Van Halen Working on New Music, Album Tentatively Due in 2015

New record to drop in about 18 months, David Lee Roth confirms.

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Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth recently confirmed that the band's new album is officially in the works. Although the process will take a bit longer, the singer expressed hope for the record to drop in about 18 months. Chatting with Jim Florentine of "That Metal Show," Roth commented: "I was up at Edward's house, maybe three days ago - just before I came here to the city - and we're starting to put music together. Not to give away exactly what the package will be, it's gonna be about 18 months, I think." The singer elaborated further, "We start way, way, way in advance, 'cause we are eminently art-centric, which is a really fancy way of saying we really do generate all the artwork, the graphics, etc. We don't hire out and have somebody design a bunch of album covers for us and then choose ... we start from scratch ourselves. Same thing with the merchandise - if you buy a t-shirt, that was designed, literally, in my living room." Confirming the same perfectionist approach for everything regarding Van Halen, David concluded: "So if you really want to generate the ideas from scratch and bring them all the way to the finish, you're gonna have to learn a few other languages, and you're gonna have to speak those over a lot of extra phone calls. And that's usually the break point for most artists." Going back to new music, the vocalist added: "Oh, yeah, we're writing ... I write lyrics routinely. It's a perishable skill. And the band plays together routinely, at least three times a week. They're up at Ed's place, routinely." The latest Van Halen studio effort, "A Different Kind of Truth," saw its release in February 2012 via Interscope Records.

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    Hope the tour will be better than the last, if they have a tour to support the album. VAN HALEN
    cool, this time make sure it's not shit. my mum's loofahs rocked harder than their last album
    I respect Van Halen for what they did back in the day. Their influence is undeniable. Eddie is a kick-ass guitarist. However, they are the epitome of a band that needs to pack it in. Their last album was subpar; they couldn't make it through a whole tour. I think there is a finite amount of money in the music industry pie (and that pie seems to shrink all the time). Van Halen have used their piece. They need to step aside so the focus can shift to new, upcoming bands (yes, there are good new bands out there, despite claims that all new music is garbage) and those finite resources can be used to develop those bands. But, what do I know?
    Guy why would Van Halen ever stop making music? Its what they do. They should quit to let other bands have a chance? If these upcoming bands are any good they'll get their shot just like VH did 30 years ago, and if these bands are truly any good they too will be around 30 years from now.
    I agree with you: making music is what they do. I think you could compare it to a specialized surgeon, say. In his prime, he was healing people like a mother. Now, he's 70 years old. His eyesight is failing, his hands shake, etc. Even if he was the man in the day, if he performs one surgery that goes bad, that's what he'll be remembered for, not all the great stuff he did previous to. Granted, if a surgeon screws up, someone's life is at risk. If Van Halen put out an album that doesn't meet the standards of their earlier work, no one is going to get hurt. Its about legacy protection I think. Also, there are other ways Van Halen can still be involved - production, mentoring, etc. The music industry has changed completely from 30 years ago. No doubt Van Halen fought it out back in the day to get to where they are. Nowadays, its completely different. I think deserving bands have to fight a lot harder and get a lot luckier to make it big. When you consider Van Halen's last single, Tatoo, I think the only reason it got radio play was because it was Van Halen. If an unknown band had put out that song, it would have never seen the attention it got. That's where the problem is, in my opinion. You get bands that get attention because of the music they made in the past, not because of the music they're making now. That takes the attention and finite resources away from bands that are making attention-worthy music now.
    I stopped reading as soon as you made the surgeon comparison. Sorry, but no, just no.
    And like BlackLabel5150 said, if these bands are good at all, they'll have their shot. That's not how the music business works. You don't just step aside and let others step in the spotlight and compromise your career.
    You know why they couldn't make it through the tour? Cause Ed got diverticulitis. Pretty sure that can happen to anyone. It wasn't really in his control, and I'm pretty sure he was close to death. And if that's not a reason to cut a tour short, you tell me a better one. Just seeing that he came back from that to still rock shows that they've still got tons of life in them.
    They only made 50 million in 2012 for their US tour. So clearly not too many people gave a shit about that Tattoo song..(which I agree the vocals and lyrics sucked.) So after 30 plus years I would say their "Legacy" is protected just fine.
    At least he's admitting this time that it will take forever. We weren't given that warning on the last album.
    I thought a Different Kind of Truth was a pretty damn good album. Most bands that come back with an album after so many years usually put out straight garbage. A perfect example would be KISS. Their last two albums "Sonic Boom", and "Monster" are just terrible. "Chinese Democracy was also very mediocre, even though It has grown on me a little. At least Van Halen reworked old demos from their prime instead of trying to make all new material that more than likely wouldn't have been very good. I respect them for that and I personally think their new album is just as good or better than "Fair Warning", or "Diver Down". I give it a B+.
    If I had to rate their albums, including "Sam Halen" and "DLR" solo albums, on a scale of 1-10.... Van Halen - 10 Van Halen II - 8 Women and Children First - 9 Fair Warning - 7 Diver Down - 6 1984 - 8 5150 - 6 OU812 - 4 F.U.C.K. - 3 Balance - 2 Van Halen III - 1 A Different Kind of Truth - 8 Crazy from the Heat EP - 6 Eat em and Smile - 7 Skyscraper - 8 A Lil aint Enough - 5 Your Filthy Little Mouth - 3