Users Skipping a Quarter of Spotify Songs During First 5 Seconds, Research Finds

The findings are the result of research carried out by music-map maker the Echo Nest.

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It has been revealed that a quarter of the songs listened to on Spotify are skipped within the first five seconds of being played, Gigwise is reporting.

The findings are the result of research carried out by music-map maker the Echo Nest, who have published a series of graphs that shed light on the listening habits of users of the music streaming service.

Paul Lamere of the Echo Nest had the following to say about the findings:

"This is my first deep dive into Spotify data. When we are more engaged with our music, we skip more, and when music is in the background such as when we are working or relaxing, we skip less.

"When we have more free time, such as when we are young, or on the weekends, or home after a day of work, we skip more ... [But] on average, we skip nearly every other song that we play."

You can check out the graphs below:

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    I do this too. Sometimes I want to listen to a particular Gojira song, sometimes I don't. I wonder what they spent on this fascinating research.
    I use Spotify as its a great way to hear the album before you part with your cash, this may explain the skipping also!
    this could actually be useful for spotify. I don't know how all the legal stuff works with spotify and record labels/artists, but let's say if they have to pay royalties on a song even if it gets skipped within 5 seconds they are losing money essentially, they could then use this data to renegotiate contracts with them to save money which might bring down subscription fees? who knows? either way its unsurprising and logical that if you have spare time you're more likely to skip songs, but the actual figure itself is quite interesting, to me atleast.
    Legend Jedicsc
    Actually Spotify has to pay for each spin, and it only counts as spin if they listen to it for atleast 30 seconds
    I am a culprit unfortunately... I mostly just skip the songs really quickly because I put it on Metal and Nickelback comes up... BLASPHEMY!
    Most of the time I just search for an album, hear it in it's entirety and then just pick another one. But I use Google Music All Access. I think it would be pretty interesting to see this study applied to different streaming-services.
    m4ss3 m/
    I have started to listen pretty much just full albums instead of random songs so I don't do this very often.