Van Halen Nominated For People's Choice Award

They will compete with Green Day, Linkin Park, The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons and more in the "Favorite Band" category.

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Van Halen have been added to the list of nominees for the 2013 People's Choice Awards.

They will compete with the likes of Green Day, Linkin Park, The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons in the "Favorite Band" category.

The People's Choice awards is the only major ceremony to rely on fan votes to award artists in the field of music, movies and TV. You can place your votes over on the People's Choice website.

Van Halen are currently out of action while Eddie Van Halen is recovering from his brush with death in September. He had been experimenting with a spicy Cayenne-based diet which promises fast weight-loss, but it almost killed him when it reacted badly in his intestines. One source described it as "an explosion in his intestines."

At the time, the band estimated that he would take at least six months to fully recover.

Meanwhile, his son Wolfgang recently bumped into pop group One Direction, but found their attitude offensive.

"Fun fact: Was just insulted by that sh--ty boy band OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! No joke. That ACTUALLY happened," he tweeted. "They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in One Direction."

Who will you nominate in the People's Choice awards? Let us know in the comments.

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    I really hope Van Halen wins. They've been one of my favorite bands for years, and it made me melt with happiness when I first learned that they were reuniting with David Lee Roth. With their new album, they deserve to win some kind of award.
    As much as I love Van Halen, I'd go with Black Keys here. I take "El Camino" over "A Different Kind of Truth" any day of the week.
    People are really classifying The Black Keys as "hipster garbage" around here? Come on guys, you're betten than this.
    idk the black keys but i do know hipster. if the black keys are indeed hipster, then they indeed are garbage. and when compared to VH, even shitty eras of VH, they are very much out-ranked. but like i said, idk the black keys. this all assuming they are hipster.
    Their drummer wears one of those big hipster eyeglasses and talks shit about everybody and everything, which pretty much makes people assume they're hipsters, lol. But they're actually a great blues rock duo and they've been also helping to develop their scene in the last years...
    No, just no. They are not a good blues rock band. I mean, why would you listen to their sludge when you could hear, Clapton, Beck, Jimi, Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or the blessed sound of silence instead. See where I'm going with this?
    So, I can't appreciate a band because there is/was other bands around who founded the genre or are doing the same thing? Great logic... Actually, I also take them over Clapton any day. Feel free to shoot me.
    taking TBK over Clapton any day is a bit of a stretch....but whatever thats your opinion.
    black keys is kind of a white stripes plaigiarism if you ask me, VH revolutionized rock
    You said they were "developing their scene" they are NOT developing the blues rock scene. They are developing the lame, hipster, retro, throwback, oh my god we're so, like, deep scene. So yeah, I "fail to appreciate them"
    Funny thing, have you ever listened to Radio Moscow? That shit is heavy like a ton of bricks and you could easily say it was a Led Zeppelin song if you were not told. They're actually praised by many old school blues rock fans. Does it help you that the band members does not look like hipsters?
    Well, The Black Keys found them and so far have produced their 3 studio albums and supported their tours. Don't listen to music with your eyes, man.
    Yeah man, to tell you the truth that vocal echo effect that they use all the time is the most annoying thing about them to me. I was listening to this and thinking the riff was pretty heavy, but then the vocals kicked in and I was done. It makes sense that the Keyes would have produced the album as the effects on the vocals kind of ruin it. Also, Gene Simmons discovered EVH and that doesn't make KISS music any better. (God Gave Rock and Roll to You excepted, I like that song)
    Also, as much as I am mistreating one of your pet bands, I usually agree with your comments. Please don't take it too personally or anything. I know I come across kind of aggressive.
    I know, it does not makes it better or anything (I find TBK slightly better), I'm just sayin' they actually help their scene by doing stuff like that. Just like Kiss did with VH and possibly many other bands back in the day. And nah, I'm not the kind that goes mental over bands or anything, I just had a really shitty day, so my bad if anything.
    Ha, me too bro. Got like three projects and a test in the next few days. And I hate hipsters with all my EVH loving heart so I like to make fun of the Keyes any chance anyone gives me. No (serious) offense meant, none taken.
    not a fan of hipster garbage? just stick to your crappy 80's band attempting to hold on to some relevance, Van Halen is SEVERELY overrated
    Van Halen is not "a 80's band", they actually became a success in the 70's. You don't seem to have a clue of what you're talking about.
    Do you know how stupid you sound? Van Halen deserves to be overrated. They were innovators. No other band at the time sounded like that nor has anything else since. No talking about Different Kind of Truth. The album was ok, loved Big River and Bullethead. But they're older stuff is a lot better. Quit judging songs from singles and listen to the entire ****ing albums.
    That's very nice but there's no way they can win people's choice, they're too old
    You mean they're too talented and not crappy enough to compete with hipster garbage, wannabe punks, and pop groups?
    No, I just mean newer groups (which are good too) are more likely to be voted
    Exactly which one of these "new groups" is (good too)?
    But Green Day is also an old band. Van Halen came about 10 years earlier, which isn' t too much of a difference. It seems like a big difference because Green Day still act like manchildren. I'm not interested at all in any bands here but if I would vote, it'd be Van Halen.
    Green Day, Linkin Park, The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, and Van Halen? ....Not sure if taking over modern radio or just suck as bad...
    You just love that 1D Wolfgang exchange, except it was the worst comeback of all time. Peoples choice as opposed to the animals choice??
    i love what van halen was..... but this is really odd??? they aren't relevant anymore a different kind of truth is horrible IMHO and they just have not been able to keep it together for several years! always hiring and firing members with some kind of drama or another a'la guns n roses no thank you.. I am done wasting my time on bands that are clearly in it for the money. the fans deserve more for their money! there are alot of hard working bands out there that are more deserving than anyone on this list!
    like Todd replied I'm taken by surprise that anybody able to make $4399 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this webpage
    Cayenne-based diet 1. The beverage itself is composed of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and ground cayenne pepper( that would make me sick) 2. fasting for a week nothing but the The beverage People's Choice Award for dumbass gos to Eddie Van Halen
    Nobody commenting on this article knows what the **** they're talking about. Every comment I've read is more ignorant than the one before it. I love The Black Keys, Van Halen, and Mumford and Sons, all in different ways and I hate Linkin Park and Green Day, but I don't shit on people for hating them. Act like adults here. Did you know people are allowed to like music that you don't? SHOCKER, I know.
    rhcp should be nominated. their tour has been fantastic. I loved austin city limits festival because of them
    Van Halen or the Black Keys sounds pretty good. I didn't like VH's new album to much but at least there still trying to put good music out. As for the Black Keys there not hipster whatsover. There two talented musicians and I'm sure Van Halen would agree.
    Van Halen easily has my vote, even though the new album is not as great as their debut or 1984 in my opinion. However, I do like the Black Keys, partially because they're from my hometown. I also like the blues rock stuff that they've done, but El Camino was not a good example of that at all. So I don't know if either of them have really made an awesome showing this year.