Van Halen Cover Band Offer To Finish Tour

artist: Van Halen date: 05/21/2012 category: music news
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Van Halen Cover Band Offer To Finish Tour
Van Halen may have postponed 31 dates of their epic reunion tour, but now a tribute band have offered to cover the dates to keep fans happy. In a Facebook post (via Ultimate Classic Rock), which has since been removed, Van Halen Army wrote: "Just heard the real Van Halen is a little tired and burnt out and are gonna postpone some shows. [We] would love to fill in any of their dates until the real guys are re-charged and ready to kick some a-s like they do! Call us Eddie, we'd love to help." Rolling Stone had previously quoted an insider who said the real Van Halen "hate each other", and their arguing may have led to the cancellation of these dates. The band went on to argue the definition of "cancelled" in a short statement on their website: "These dates have been postponed, not cancelled. Several shows on their 2007-2008 tour were postponed as well, and all were ultimately rescheduled." Now frontman David Lee Roth has taken it upon himself to tell the world that everything is rosy in the Van Halen tour camp. In the video below, Roth explains that "As always, we've bitten off more than we can chew when it comes to scheduling. The band is winning, but the schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness," he said. "If we continue past July 4th and all the way into Australia and Japan, then we're asking for the robot zombie tour." Check out the video for Roth's hilarious robot impression:
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