Varg Vikernes' French Trial Officially Begins, Burzum Mastermind Facing Five Years in Jail

A verdict in Vikernes' case is expected to be handed down on July 8.

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Almost one year ago, Burzum mastermind and convicted murderer Varg Vikernes, along with his wife, Marie Cachet, were arrested on suspicion of planning a "massacre." An investigation found no evidence of a violent plot, but charges were still pressed upon Vikernes for inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes. For these charges, the trial of Vikernes began on June 3 in France, Loudwire reports.

Vikernes is a celebrated musician for his work with Burzum and Mayhem, but is also vilified for the 1993 stabbing of Mayhem bandmate Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth. Euronymous was fatally wounded in the attack after suffering a total of 23 knife wounds. Vikernes has also been found guilty of church arson in his home country of Norway.

For many years, Vikernes has kept a blog on Burzum's official website, penning many extremely dense pieces of writing. Within his writings, however, racist and anti-Semitic values have been shared, along with Vikernes' allegiance with the French National Front. Despite these facts, Vikernes told the French court that he did not pen the racist passages that appeared in the musician's summons.

According to SBS, the Burzum mastermind claimed the misunderstanding could have been brought on by miscommunication between himself and a Danish interpreter when Vikernes was briefly held in custody last year following the initial arrest of himself and his wife. Vikernes added there were "at any given moment, 350 people pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook. Anybody can very easily put up a blog."

According to Lambgoat, if Vikernes is convicted of inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes, the musician could face five years in prison along with a fine of roughly $61,000. A verdict in Vikernes' case is expected to be handed down on July 8.

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    5 years in prison for pretty much just saying bad words? Racism and antisemitism is whack but unless he actually planned to harm someone for real he hasn't done anything that should be labeled a crime IMO. This is some 1984, totalitarian shit right here.
    Incitement of racial hatred and/or violence. That's why he's facing charges. Freedom of speech isn't an absolute right and nor should it be.
    Yeah, it should be. You can't "incite" racial hatred or violence without the people being "incited" making the decision to do something. Words don't harm anyone. Never have, never will. If some people go and commit a violent crime, they are solely responsible for being ****ing morons, not the moron who got them riled up.
    I hate to be the guy who brings this up, but in response to your "you can't incite hate; words never do harm; only the people who do the violent stuff are responsible" comments, I'd just like to bring up: The Holocaust; The Rwandan Genocide; Pretty much all terrorism; The Crusades; Et cetera... I think the people who started that crap with their crazy, hateful, violence inciting words were pretty heavily at fault. Of course if everyone had just blown them off, they never would've gotten anywhere, but that's not how humans work. Even if you only convince one in a thousand people, you can still build a movement, it just takes time and determination.
    Unlike inciting a riot, it's very hard to prove that someone "incited racial hatred".
    Second Rate
    Varg is an ******* who writes some of the worst black metal I've ever had the displeasure of setting my ears upon. His views are despicable and offensive, but you have no right to a world in which you are never offended. The idea that freedom of speech is not absolute is a dangerous idea to have because who gets to set the limits? Rights, in general, are absolute. As soon as you start putting caveats on them, they cease to be rights and become privileges.
    FYI, police found heavy illegal weapons (automatic rifles and explosives) at his home, so 5 years isn't much.
    Velcro Man
    If I recall the case correctly, the weapons he had bought were actually legal, it's just the timing that was EXTREMELY suspicious (something like him and his wife buying a bunch of guns about the same time he wrote something about "taking direct action" on his blog). There are limits to freedom of speech and I'm pretty sure aggressive racism and nationalism which is what he's been promoting is beyond _any_ country's limits. 5 years might be a bit harsh, but then he had already been convicted before, and on a charge I think nobody ever will try to dismiss as minor.
    Far-right bellends are starting to become a real threat. UKIP are getting stronger here in the UK, National Front have just won the elections in France, and Golden Dawn have just earned a few seats in the Greek parliament. I could write a lot more on the issue, but all I'm going to say is that I'm actually starting to fear this. So, **** off, Varg.
    You're absolutely correct. I studied UKIP for a class this semester, and they're just flat out racist, xenophobic idiots. Yet they're gaining popularity quickly and it's terrifying.
    Totally agree with you, far-right views and parties are definitely becoming more and more popular and thus dangerous.
    What exactly constitutes far right in your opinion? I'm a conservative leaning libertarian but I think even my views might be considered far right by you...
    I'm talking about groups that endorse xenophobia, ultra-nationalism, racism and the likes, so definitely you're not a far-right ****wit. I hope.
    If National Front with their history of nationalism and racism, or Golden Dawn (I need to read more about the UKIP, they're completely new to me) are not "far-right" by your standards, then yes, you might need to ask yourself a question or two.
    Euroscepticism is not facism, stop confusing people.
    Yeah, and I didn't say they were fascists. Stop putting words in my mouth.
    Ok, so why do you consider them a threat, for whom?
    1. A threat to immigrants, minorities and individual liberties, among other radical social policies, like the indroduction of the death penalty and massive militarization (in Golden Dawn's case), etc. 2. Anti-globalization paranoia. 3. Clueless economic policies - check out Golden Dawn's "autarky" plan, National Front's corporatism and UKIP's proposal of MORE austerity. 4. Generally hostile foreign policies. 5. Taking advantage of the current economic crisis to spout their bullshit around. I could go on, but this is a good start.
    big muff pedal
    I don't know why it's so hard to hate Varg despite all his bad traits. Maybe it has something to do with his music being good.
    It's really not that hard to hate him. He's an ultra-racist murderer with the odd arson under his belt, all for the sake of being "extreme".
    Nothing he did or does is for "the sake of being extreme". I'm not defending him, and I'm not saying his reasons justify his actions either, but he did nothing for any reason as stupid as image.
    I disagree, but feel free to tell me why I'm wrong; I easily could be. The impression I get from the few interviews I've seen is that they all had a massive preoccupation with image way back when. It was all about being "feared" and not looking ridiculous. With facepaint and replica medieval armour on.
    Velcro Man
    The costumes were for the music and stuff, but burning down churches was more from their resentment towards the Christian invasions and massacres of his ancestors. As for the murders, allegedly Euronymous was planning to murder Vikernes so he confronted him, they got into a fight and Vikernes killed him, but some people believe it has to do with Burzum royalties.
    I wouldn't consider him "ultra-racist" since he hasn't killed anyone because of their race, and his only murder was basically self-defense. What the french authorities did to his family was tantamount to totalitarianism. He's entitled to his opinions as much as anyone else no matter how crazy or stupid they may be.
    He is absolutely entitled to his opinions, but, as an American, I think you'll find that it's a very American thing to refuse the banning of hate speech for fear of harming "freedom of speech." Several European countries have laws against promoting racist or otherwise hateful views.
    Yeah, nowadays he comes up with all these "deep" reasons for what he did, but I'm sure that back in the day it was all about being extreme and attention whoring.
    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't call his music good, but he has all this "innocent bearded guy from the forest" look to him these days. I don't think he is a genuine threat anymore, he's more of a "keyboard warrior" these days as someone put it, but they should at least give him some minor conviction as a way of strong "shut the **** up".
    The guy is an a**hole, I tried to argument with him about his opinions and the guy just kept deleting my posts. When I asked him why he said "Because you don't agree with me" (not those words but something like that). I love his music but the guy is a delusional maniac. If you read his blog and ask him to source what he says with facts he will probably ban you from his page hhaha.
    You tried to argument with him?
    Filipus' page says he's from Portugal, so that would explain the grammatical errors. He's certainly better at English than anyone I know is at Portuguese.
    My great respect, trying to argue with him must require a pretty impressive dose of patience.
    "Mastermind"? Because he burned down a few buildings? I think he's Kurt Cobain on black metal.
    The French are only going after him cause of all that terrible techno he released
    "techno" Yeah, remind me not to respect your opinion on any electronic music anytime soon.
    Varg rocks!
    Actually, he's a giant *******. I do respect his music, but his politics and his actions outside of the realm of creating music...not so much.
    Completely agree. He's released some of my favorite albums of all times, but I can't say I support anything he does or says outside of that.
    Varg is an idiot. I'd knock him out. But there is denying he has plenty of charm.