part of the new government legislation, CD and DVD ripping will be legalized in the UK starting June 1.

The bill comes with the goal of updating copyright laws for the digital age and will no longer make it illegal to copy music, e-books or films you have purchased from one device to another for personal use.

As expected, it will still be illegal to copy content you do not legally own, Digital Spy reports.

"The changes make small but important reforms to UK copyright law and aim to end the current situation where minor and reasonable acts of copying which benefit consumers, society and the economy are unlawful," UK Intellectual Property Office statement reads. "They also remove a range of unnecessary rules and regulations from the statute book in line with the government's aim to reduce regulation."

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    Wait, that was illegal? God only knows how much of my iPod has been breaking the law then.
    Yep, the RIAA also claimed that this was copyright infringement. Which is completely insane.... Not sure if they have changed their tune or not
    That's like saying I should buy a new album for every CD player or stereo I own because it is illegal to play the disc in more than one device. Just insane.
    Seems like a few UK politics came to Chile. Here it´s been that way ever since I can remember lol Though the difference here is that you don´t only use copies for personal uses, you can share them with friends as long as you don´t make businesses with the copies.
    I sure hope this ain't a joke because I'm a Finn and we've had this law for 30 years.