Varg Vikernes Found Guilty of Hate Crime, Ordered to Pay $10,000

Burzum mastermind wasn't present during sentencing, has denied posting racist blogs.

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Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes was found guilty by the French court for glorifying war crimes and spreading racial hatred via his blog.

As the Local reports, Vikernes was given a suspended six-month sentence and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. The 41-year-old musician was not present in court and neither was his lawyer.

Varg has previously denied that he was the author of the mentioned blog posts, claiming that a possible misunderstanding might have been a result of his communication with a Danish interpreter.

As we reported earlier, Vikernes was arrested in France back in July under suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks, but was released within 48 hours due to lack of evidence.

Furthermore, the notorious musician has pointed out that according to Norwegian police, "at any given moment 350 people are pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook," further noting that "anybody can very easily put up a blog" that appeared to be one of his.

Varg's trial kicked off earlier last month. He was facing up to five years in jail and a $61,000 fine.

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    I think you're all missing the point: regardless of his political views, he very likely didn't write this blog, nor should writing a blog allow a government to detain, imprison, or fine you.
    I don't agree with his opinions, but fining someone $10,00 for having opinions that the government disagrees with is a disgusting violation of human rights. France has a horribly biased government.
    I really don't see why they're attacking him anymore.All he does now is right mediocre ambient albums, post blogs, and enjoy his crispy cornflakes.
    The idea of hate crimes is ****ing retarded, it's literally thought crime. If you kill someone or blow a building up you go to prison for murder or bombing a building, not because you really hated their skin color. It might seem ok when some racist ******* or westboro church member goes to prison but they might go after your minority opinion next.
    Uh... That's not what a hate crime is - It's thrown around so much as a buzzword these days that some might be confused, but it's very simple: Did you commit a crime? Yes. Was your crime motivated by nothing but hatred towards a ethnical, religious, or ideological group? Yes. Then it's a hate crime, as the term only applies when a crime is actually commited. As for Varg, I can't be bothered to check right now, but I only think his sentence is justified if he incited/encouraged others to commit violence towards specific groups of people. To have such views is no crime, and to speak of them is neither - However, once one begins to encourage violence, it's an entirely different case, as it opens up a risc of innocent people being attacked, and allowing civil unrest to get a foothold. To encourage violence towards groups has been illegal in many countries for relatively many years now (some longer than others), and if this is the case of Varg's sentence, I have no issue with it. Is it however solely because he shared his views, there is no case and it's just society being hysterical once again.
    It doesn't really matter what you guys think of his views if he didn't even post the blog post in question Especially since he wasn't even present in the courtroom without any legal representation whatsoever. Just a bunch of ****ing bullshit.
    Europe is hopeless. Thousands of jihadists are among us, but Varg making use of the freedom of speech has a higher priority... We are doomed
    "Thousands of jihadists are among us" When did this site become Britain First?
    Whut? I'm just talking about facts. The jihad is largely facilitated from Europe. More than 3000 'European' citizens have left Europe to fight in Iraq and Syria to establish a islamic caliphate there. Some will stay there, some will return. Just look in the other direction when you see any problems...When did this site become Neville Chamberlain?
    And what facts have you got to back this claim up? Last time I checked, not every Muslim wants to wage Jihad on us, quit it with the paranoia.
    I never said every Muslim wants to do that. I'm not going to generalize them, and i never will do that. It's actually a very small minority i'm talking about. But this very small minority is a huge threat, if facts right now can't convince you about that... Future events in Europe might open your eyes.
    I dunno, I think the most troubling fact about Muslim immigration is the fact it seems to be causing a rise of entho-nationalism in nations that suffered the horrors of entho-nationalism first hand. So it's kinda funny you're talking about Neville Chamberlain.
    He stabbed someone to death and burned down churches, yet the concern is about his blog. Awesome. What a douchebag
    If your not racist your just missing out on all the fun, especially the jokes!
    I dont think he deserves to be locked up for a blog. Hes kind of like a Viking Bob Marley. Im a person of color and from what ive heard from him i still can respect him. Yeah the murders and arson were bad but we all make mistakes he just wasnt a pussy or anthing.He seems like a idealist with an edge.We all hold racist views but he just used his to unite people and start a movement and if that the glue that keeps them together so be it.
    Hope he will rot in prison. His views are disgusting!
    Sleeping in
    Racism is wrong, but not worthy of a prison sentence... if he were to be punished for anything it would be acting on that hatred.
    Racism is wrong, but thoughts are free. If a racist doesn't harm anyone (physically or psychological) then it's "fine". If they do, they shouldn't put in jail... i don't wanna pay tax for those guys. Should all be banned together on an island, or something. Everbody can be an a--hole. White, black, yellow, purple, tall, small, whatever. A--hole is a--hole. I'm from germany, btw. The proof that racism is wrong happened here 70 years ago. There's still a huge racism-scene here in germany (not as big as in the US though). A bunch of hanger-ons, without a perspective. Searching for protection. At root i feel bad for them :/ Peace
    "not as big as in the US" last time I checked we don't have far right political parties taking power recently like in some European countries. Or 10,000 plus protests blaming Jews and Muslims for our problems... Amreica is so much less racist than Europe, it's just our news media blows everything out of proportion and makes everything racist.
    Have you considered that maybe the European media blows things out of proportion too? Most of these parties aren't objectively racist, they just want a more tight immigration policy. Although I'd never vote for them (for other reasons) it's really just a few members within each party that are racists.
    Preaching hatred can be a cause of violence - In my country a couple of months back a Christian pastor talked about Islam being 'satanic' and he said Muslims should not be trusted. It led to an increase in hate crimes against Muslims.
    Then we should also ban the bible and the koran. However i think books should never be banned. But i think these two books caused more violence than human words can ever achieve.
    I'd say it's the people who interpret said books
    He's got the real point. It's not the book itself, but the people who interpret them, or rather take parts out of context in order to justify their agendas, and force other people to conform to their beliefs.
    Yeah but they also brought us the civilised society we have today to some degree. The ten commandments provided a basic moral ground for many.
    Well, that's only partially true. I'm glad the church is losing it's grip on society. If it was up to the church we would still be castrating homosexuals for example.
    People who need a bible to have morals don't have any moral compass at all. Morality is logical because you don't want others to do bad stuff to you either.
    I'm talking back to hundreds of years ago - or even today in parts of Africa. People who are uneducated and grow up in extremely poor areas don't have a moral compass. All they know is what goes on in their area, which is murder, rape, drug taking and even cannibalism. There's a Vice documentary about Liberia which shows this stuff pretty well. One of the most feared Liberian Generals turned his life around once he became a Christian, so it's definitely helped in that case.
    It gave good moral ground, but also convinced generations of people to pledge their lives to an unprovable unseeable being, which has also brought a lot of awful things since it's so easily exploitable.
    I believe peoples interpretaion of these books have cause more violence, the preacher happen to judge muslims saying theyre satanic, but judgment is not his, but his own interepretaion is they are his enemy.
    The sad part is quite a lot of people agreed with him. I'm pretty ashamed of my country due to this.
    Interpretation or not, the books weren't written by any kind of God. They were written by...gasp... humans!... in a very successful attempt to control through propaganda.
    Yeah, because people should definitely be arrested for their views.
    Freedom of speech, folks. I kinda feel bad for him ...Please don't flame me.
    Dont feel bad for him. Hes a scumbag racist who deserves a lot worse. Feel bad for society and freedom of speech because if they can get him for hate speech then all they need to do is change how hate speech is defined and they can pretty much get whoever they want.
    i certainly dont feel bad for him, but i also believe in freedom of speech
    Ha. . . free speech. . . that doesn't really exist. It's all bought speech, you can't buy it, you get ignored.
    Freedom of speech means you are allowed to say does not mean you will not get in trouble for it...disregarding the hate speech...the dude burned down churches and committed murder and was just released 5 years ago with only 15 years in prison...the man shouldn't be outside of a cell in the first place
    You wouldn't feel bad for him if you knew that freedom of speech =/= hate speech. Being free to put out your point of view does not equal spreading racism, xenophobia and generally hateful shit around. Example: Germany is a democratic country, but they don't allow nazis to spread their shit around, because they know what nazis, fascists and all sorts of far-right lunatics can do. Besides, xenophobia, racism and anti-semitism are still big problems in Europe. We don't need a **** like Varg to make things worse than they are right now.
    So one has free speech only if they agree with you? If someone has a racist view then they are now denied free speech and are able to be tried and found guilty without even being notified that they are accused of a crime? Isn't that exactly what the Nazis and Fascists did?
    Sadly, America is slowly heading in this direction.
    You make it sound like this kind of s*** happens in Europe all the time. As far as I know, this is somewhat rare
    Regardless of frequency. This is a man being put on trial and found guilty for having and expressing opinions without even being told that he's on trial. This is alarming.
    Pretty much. I loathe the fuсker for the shit he says and spreads, but it's not the government's place to police views. Give me a lynch mob for the сunt any day
    So if there is someone who does not act violently on his or her views and his or her views do not conform to what the majority view is, that person should be killed for expressing their opinions? Varg has racist views that he expresses, but at the same time has not acted upon them. You would kill him for expressing his views even if he never acts on them? At the same time, you would imply support for a trial being held against someone without letting them face their accusers and find them guilty without them even knowing they are on trial. But then again, your fanatical devotion to opposing whatever opinion contradicts the opinions you've been indoctrinated with really makes me further question the validity of many, if not all possible systems of governance and arbitration due to the tendency of people to advocate the use of violence to impose their views on others.
    Given that he got a suspended sentence and a fine, he's more likely to rot in his house.
    I kinda think hes a nice guy...everybody has a little Nazi in them even you....
    True. I was driving home from work earlier and had the sudden urge to do some ethnic cleansing. I may have also just been hungry.
    Lol Natures
    "You (allegedly) said something we don't like, give us ten thousand dollars." Makes perfect sense.
    Going to prison or getting in trouble for having any sort of view or saying anything is absolutely disgusting. I feel bad for the guy.
    Wow how did this guy get out of jail for killing and eating someone? who the hell cares if he's racist that's the least of my concerns. In fact we should be more concerned that there is a cannibal in France loose somewhere.
    The max sentence where he is from is only 20 years. A bit light if you ask me.
    Not true. You can keep people locked up in Norway for their whole life if they are still deemed dangerous. That's why Breivik will never be released.
    The guy he killed was the one that allegedly ate (part) of someone. All hail the true Mayhem.
    there is no doubt he is an evil man, he was a murderer and an arsonist but the latest arrest and now the fine seems a little bit unfair. as bad as his views may be so long as they stay as nothing more than thoughts in his crazy head then its not really a crime. however he may incite violence with his views so im not sure how to feel.
    I'm not sure who thinks his views will incite people to commit hate crimes, just look at EVERY comment in this thread. Even people who like his music, and even agree with some of his views know that his anti-zionist writings are nonsense.
    yeah, you can blame other's for doing something on the internet, but traces don't lie and you bet your ass they can trace EVERY FKING THING you've ever done at any moment in time if you've been retarded enough to do something malicious from your own IP that warrants any attention from any law agency. word of advice: don't do anything illegal on the net...