Van Halen To Tour Next Summer

Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson has revealed that Van Halen is currently writing and rehearsing for a summer 2007 tour.

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Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson Janie Liszewski has revealed that Van Halen is currently writing and rehearsing for a summer 2007 tour, according to G4's TheFeed. In addition, Liszewski has confirmed that Eddie's son Wolfgang has officially been named the new bassist in the band.

"Yes, I can confirm this story in the respect of Wolfgang being the new bass player for the band and yes he has been in the studio with his dad and uncle rehearsing and writing for an upcoming summer 2007 tour," Liszewski exclusively told TheFeed about the article that was first posted on last week. "Wolfgang most certainly has inherited the Van Halen musical genius gene. At 15 years of age his knowledge, understanding, skill, and command of multiple instruments is impressive."

When asked about the rumor that the Van Halen boys will enlist original VH singer David Lee Roth into the fold for this tour, Liszewski said, "There has been no confirmation that David Lee Roth will be touring this coming summer."

Liszewski also confirmed what Eddie announced on "The Howard Stern Show" in September that Michael Anthony is definitely no longer in Van Halen.

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    eddie van halen is a great guitar player but he is also the world's most arrogant person
    E V H 5150
    I guess that my promise to burn all my Van Halen memorobilia (including my striped Strat) if this tour didn't happen is looking less likely to happen. It's still pretty sad that Mike left to be replaced by a 15-year-old. But I'd like to meet Wolfgang. But if I was to get a CD signed, it would just be Eddie, Alex and Dave (if he tours with them). Otherwise, it would just have to be EVH and AVH.
    GnRrelease_it wrote: "Wolfgang Van Halen." coolest name in the world.
    I agree lol...awesome name!!!!!1
    I saw them live twice, both with Sammy at the mic,if your going to expect a great show,sorry...the actual show itself I thought was quite boring...Papa Roach put on a better show.Best thing about VanHalen is the awesome sound and I guess in the end ,thats what its really all about.
    I sure hope that they come to Philidelphia. I'd probably get a couple of picks signed, and maybe a shirt and/or poster, though.
    If they don't use Sammy or Dave, they shouldn't call themselves Van Halen (Although the name fits). They should call themselves The VanHalens or somthing. Van Halen involves Michael Anthony and Sammy and/or Dave.
    Commin to the UK as well? Scotland! please!!!!! I Beg of you!!! Steve Vai came here, man that was awsome.. anyway Van Halen better!!
    Meh, they should tour the world. They would probably sell out easily, and VH are an ultimate band
    yea like potatoes rock said plz plz come 2 n ireland even tho i cant c it happenin lol!
    Life Wasted
    marvelboy_04 wrote: if david lee roth doesnt do it, wholl sing?
    Justin Hawkins.....JK
    Haha, I was thinking of really crappy singers they might choose for the tour... Tom Delonge....HA! I can see them doin it (I mean...Sammy hagar...Gary? Ick), but for the love of all things that are holy, I hope they don't
    oo that'd be brilliant if they came to scotland! like, out of this world, it'd be weird seeing a 15 year old kid on stage with them
    I hope they'll come to Finland... I have to see Van Halen live atleast once in my lifetime
    nice so this is pretty much they hey we need more money tour..... what a ****in joke. i saw them in 2004 with sammy eddie plays the guitar like amother ****er but he dosent put any thing in to it same as alex... the 2 guys that made that a real show something fun to watch was Mike and Sammy.... so idk ill most likely go but i think its a shame that they need money that bad
    i agree. if im gonna pay to go see halen i want to see the real halen. not an old tired band with a 15 year old bass player.
    Life Wasted wrote: Justin Hawkins.....JK
    lmao That would be awesome though. I've never liked any of Van Halen's singers, but I would mind seeing Justin Hawkins fronting the band.