Van Halen's David Lee Roth Wants Michael Anthony Back In The Band

Van Halen frontman complains about the bassist Michael Anthony not being a part of the reunion, talks about the band's current state and more.

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It seems that the suspense is still on within the Van Halen ranks. In a recent interview with the Rolling Stone, frontman David Lee Roth has talked about the group's current state, and there are definitely some conflicts going on there. The singer was brutally honest by saying that Eddie Van Halen and himself 'haven't written a new song in 20 years.' Roth has also expressed his disappointment about the band not working and communicating enough.

"Almost all of the music that you hear on our most recent album was written and demoed before the first album. And I would certainly look forward to writing a whole list of songs with Ed, but we haven't found the time to do that [laughs]. I'm not sure whats in Eds mind at this point", the vocalist tells Rolling Stone.

"I'm gonna guess that his plans are to write with his son, and I'm not sure where that actually leads. Truth be told, Edward and I havent written a new song in 20 years."

Later on in the interview, Roth even went far enough to call for a reunion with the group's original bassist Michael Anthony, praising his vocal abilities.

"Ed has his own vision, I'm assuming. We haven't really been able to speak about it and it's a disappointment, just as not having a chance for a reunion of the original band", the singer said after talking about his latest "Jump" remix.

"And what we have at our fingertips is arguably one of the greatest high tenor voices ever that was in Michael Anthony. In our tiny little corner of the universe, that voice is as identifiable as the high voice in Earth, Wind & Fire, as identifiable as the high voice in the Beach Boys."

"So I would always look forward to that reunion, and I would always look forward to writing a whole variety of material. I've offered the fellows, come on out here to the land of the gods. And if you don't want to make it that far we'll make it halfway".

The bass guitar duties in Van Halen are currently handled by Eddie's son Wolfgang, and it was that very chance of playing in a group with his own son that drew the guitar icon towards band reunion in the first place. On the other side, Michael Anthony is currently a member of Chickenfoot alongside second Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It's as dramatic as always with Van Halen, but what do you think about the whole situation? Would you like to see the original lineup back on stage or do you think they're better off with young Wolfgang? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    I think the real story here is that he hasn't written anything with Eddie in 20 years. It'd be interesting to hear new material written by both of them on a new album.
    Yeah, I wouldn't ever count on that happening. Apparently Eddie enjoys just sitting at home, doing nothing all day.
    Who doesn't enjoy sitting at home playing guitars all day while enjoying vast amounts of money and a reputation as a living legend?
    Sheep Shagger
    "It's a disappointment, just as not having a chance for a reunion of the original band" It sucks, but if Roth wants to stay in Van Halen, he is going to have to keep opinions like that to himself or he will end up pissing off Eddie.
    Especially seeing as how he's currently the ONLY member whose last name isn't "Van Halen".
    As excited as I was to hear d. roth back in the band, I still had my reservations with the mentality of the group. It is disheartening for them to reunite and to rekindle the flame that use to be van halen. Now it has become a hodgepodge of remixes and bad vocals. I wish they would accept the fate of the band, and be proud of the archives; and i'm not talking about gary sherrone of extreme THE DEMON
    Both DLR and Sammy think Mike should be back in the band... If they are agreeing on anything its a pretty strong statement.
    Tomorrow's story: Eddie Kicks Roth out of Van Halen. Replaces Him with Wolfgang's Childhood Friend.
    I wonder if this is his subtle way of saying he doesnt think Wolfgang is up to par? But that doesnt make sense, because he was picked up by Tremonti..
    As a bassist he's fine but as a vocalist, well... I guess that's Mark Tremonti's issue to deal with now. Dave's 100% right that the harmonies just aren't the same with Wolfy. Those harmonies were as identifiable with their earlier music as Eddie's "brown sound." Even when they went keyboard-heavy, you could always rely on the backing vocals being strong. Michael Anthony reunion: Yes. Sammy Hagar reunion: No.
    yeah so then wolf can jon tremonti for good. everybody would be happy. except maybe eddie...
    Yeah, except that one guy who writes the vast majority of the music and plays the most important role. And the guy who will probably not play without his son. As in that guy Eddie?
    He's right. VH doesn't sound the same without the backing vox of Michael Anthony.
    Sammy Mantis
    "I've offered the fellows, come on out here to the land of the gods. And if you don't want to make it that far we'll make it halfway" What on earth is this man talking about?
    Dave is saying to come out to Asia, also known as the Land Of The Gods, and do an expansive tour there. Bring Van Halen to people who haven't gotten to see the band there live in decades. Cool dude...
    Just a typical DLR interview, entertaining, but rarely making sense
    That's just good ol' Diamond Dave, you have to read/hear anything he says/said a couple of times to understand him.
    Would I like to see it .... Yes. Will it ever happen... No. Too much bad blood right now.
    Preferring Hagar to Roth is just a matter of taste. In my opinion, Roth was the best and when Hagar joined they went from legendary to "standard 80ies rock band". I think Hagar sounds like many others from that period. As long as you don't say Gary Cherone, people probably aren't going to murder you in your sleep.
    Michael Anthony was a part of Van Halen. The Different Kind of Truth was a horrible album. Didn't live up to what I excepted of Van Halen. Anthony's back up vocals were a huge part of Van Halen. It's a shame Eddie cab't kick his fat son out of the band. It's silly like looking at a cover band. Michael is healthy. If Ed was in his right state of mind he would have never Wolf in.. It's a shame how things work out.
    Are you saying his son shouldn't be in the band cause he's overweight? Wow. And the new album was awesome, and I really didn't notice any difference in the harmonies.
    Mr. Edward Van Halen is a fine guitarist, but from what I have read from various sources not worth the trouble of working with for extended periods of time. Love Van Halen's music, I mean every one of their albums (including Van Halen III) have something worth listening to as far as I am concerned. But I would not sign on with Van Halen for more than one album at a time and would figure after the album it would be back to square one cause it appears the only people safe in that line up has Van Halen for a last name.
    Anthony is never coming back, not without Hagar. There was a reason Anthony left VH and a reason he's not coming back. And in all honesty, Chickenfoot sounds a lot better than the current VH at this point. At this point, and with all due respect(RwtD being my favorite VH song) I'll listen to recordings over hearing DLR's haggard and uninspired old-man voice. EDIT: And having said that, I've always dreamed of a VH co-existence with both Roth and Sammy. Way more than enough room on an album for those two to mesh. You'd think they'd have been able to overcome their differences over the years, but nope.
    I know the true VH fans are gonna kill me for this but... As a vocalist, I think Hagar far surpasses Roth. Roth isn't a singer, he's sort of more a frontman who sings. That said, I love both Hagar and Roth era VH. Pity Eddie's ego's got the better of him...
    Besides Eddie, who the hell doesn't want Michael Anthony back on Van Halen? Wolfgang positively surprised me, both on his playing and his backing vocals, but when I compared the "She's The Woman" demo to the song that's on the album, I realised that it's impossible to replace those legendary harmonies between Diamond Dave and Michael.
    Both sides have good points. Dave wants THE Van Halen, while Eddie wants to play with his son. Can't argue with any of those points. It's a dead heat, a stalemate.
    Without Anthony, there is no Van Halen, just Eddie's band of misfits. Wolfgang sucks, so stop trying to push him on us and get back with Michael. Until then, there is nothing to see here, move along.