Ultimate Guitar Presents Tab Pro App For iPhone

artist: Ultimate Guitar Tabs date: 09/30/2011 category: music news

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Ultimate Guitar Presents Tab Pro App For iPhone
As the go-to site for guitar, bass, and drums tablature, Ultimate-Guitar.com knows that a mobile app is an essential element to taking your playing to the next level and is ready to supply the necessary tools for practicing whether you're relaxing in your living room or a thousand miles from home. Following the release of one of the most popular music applications in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, we are happy to present you an application, which sets a new standard for reading tablature Tab Pro. The Tab Pro app, currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch, allows you to have full playback options and audio mix control for over 10,000 pieces of tablature. This new iOS app not only gives you access to UG's extensive musical catalog, it also provides a variety of new tools and methods that will make learning your favorite Metallica song more manageable than ever before. The Tab Pro builds upon the traditional tab format, but also offers you various playback and display options to match your skill level. A full list of the latest mobile options will be announced closer to Tab Pro's big official launch next month, but few of the features include:
  • Solo and mute options, which enable users to find the perfect audio mix to meet their playback needs. Whether you prefer to hear all lead guitar or let rhythm control take the reins, the control is in your hands.
  • An easy-to-read fretboard display for those who prefer to see where notes are placed on the neck. In this format, each of the fret tags is numbered accordingly.
  • An option to keep your most prized song list only a few clicks away. The Favorites options logs your most cherished tunes in one specific area so they'll be ready to go for your next practice session. You can be first to get your hands on the Tab Pro application, available on the App Store for $3.99, by following this link.
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