Van Halen Hint At New Tour?

Does this online hint prove that the band are about to book a new world tour now that Eddie Van Halen has recovered from his "exploded" intestine?

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Van Halen are rumored to be preparing to head back on tour, after the sudden cancellation of all forthcoming dates in July.

At the time, rumors of internal arguments were rife. They claimed the cancellations were because they "bit off more than we can chew."

Ironically, Eddie Van Halen soon faced an internal battle of his own. In July he started a spicy detox diet of cayenne pepper, fruit and maple syrup, which allegedly caused his intestines to "explode", putting their tour plans back on hold while he spent six month recovering.

The new tour rumors are based on an image posted by singer David Lee Roth, though we can't seem to find it. The Pulse Of Radio (via Blabbermouth) say the image of Roth and his sheepdog by a sports arena, with the caption "Start spreading the" is a sign of a new tour.

Nope, we don't understand either.

However, the band did say they'd prepare a tour after Eddie Van Halen has spent six months recovering, so the timing is right, and they've already booked three dates for this summer. It looks like the wheels are in motion.

Were you affected by the cancelled dates in 2012? Will you attend any new shows this year? Let us know in the comments.

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    When I saw them last year, the video of him and his sheepdogs was about the stupidest thing I've ever seen at a concert.
    Yeah I didn't understand that either. But I guess most would say that's Dave being Dave.
    Do Re Mi
    Hahahaha yes, I remember this. It was very odd. The crowd didn't really know how to react. I felt like I was at a relative's house being forcibly shown home movies.
    I know what you mean, it was just a really strange, off-topic transition into Ice Cream Man.
    I saw them 3 times in '78 when the 1st album was released. I saw them again last year and they do not miss a beat and Eddies kid can sing all of Mike Anthony's parts perfectly and he can play as well.....go see them if you get the will not be dissapointed....
    Europe? Please?
    I would be shocked if they never hit Europe on this tour. After all, they haven't played there since probably 1984 with Roth. Basically they owe it to their fans. But of course Van Halen is known to disappoint fans.
    Big time Van Halen fan. Saw them last year coming to the bay area. Was HORRIBLY disappointed. No stage presence and it sounded terrible. David Lee Wroths voice is shot.
    We all know how the last tour turned out.. I saw them back in 2007, and I think that's about as good as it's gonna get.
    Yeah, it was a time-waste. But the stupidest thing I've ever seen at a concert is a Lars Ulrich drum solo.
    not going to waste my time on these guys! im over it ! thanks for the memories VH of old. but it's not worth the pain of seeing or hearing it now! i prefer to remember them how i found them badass! instead of just bad .... dave cant sing it like he did micheal anthony isnt there with his incredible backup vocals, and if you ask me thats what makes the songs perfect! and eddie just doesn't seem to dazzle me with his guitar work anymore.
    I think you are giving Michael Anthony too much credit, its Eddie's awesome guitar plying & Alex's splendid drumming that make the songs perfect, Dave & Wolfgang just add the luxury to the mix - Eddie's playing never gets old!
    i'm optimistic. i reckon they've only got leaner and meaner in the time they've had off. i'f i'd messud up a comeback that badly, i know i wouldn't chance it again without being seriously prepared. someone teach Roth how to shriek again!
    They should tour in overseas. It's too early to tour the states after canceling.
    Can't they just use a hologram of Dave circa 1978 for the live shows? Dave could hang out backstage and tell the groupies he's with the band.
    Oh so Van Halen is only touring during the summer, I see what they did there, miss out on performing in any shitty climates. Guess that happens when you get old. Also if his intestines exploded it would take a lot longer then 6 months to heal, since he would be using a colostomy bag for a minimum of 6 months. If you don't know what it is just google it and you will be horrified, brings a whole new meaning to shitting in a bag.
    Pink Led Rush
    Fortunately they attended the date near me, unfortunately I didn't make it, so hoping they come back, but highly doubt they will
    Saw them in February 2012 on the opening date of the tour and it was killer! Glad to see that they may be getting back out.